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Noxicare Giveaway- Sarah L

Coconut Oil- Elis B

Lil Angels Prayers for Every Day- Mongupp

300 Best Soups- Anne O

Shower of Books- Amanda R

Gearing up For Baby- Polly K

NAAT Hair Products- Nikki C

My Memories V4- Polly K

Titanic Giveaway- Ashley V

Relish Reusable Hop- Sarah H

Best of Warner Brothers Film Collection- Dawn P

Chik-fil-A Fresh Made Salad Coupons- Nicole W

RAZ Baby Pacifiers- Nicole C

This is Our Time DVD- Debbie C

Totally Toddler Hop- Heather K

Children’s Book Giveaway Hop- Meagan M

Bible Verse Gifts- Debbie C

The Whales Side of the Story- Debbie C

Wholesome Sweeteners- Teresa T

Ring The Bell- Debbie C

Space Warriors- Aranza R

Mooney Farms- Donna H

Social Media Giving Day Prize Pack- Brigette S

Gallo Lea- Laurie N

EquityLock Protection- Charlene E

The Confession DVD- Andrea A

Jack the Giant DVD- Sandra D

Nugo Dark Chocolate Bars- Suz S

Autographed Copy of Open- Renee H

Go Frost Yourself Cookie Toppers- Golden Storm

Duff Goldman Set– Renee H

Okabashi – Crystal W

Codigo Cube – Deanna M

Little Ones Giveaway Event- Claire R

Orkin Giveaway- Sandra D

Get Out Alive Prize Pack– Heidi S

The Ultimate Life Prize Pack– Lysette L

Pepsi Prize Pack– Winner Notified

Firmoo Giveaway– Susan T, Sherry C, Cheryl C, Sarah D, Erika J, Angela S

Organica Pure– Debra G

Newman’s Own– Dawn S

Grace Unplugged Prize Pack– Maegan M

Movie Tickets! – Kristin S

Travelin’ with Baby Giveaway Hop- Darlene O

World Vision Giveaway- Cassandra F

Green Golly– June S

Monster Cereals– Kayci S

Audrey Bunny – Jennifer R

The Great Turkey Escape Giveaway Hop – Lalaine H

4th Annual Gratitude Giveaway Hop – Cohlena E

 Coming Home For Christmas – Melinda S

1 Girl Nation –  Denise L

$25 Napa GC – Wendy B

The Sparkle Box – Wayne L

Mission Belts (kids) – Michele P

Kyvan Giveaway – Melissa S

Thankful for Our Followers – Michele P

Movie Magic – Jordan J

2014 Winners


Yellow Pages Giveaway– Claire R

Kernel Season’s Gift Pack – Gina H

The Ultimate Green Store – Jasanna

Litter Free Lunch Box – Heather K

The First Christmas Night – Brooke B

The Promise DVD – Sandra D

Stump Cooler – Angel D

King Beany – Stacy C

Nature’s Sleep Slippers – Sacha S

Hercules 3D Autographed Poster – Debbie C

 Movie Tickets – Sarah J

Shirley J Mugging Gift Set – Tara C

Mama’s Got a New Look – Heather K


 Play2Shop – Alexandru R

WB Giveaway – Maegan M

Feel The Love Giveaway Hop – Amy B

Gimme Shelter – Sarah Marie Jerome

Nature Pedic – Jen H

Unstoppable – Darlene N

Handmade From The Heart – Dawn K-B

March 2014

iParentTV – Sam E

Snickers Prize Pack – Michele B

Spring Into Fitness – Stacy C

Sticky Icky Booger Bugs – Sam S

Orkin Bed Bugs – Dawn K

Veronica Mars DVD – Sheila W

Kitty Hawk – Darlene N

Mix It Up – Dawn K

April 2014

Lowe’s – Barrie M

Jane Green House Party Swag – Jeanine

Hapari – Sarah @Journeys of the Zoo

May 2014

When Calls the Heart Lost & Found DVD – Danielle J

Impact – Sarah @Journeys of the Zoo

MilkBone – Gina M

Iesodo – Samantha H

Wired – Heather B

June 2014

The Happy’s – Rebecca B

Gelaskins – Nancy L

23 Skiddoo: The Perfect Quirk – Esperanza G

July 2014

Lego Movie – Robin O

Shy Kid Blues –  Alesha OL

Surf Sharks – Jessamine D

August 2014

When Calls the Heart: A Telling Silence – Kortney P

Ragamuffin –  Bernie W

November 2014

Mouse In The House – Ken O

The Three Dogateers – Linda B

Saving Christmas – Mongupp

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