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Hey everyone!  With the holidays approaching and what seems like a million things breaking around the house and vehicles, I thought I’d bring you a few ways I make a little money to help make ends meet a little better.  Some I earn more than others, some take patience.  I was raised that a penny found is one more penny than you had ten minutes ago so I am pretty big on making sure I looked out for those pennies!  They add up, I promise!

I will say this, I am not at all a fan of surveys.  They are just not my thing, so all the ways below either have no survey requirements or, if they are survey apps, they are quick and short ones.

Join Swagbucks!
You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

I am about to cash in for $200 cold hard cash with Swagbucks.  Yeah, totally worth the effort!  Hello massage…  I mean….  *insert something responsible jere*.  LOL
his one is one of those I was talking about having to have patience.  It takes a while to add up, but you can let it add up by clicking emails and you don’t really have to mess with it much to do that. So, I put in little effort and get a little back.  I could get more if I tried harder, but I absolutely hate surveys and I don’t generally sign up for many offers.  The one below is pretty much the same, but I click both.  😀

I’m also a member of MyPoints.  I don’t do much with it, so it sometimes takes a bit too.  But hey, every penny counts!

In addition to my online stuff, I earn through apps.  The apps I use are

  • iBotta (this one is online as well)  In addition to in-store deals, you can also get rebates from purchases made on Amazon
  • Receipt Hog (that one you just scan all your receipts and watch the numbers rack up until you can cash them in for cash)
  • Checkout 51
  • Survey Mini
  • Quick Thoughts
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