Jewelry Hanger

Good day all!  It is a rainy fall day here in Arkansas!  Looks like it is trying to flood us! I really don’t mind the rain sometimes, today, however it is aiding my narcolepsy in kicking my eyes closed!  It’s okay though, my brothers are home (recent additions to the Zoo) and they will keep […]

DIY Rustic Placemats & Pattern

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve not had my sewing machine long. That’s the only excuse I have for not being able to sew anything in a straight line! LOL. I suppose I will get it eventually, but right now I’m practicing with my projects. Although I realize the smart thing would be […]

Easy and Addorable DIY Rustic Coasters

This year we are doing homemade Christmas.  We are attempting to do no shopping, only using our talents, so we shall see how this goes!  I will post more DIY gifts as time goes by, but this is my one for the day!  I used stuff I had, so I didn’t have to buy anything! […]

DIY Earring Holder

Hello All!  For some reason, the original post of this won’t post correctly, so I’ve redone it.  Hope you enjoy! First, I will start off by apologizing for not sticking to my own agenda!  It’s been busy at the Zoo and I had to take some family time to get some things done, so posting […]

Presser Foot Sewing Kit by Simpzia

  Sometimes I think sewing projects are like a drug. When I get my sewing machine going I can completely out of all my problems and all my issues as I concentrate on each stitch as the machine feeds the material through. When I am sewing, I am gone to a world where the only […]

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