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How to Boost Your Childs Learning

How-to-Boost-Your-Childs-Learning How to Boost Your Childs LearningAdults and children alike struggle with learning and memory.  We are constantly attempting to find new ways to boost learning which inspired me to find some lessons on it.  So, enjoy the fruits of my curiosity and learn how to boost your child’s memory in the process!
Children and adults alike are fascinated with magic. You simply have to look around some sort of magic, whether it be in books on television or in the imagination. Sleight of hand and tricks of the eye fascinate everyone in the audience.
I remember when my son was small how bad he wanted a magic kit and how much fun he had to do his tricks fool his parents, sisters, family, and friends. It was easy to captivate his attention while hands were moving and magic was happening. Let the Little Children Come has figured this out created a little piece of magic to further the word of God. Continuing with their meaningful colors, this Gospel Magic Bag magically changes as one teaches the most valuable lesson a child will ever learn. One thing we all struggle with is memory, learning and getting information to sink in.
When I was a young teenager I remember a lesson I learned at church camp using visual aids to this day I have remembered the lesson that I learned in that. I learned at that moment, that it wasn’t about appearance or size or what color but what was inside that truly mattered. Even though I was only I still remember that over 20 years later.  Point being, the visual aid had a huge impact on my memory.
There are many benefits to utilizing visual aids while teaching a lesson. Not only does our brain learn better but it enables us to utilize more than one portion of our brain as we are learning therefore the lesson sticks deeper then words might alone.  There are studies that clearly demonstrate a difference between auditory and visual learning where visual learning was proven to be a much more effective way to retain information. A clear example of this are company logos.  We don’t need those white letters to know the ‘golden arches’ are a very large popular fast food chain.  Almost any child in the US only needs to see that to start asking for a kids meal from their establishment!  I love this study published by the University of Alabama School of Medicine that clearly shows how much participants remembered from 3 hours to 3 days with verbal only versus visual aids and a combination of the two.  All of this and there are tons more to back up the same, so why would not use visual aids to teach the most important lesson our children will ever learn?

5 Great Lessons from Optical Illusions

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The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad

The-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #adSo to get this out the way, this is a sponsored post. Since my opinion is not for sale, all are my own! Enjoy.
Ever noticed how an actress can look so different in real life versus on screen that she is difficult to recognize? Even when it’s in the tabloids, we have to do a double take because the difference is so huge! Granted, I’m sure they can easily tell and so can their personal friends and families but the average person can’t always tell. A good friend of mine is a celebrity nut for whatever reason and she can spot people like crazy! We both like to bicker, so I frequently argue with her but she is typically right but it is always entertaining to do anyway. That topic really made me start thinking about how I could alter my appearance for fun. I have to admit, sometimes I’m envious of that easy difference that my beautiful black friends and family members can make with wigs and weaves and what not. Many of them have made comments on my hair being so straight and ‘easy’ (it is, but I can do nothing with it).

The-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad
For all of you black women out there, know this white chick is jealous of your hair. I absolutely love braids but dreads are not meant for white people hair, seriously not, and our braids must be taken out after a day or two to be able to wash or else we get this look that is just nasty. Our hair must be washed frequently to keep from looking disgusting, yours however is best when not constantly washed. If you want dreads and you aren’t black, get a wig, otherwise it’s just gross. Outside of your general group of friends, no one thinks that looks good. Unless you are that one chick, Bo Derrick, she pulled it off. Quite possibly due to the fact that she had a ton of professionals to make it happen. Some things are better left undone.

1. Get a New Look

I was totally amazed at how a different outfit can alter ones appearance. Especially if it’s not their typical style! It only takes a few key pieces of clothing to go from one style to a totally different one. You don’t have to go overboard shopping, hit up local thrift stores and find 2-3 key pieces for a look you don’t typically sport. The difference when put together with the other tips is astounding.

The-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad
Photos Courtesy of Vivica A Fox Handmade Collection

2. Accessorize

Accessories make a huge difference. Purses, jewelry, hats, wigs, hair pieces and others coordinated with that new look you are going for really pulls it together and completely alters the way we look. It can take us from one person to another simply and easily!

3. Step out of your comfort zone

It’s not always easy to try something new, especially something like a new look. Don’t let it stop you. If it helps, go into your mind and pretend you are playing a role like they do on stage. You are beautiful, no matter what’s on the outside so flaunt it!

The-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #adThe-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad4. Change your make-up style

I know I tend to use the same colors all the time and I put it on the same way every time. Youtube is full of new ways to expand your make-up regimen. Explore and experiment!

The-New-You-175x300 The New You #Divatress #beauty #ad5. Change your hair

Finally, and this one can be the most drastic of all, change your hair! Play with wigs, hair styles, colors, the sky is the limit!  There are even temporary colors now that make everything seem incredibly different!

By the way, if a wig is a way you want to go you should check out Divatress!  They have a ton to choose from!  There are so many that I just love!  Definitely planning on using their site to change up my outward me soon.  I think it will be a fun thing to play with.

