May Book Review

May Book
First of all, if you don’t know by now let me inform you:  I am a handmade stuff fanatic!!!!  Maybe it’s the frugality, maybe it’s the fact that I was taught that making something by hand, even if it’s not perfect is worth more than anything one could ever buy someone!  Whatever it is, now you have it: my personal bias!
That being out there, I oddly feel no different!  LOL.  So much for feeling better after a confession!  I was recently able to get my very own May Book!  Not aware of them???  WHERE have you been!!!  May books are notebooks, planners, journals etc that are sewn together using a sewing machine.  They also make May Notes, which you can also choose from their awesome selection.  This is awesome because it ensures that the notebook/planner, whatever stays together!  You don’t have to worry about them falling apart, so you have a solid investment!  In my opinion, they are perfect for church notes (which I go through a book every few months of!) and what better feature than durability!  The covers are made of a canvas that will stretch, are water resistant, and become more and more durable with use!  Another  awesome thing?  They are made in Tennessee by a group of women doing them by hand!
  You can design your own so that it’s all you and you will love them!  I know I do!  You can also have them monogrammed to get the most personalized book possible!  I opted out of the monogram, as I’m not quite in love with my initials being everywhere, but most people are!  LOL.
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  1. I like teh Doodle Teal (Teel) with calendar pages, in it, these are cute

  2. I really like the Notes – Nautical – Pineapple Pink.

    It makes me think of spring and the beach!

  3. Sherry Compton

    I like the Rise School Art book

  4. I love the zebra melon.

  5. I like the Zebra Mint

  6. I like the rose colored one – it’s very pretty!

  7. I love the Doodle pattern in Teal.

  8. i love all the wallpaper options!

  9. I LOVE the rose teal option! It’s vintage and modern at the same time.

  10. I love the multi chevron pinks oranges

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