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Hey Everyone!  Okay, so I am quite impatiently crazy awaiting the arrival of this:

” Framed by a golden border, this dark brown shawl celebrates the textile traditions of Bhagalpur. Shailendra and Uvais present a soft shawl hand-woven with two types of silk, one of which is Tussar, which requires drying the cocoons to soften and reel the silk. The other is Eri, a silk that is heavier and appears like a long filament, and can be obtained from a live cocoon.”
Is that not gorgeous!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Novica has some amazingly beautiful handmade stuff.  Here is another I just loved:

I loved this one too, but Monkey pointed out that it would make me glow red, as my skin already has a lot of red in it!  So, no to this beauty!

Novica, partnered with National Geographic, supports artists around the world by giving them loans to start their own artistry business and helping them sell their handmade goods.  Then, when they repay the loan, they pass it on to the next artist to keep the cycle going!  I can only imagine what a blessing this is to these people and their families!

Here are a few more of my faves:

In promotion of their awesome new gift finder, Novica is sponsoring this awesome giveaway of a $40 gift code!  So, go by their site here and check it out!  You’ll definitely find an awesome unique gift for someone you love!

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  1. I like the Leather backpack, ‘Weathered in Honey Brown’ – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  2. the pair of lucky cats

  3. Liza Glick says:

    Love the Labradorite and carnelian flower necklace, ‘Temptress’! glickgirls@gmail.com

  4. I would like the Gemstone pyramid, ‘Natural Energy’.

  5. I’d love to have the Silk batik shawl, ‘Jakarta Lady’.
    eugeniewu at gmail dot com

  6. I’d love some jewelry

  7. The shawl is to die for!!!

  8. I love the Ceramic lamp, ‘Modern Mexican Jade’
    jjak2003 at gmail dot com

  9. I like the wood bangles.

  10. Love the Reminisce cedar jewelry box.

  11. radiant natural fiber basket debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  12. I like the Amethyst pendant necklace, ‘Delhi Delight’

  13. Leather tote handbag, ‘Cajamarca Nightlife’

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