This Time It’s For Her: A Guest Post for Dads

(Image Compliments of Cathy’s Flower’s and Gifts) I’ve got nothing against fathers but I do believe that our Moms are the more superior parent.  They are not second rate and they are not weak. Moms are the reason for the miracle of birth. They keep up with the daily pressures of life, dealing with the […]

Guest Post: Six Ideas for Effective Time with the Kids

Greetings! I’m in the somewhat unusual position of being a man writing for a middle-grade audience. I love the freedom of being able to be childish when I write while still using a real vocabulary and hopefully making kids think a little as they enjoy a story! In our post-economic crash world, parents have to […]

Balancing Busy Motherhood with a Wonderful WIP Guest Post

Balancing Busy Motherhood with a Wonderful WIP 1. Be stellar 80% of the time. No need to have the house sparkling or a gourmet dinner prepared (was this even a goal?), being a part-time writer, part-time busy mother, part-time wife and all else means that something has gotta give. The great news is that being […]

Dreams. Interpretations. Truths.

Let me start this post by giving you some background.  Chief and I have been married almost 6 years.  I love him more than I ever thought possible, and my love for him grows daily.  We’ve been through so many rough spots and so many blessings and I am always amazed at how our love […]

Friday 5: What I love About Having a Teenage Daughter

Okay, having a teen is rough.  Especially when you acquired one at 14!  I love my daughter, and the many daughters I couldn’t bring home with me.  Sometimes I think I’m gonna go insane though, so I thought I would give us all a reminder to look at the little things.  *Will be referencing the […]

Friday 5 Wisdom from the Book of Life

Hey Everyone!  Today I went to a Bible study at our church and feel so blessed to have the wonderful group of women there to fellowship with.  I wanted to spread the joy I felt, so I thought I would do today’s five on wisdom from the Book of Life.  We all have blessings, even […]

5 Ways to Make Yourself #Smile & Blessings List

Okay, I don’t know about you but I have a tendency to get aggravated for no flipping reason.  For example, I have recently noticed I severely hate change.  To the point that my first reaction is to get mad.  Yeah, I know.  BaD!  So, I thought this week we’d do 5 ways to make ourselves […]

No Post: Family Issues & Prayer Requests

Hey everyone!  While the Zoo is blessed and highly favored, we are not immune to our dramas and traumas.  This week has been a week of blessings and stressors. My Mom had a heart attack.  It was mild and she will recover but it took a good toll on her.  Me too.  Facing the mortality […]

A Confession and The Skinny on Plastic

Hey Everyone!  Got a little sidetracked, but we’re back with Thankless Tips and Tricks Thursdays!  I hope you are enjoying them!  I’d love to hear any ideas you have for them!  I’ll gladly do the research and find tips and tricks on whatever subjects you suggest!!! Okay, so I have a confession to make:  when […]

Free Gospel String Magic Lesson

I absolutely love the creative ways out there to teach children!  Check out this Gospel String Magic as a new & unique teaching aide!  You creative people that think of this stuff, hats off to you!  You are amazingly awesome!  I am totally jealous! Let the Little Children Come has come up with their very […]

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