Cornbread Mix Recipe

Hey Everyone!  I love having cornbread homemade, but HATE having to make it every time.  So, when I came across this in an old cookbook, I was super excited!  We all know it’s cheaper to make than to buy the mixes!  So, thought I’d share it with ya! Cornbread Mix 3 c flour 3 c […]

From Tomato Paste to Tomato Sauce

So Monkey and I were going to make Chicken Enchiladas last night, and about halfway through cooking, I realized Monkey didn’t check the pantry for ingredients and she needed tomato sauce!!!  Since we didn’t have any, I decided to attempt to make some!  As a quick fix, I used water!  Simply put paste in a […]

Thrown Together Nacho Goodness

So, we all love nachos and as parents, we all love a quick and nutritious meal!  Here is my nacho ‘recipe,’ that is sneakily healthy and oh so good!I am fortunate in that my daughter loves veggies, but not all kids do.  If you have a no-veggie eater, this may be a great way to […]

Mediterranean Orzo Salad

I made this delicious dish to go with some Pita’s I was making. It was amazing, I ate the leftovers for days all by themselves and had to force myself not to make more.  I’m planning on making this many more times, especially this summer for BBQ’s!  I think it’s a wonderful addition to any […]

Homemade Corn Nuggets (Dairy Free OR Not)

One of the worst things about having a dairy allergy is that everything one buys has dairy in it! Chief Zoo Keeper didn’t always have a dairy allergy so he very much knows the wonderful flavors of all things dairy.  One of the many things he misses is Corn Nuggets.  I spend a bit of […]

How to Make Delectable Croutons

Everyone knows the toppings on a salad can add so much.  These scrumptious little croutons are quick and easy, plus you can make them to hold any flavor you’d like.  I made mine with garlic flavor, but I am a garlic nut.  LOL. Ingredients 4 slices wheat bread 2 Tbsp butter Seasonings of Choice Parsley […]

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