Canine Dental Hygiene

So, I called the vet and found out it costs $60 to clean my dogs teeth!!!  Probably wouldn’t be too bad, but there are three four-legged family members, which quickly adds up!!!  So, I decided to give brushing them myself a shot.  I got a doggie toothbrush kit in town for $7.95+tax, which seemed like a great idea!!!  I quickly learned a few lessons!!!

Lesson Numero Uno:  It doesn’t take much, as the dogs will eat it before it can be effective!!!

Lesson Numero Dos!!!
The finger brush works great on the big dogs, not so much on the little ones!!!

Lesson Number 3:  I need to work on my Spanish!!!  The lesson is there is no way to take a demonstration picture, as the pictures just look cruel!!

Lesson Number 4:  The reason their toothpaste smells and takes like meat is so the dogs will eat it all and you have to buy more!!!

My dogs have tempers: they wouldn’t come near me for a while!!!  Must be why they put them to sleep to clean them!!!

*****NOTE:  I meant to say that the pictures looked like I was being cruel!  Evidently it didn’t come out that way!  Thanks for all the comments though!!!

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Originally posted 2011-08-10 23:40:00.

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  2. It’s ok, we understand that you are not saying your dogs cruel. BTW, they are really cute. Enjoyed your blog a lot. I would love to read more about the.

  3. Thanks ladies! I didn’t mean that they were cruel, more like I looked cruel! Pulling poor Tator Bug’s eye up (lesson number 3) simply looked like I was just evil!!! In my defense, he wouldn’t hold still! LOL

  4. Don’t say that your dogs look cruel, they are too cute. Great way of brushing there teeth though. Loved & enjoyed your blog…

  5. Yes, this is really very funny. After a long time I read a blog which really made me smile.
    And your family is really very sweet. I didn’t find your dogs to be cruel, rather they are too cute. Keep smiling and please keep sharing.

  6. That is too funny!!! You are such a brave woman! lol

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