Remember this:
However you change up your style, whether it’s little things or a total appearance change, always remember that you are beautiful, special and it’s the inside that counts. No amount of outside change could ever change what’s deep down on the inside. So step out, check yourself and enjoy life to the fullest!

Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From FRYING!!!

href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-9716″>5-Tips-to-Keep-Your-Hair-From-Frying-300x250 Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From FRYING!!!So often we don’t realize what we are doing to our hair, when we’ve finally fried it we wonder what the heck happened.  It can take a while to narrow down just exactly finally did it.  We’re skipping the questioning part so that we know at least a few causes.  Maybe these will keep us from the inevitable burnout.

When I got the HSI Ceramic Flat Iron to try out, I wanted to make sure that learning to use a flat iron didn’t do my hair in.  My first note of it was that it had adjustable heat, how necessary that is!  It doesn’t take the same amount of hear for every type of hair.  Thinking of stories I’ve heard about flat ironing ones hair back in the day, I definitely don’t want to do that, considering my hair is not at all coarse.  I also love that it has an on and off switch.  No need to worry about unplugging it every single time!

5-Tips-to-Keep-Your-Hair-From-Frying-300x250 Fried Hair? 5 Tips to Keep Your Hair From FRYING!!!

  1. Style with a heat temperature to your hair type.  Fine hair will need a lower temperature than those with coarse hair.
  2. When using a flat iron, don’t use it for long periods and make sure you are using a product to keep your hair from burning, the HIS came with a sample of Argan oil. It worked great for me!  Also, don’t hold it in one spot more than 2-3 seconds it’s easy to burn hair!
  3. Use your flatiron on dry hair, never wet or damp!
  4. Don’t use much hairspray before you use your flat iron!
  5. Clean your flat iron periodically with alcohol (once cool)

Got any great tips?

I’m new to this girlie stuff,

would appreciate any you’d like to share!

Reducing Emissions: Recycling Benefits in Perspective

5a93179718e2a8734d61e0af3f04b5bf66a5ed06 Reducing Emissions: Recycling Benefits in Perspective

Groupon Coupons! Get your Big G Savings On!!!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Huge-Savings-with-the-Big-Green-G-1024x1024 Groupon Coupons! Get your Big G Savings On!!!

When I was approached about Groupon, I was super excited to jump on board!  I love Groupon, as you may remember from my post ‘My old friend, The Big Green G.  I can’t get enough of Groupon, finding myself going back again and again!  Just having a house full is enough to make anyone need to find ways to save money!  With birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas here and around the corner, the need to save as much as possible becomes even more important!  I’m always looking for ways and I’m loving the fabulous coupons Groupon offers!

One of our little ones is about to be introduced to both Thanksgiving and Christmas for the very first time and I want to make it one to remember!  Right now, Groupon is offering a code for 20% off and free shipping to Things Remembered and I have found the most perfect things for the little one’s first holidays!  If you’ve never ordered from them or checked out their selection, now is the time!  Their products are beautiful and having them personalized makes them even more special!  Plus, the discount!  There are other discounts for them as well, the one I mentioned just so happens to be my favorite!  If you’ve got multiple people you want to buy for, or just multiple items you want, there is even a buy one, get one half off coupon!  You seriously can’t go wrong with Groupon!

Another coupon code I am psyched about is 40% off at Lane Bryant!  This year I have lost about 45 pounds and I need new clothes.  Plus, forty percent is HUGE!!!  You can also find a coupon code that will give you 75% off of clearance items!  In case you didn’t get that, you get 75% off of items already reduced!  Yes, these are total wins!  So go ahead, buy yourself something new!  After all, one can never save too much!

Things to Draw and Color

Things to Draw and Color:  

The Natural Development in Childhood

5-1-212x300 Things to Draw and ColorFrom an early stage children express an increased desire to draw, color and simply to put pen to paper in one from or another. Some think this fact is due to bright colors that have an immense impact to a young mind, others, to the desire of replicating actions grown-ups undertake. Whatever the reason, it has been proven scientifically that drawing and coloring plays a vital role in the early development of the cognitive and emotional aspects of children, increasing mobility, exciting creativity and imagination, teaching responsibility and empowering personality expression and free will.

Scribbling as it is known represents the first depictions a child undertakes on a blank paper. The will 5-1-212x300 Things to Draw and Color to represent the surrounding environment as it is understood and seen by the young mind lies in each and every one of us. Some express an early reflection of what is considered to be talent, a clever method of associating still objects with movement, an early understanding and perception of proportions and perspectives, of scale, size, light and shadow. Such talent and imagination requires practice under professional guidance, constant positive feedback and encouragement. It is the early years that will form the base for future development.

5-1-212x300 Things to Draw and ColorThe scribbling incipient phase is followed by the grasping of shapes and their association, stage reflected in what is considered the primary raw form or interpretation and conceptualization. Even if the actual conceptualized drawing comes in much later after practice and learning, the unconscious form will reflect a future easiness of assimilating techniques and practices. Color comes in now in basic tones and evolves into different mixtures, hues, gradient, shadows and lights. Coloring books represent essential materials required to teach discipline as well as to stimulate creativity and imagination. Even though respecting the imposed limits will teach responsibility, never impose creativity to a young mind, never limit their imagination. So what if the sky is red and leaves are not green? Childhood is the perfect medium to experiment and imagine.

