And Baby Makes 3, but Baby Ain’t Free! A Baby Registry Guide

An in-depth and frequently modified guide to baby registry: what you need, where to go, best baby products we’ve tried, and even baby DIY projects!  Let’s face it, half the time people don’t bother to look at baby registries.  Until I was pregnant with my first (natural) child, I didn’t either.  The thing is, having […]

#LifetimeMovieClub: Try it for free now!

I can’t (and won’t) begin to tell you the countless hours I’ve spent in the past watching Lifetime!  I love Lifetime Movie Network!  The shows are fabulous!  They emit the emotion that they are going for and that isn’t often the case in media these days.  I love the way they are able to do […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Spring Break – By The Numbers

Are you going anywhere for spring break? Maybe you’re taking the kids to DisneyWorld or visiting mom and dad or treating yourself to a fun getaway. Check out this cool infographic from Swagbucks on what 19,000 Americans are planning for their Spring travel. Let us know what you’re up to this spring in the comments. and […]

Bling: Free Movie

The superhero adventure BLING has something for the whole family! Action! Comedy! Romance! Robots! Big Robots! Monkey Robots! Evil Robots! (did we mention robots?)  For a limited time, you can download Bling for free on Google Play. Full of silly slapstick comedy that fills little ones with giggles, Bling is an adorable animated cartoon full […]

My Secret Is Out! #Underwareness

Sitting here watching my husband with our adorable gift from God, this amazing creation He formed, I have a secret.  Something I just haven’t worked up the nerve to tell my husband.  I don’t like keeping secrets from him, but honestly I’m a little embarrassed about this one.  We’ve been married 8 years now and […]

Free Vitamin Sample from Superior Source

What Makes Superior Source UNIQUE: Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual – “Under the Tongue Technology” that works fast, as they are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds – NO pills to swallow! By swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach. Just […]

Coobie Discount! 40% Off! Limited Time!

Coobie Seamless Bras are ultra comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style. These affordable, stylish bras are seamless, one-size (comfortably fits 32A through 36D), available in 7+ styles and 50+ fashion colors and patterns. There is also a full size version fitting up to a size 42D. They are perfect for every day wear, yoga, pilates, […]

Free $10

Find Flavor at your Fingertips with’s Mobile App! Receive a FREE $10 eGift Card with Your FIRST Purchase on the Mobile App! is offering a FREE $10 eGift Card with your first purchase on their mobile app!* Using location-based technology, the mobile app allows you to connect to great […]

Free Book for Moms Meal Planning and Savings

There are so incredibly many expenses for new moms, new parents are bombarded with things they need for that precious little blessing! Between the insane amount of expenses and being crazy busy, moms need whatever help they can get! Life Moments has a free book for you with coupons and areas to help new moms […]

Free Kindle Craft Books

Don’t forget to double check the price before you buy as they can change.  😀  Enjoy! 25 Cool Things to Do with Wine Bottles by Julia Litz and Melissa Conner (Jul 9, 2013) – Kindle eBook Duct Tape Bags by Instructables Authors (Jan 18, 2011) – Kindle eBook Practical Duct Tape Projects by Instructables Authors (Jan 18, 2011) […]

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