Hummingbird Food Recipe Sponsored by Perky Pet Feeders

If you were able to catch my review of the Squirrel Proof Feeder, then you already know all about why I love watching the birds.  So many wonderful memories of sitting on my Granny’s lap and watching them come and eat, play and even nest!  I love thinking about those times and seeing the birds […]

Milo’s Kitchen & Mobile Treat Truck

So let’s face it: we all love treats, young and old, animal or human.  A treat every now and then just makes us a little happier.  With 2 older Chihuahuas (ages 12 and 13) and a great dane with allergies, I’m a little picky about what treats I will provide for them.  It’s impossible to […]

MilkBone Brushing Chews Review

Every morning I get up and brush my teeth.  It’s the most important thing I do, yet I very rarely think to brush the teeth of my dogs.  At one time, I was under the misconception that dogs didn’t need their teeth brushed.  They probably wouldn’t if they were in the wild doing what untamed […]

Better Food For Dogs Book Review

Better Food For Dogs is an excellent book for any dog owner.  Whether you want to switch to a custom diet or simply want to know how to make treats, they’ve got it all covered!  It goes pretty in depth about the necessary diet for our 4 legged babies, basic diet necessities, and even has […]

PSCPets Aging Support for Senior Dogs & Probiotics For Dogs

Hello all!  Meet my babies.

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