2nd Annual Dad’s vs Grads

Starting yesterday, June 11th and running through Wednesday, June 19th, click the image on the homepage (available now), then sign up for the challenge and you’ll be assigned to either Dads or Grads. Score points for your team by earning Swag Bucks in any of the following ways:

Each Search win (no matter what the SB denomination) = 2 points 
Each SBTV win (every time you win 3 SBs) = 1 point
Each SBTV mobile win (every time they win 2 SBs on either iOS or Android app) = 1 point
Each Special Offer award (no matter what the SB denomination) = 2 points Each Survey completion award (no matter what the SB denomination) = 4 points
Everyone who earns at least one point for their team will get a bonus of at least 25 if their team wins or 10 if their team finishes second. The more you contribute, the higher your bonus can get, and the person with the most points on each team will get an additional bonus of 500 Swag Bucks!

If you haven’t signed up yet, now is a great time to get started.  Whichever team has the most points at the end of Wednesday, 6/19 is the winner! If you’ve haven’t joined the fun on Swagbucks yet, click this link to join – I’ve used Swagbucks rewards to get $450 now!  Always excited to make easy money!  I play videos while I do other things to earn lots of bucks everyday!

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