Can your kids be found via your pictures???

Protecting Your Privacy

The gist of the video is this: if you aren’t careful ANYONE can find you via the geo tagging that is automatically done on the majority of phones!  That means your kid could be found, wherever they are from a snap of a pic!  I love social media, but people being able to hunt down my kids and loved ones is not okay!

If you want and can’t find a how to on stopping your phone from geo-tagging, let me know and I will help ya look.  😀  In general, check the settings in the camera app first.  😀  Hopefully the ones below will help you!

Samsung SIII

Apple, Android, Blackberry

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  1. I had no idea!! I don’t have any young ones at home now, but I don’t want someone being able to find me or any of my friends and loved ones! I will be sharing this and thank you so much!!

  2. This is scary stuff! I just bought my very first smartphone a few months ago so I’m still learning how it works. I agree with Michele, there has to be a way for the manufacturers to eliminate it –

    • Welcome to the world of smart phones! Once you get here, it’s impossible to go back! LOL. What kind did ya get? I currently have a Samsung Galaxy SIII and I think it’s the greatest phone I’ve ever had!

  3. i have always turned the location service of my camera off so thankfully they are not traceable

  4. That is a pretty frightening thought that kids or anyone really can be found with a cell phone–there must be a way for the manufacturers to put strong precautions or eliminate it entirely.

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