Bergamont: The Sad Oil Sponsored By #NewYorkBiology

bergamont-the-sad-oil-sponsored-by-newyorkbiologySo after looking around, I didn’t find too many uses for bergamont.  Seems it’s mostly used for it’s smell, which makes sense.  However, it is used for depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder and general sadness.  So Bergamont oil is officially my ‘sad oil’.  LOL.  I’m stoked to use this when the winter blues come to fill my house with it’s yummy citrus smell!  Thanks to #NewYorkBiology for giving me this oil to try out!

I found these uses as well:

Can protect against head lice and other skin bugs, treat psoriasis, help fungal infections, anxiety, helps with vitiligo, relaxation, snoring

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Can make skin sensitive to sunlight.

How do you use Bergamont Oil?


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