5-1-212x300 Things to Draw and ColorThe human body as it is understood by the child comes into focus in family portraits and illustrations, firstly formed from basic line and shapes and later on gaining proportions and perspective. Wrist control has now improved, discipline is required and accepted and real-life depictions take the place of imaginative thinking. It is a rather sad stage but one that expresses a real, essential understanding of the surrounding world and medium. From here on, professional assistance might be required if a disposition for this field is shown but aid and encouragement from the parents is crucial. Keep boosting confidence, appreciate even the slightest creation, do not compare and contrast between siblings to avoid negative competitiveness and keep an open mind regarding personal taste and personality expression, every single child is unique in its own particular way.

5-1-212x300 Things to Draw and ColorMake sure you provide the basic pen and white paper from the start and advance with the art materials as things progress and interest is expressed. Encourage the study of various techniques before the child desires to focus on one or another and associate drawing and coloring with music for increased productivity and better brain development.

In the end we would like to invite you to immerse yourself into the colorful world of cartoons and to remember what it felt to be a child once again and enjoy the simple act of coloring.

Courtesy to Homesthetics Magazine

34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology

34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiologyMy fascination with oils continues!  I am loving all the I’m learning and all the ways the oils are helping me!  I am all for not putting more chemicals in my body when I don’t have to!  New York Biology Rosemary Oil has been great.  It is not food safe, but there are so many uses that don’t require ingesting so it’s all good!  I have tendonitis and am in almost constant pain, even with the brace on all the time.  After doing my research for this post, I rubbed some oil straight onto my wrist with a tissue and the pain was relieved immediately!  I cannot tell you how much value this bit of relief has for me!  I have a ton to do, all of which require my right hand which is getting worse and worse!

As you can tell through the other posts, I’ve worked a lot with New York Biology lately.  I have to say, they are a great company.  They are a small business and sincerely care about their customers.  I’ve always loved supporting small businesses, but having spoken with one of the owners on multiple occasions, I am loving them even more!  I am not sure I’ve ever spoken with a business owner who cared so much about their customers that they’ll sacrifice profit to help ensure their product is affordable to everyone!34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology

Be sure and check out my other recent oil posts, I’ve done lavendar, peppermint, sandalwood and tea tree oil.  There are tons and tons of uses and I’ve made lists of all that I could find.  I’m hoping some of you awesome readers will let me know some more!  This one even gives helps with scars and stretch marks!34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology

34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology













How do you use Rosemary Oil?

I’d love to hear!

34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology

34-Uses-for-Rosemary-Oil-with-NewYorkBiology-280x300 34 Uses for Rosemary Oil with #NewYorkBiology

This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!

pixel This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!pixel This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!

These last few months I’ve been on a fitness track.  I want to be thinner, healthier and, most of all, to feel better.  So, I’ve been doing some research.  If you have stomach fat like me, then your belly is probably your worst enemy.  Mine is.  I have back issues, so crunches aren’t an option.  I was pleased to find that crunches and sit-ups, while they will build ab muscle, they don’t actually get rid of fat!  For all those terrible exercises I just saved you (after, of course, you do your own research about it), you are welcome!  That’s just awesome.  The problem is, knowing what doesn’t get rid of it doesn’t help us to get rid of it!
So far, I’ve found that the best workouts to get rid of belly fat are walking briskly, jogging, swimming, aerobics and bicycling.  Also, any high-activity sports, so long as you keep your heart rate in the ‘training zone’ for at least 20 minutes four times per week.   Personally, I have cataplexy which means there are times where I am literally unable to maintain use of my muscles, causing them to all go weak at once and me to hit the floor.  If you have some sort of condition that prevents your ability to do vigorous high impact workouts, I’ve read that you can do yoga to help get rid of ‘visceral’ fat (that belly fat).

I’ll be starting yoga soon, as I want to continue my weight loss but I’ve been having issues with the muscle control (feel free to look up cataplexy on youtube, then you’ll have an idea) I have been unable to do any workouts.

pixel This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!We all know that sweating helps us burn calories, which I will admit was a ton easier when it was 102 outside!  Now though, the temperature has started to cool and I have to work harder to get that sweat.  I tried out the FitGlam Waist Trimmer and really love it!  The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come in plus sizes.  Fortunately, I’ve lost enough that I could squeeze into one!  The Waist Trimmer really does two things, it helps you maintain your posture similar to the way a back brace does and it helps you to sweat more, therefore burn more calories!  While it’s not a comfort device, it isn’t terribly uncomfortable.  Once you get use to having it on you begin to forget about it.  It also helps to keep the fat still during workouts.  I know that’s sounds gross, but don’t judge me when you know exactly what I’m talking about!  LOL

According to, these five poses will help us get rid of that fat!

  • Cobra Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Plank
  • Wind Relieving Pose

So, I’m on to get started on that…

Next up, gotta figure out how to build myself a butt!  Haha.

For real though, any tips on belly fat or butt building?

I’ll take all the help I can get!

pixel This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!

pixel This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!