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#LifetimeMovieClub: Try it for free now!

#LifetimeMovieClub Try it Free!
I can’t (and won’t) begin to tell you the countless hours I’ve spent in the past watching Lifetime!  I love Lifetime Movie Network!  The shows are fabulous!  They emit the emotion that they are going for and that isn’t often the case in media these days.  I love the way they are able to do films and television shows so well that you almost feel like you are lost in the story.  Unfortunately, there are those pesky commercials that interrupt your emotional response.  Not to worry though, with the Lifetime Movie Club you can stream all you want and no more ads!  Cable won’t do that, either!

Currently, LMN is offering a free 7 day trial to remind you how fabulous they are!  In my household, we don’t have cable.  That’s an awful lot to pay just to watch television, but to subscribe to LMN and watch it’s only 3.99 a month!  A ton easier to swallow than the $50 a month it would cost for me to have it on cable!  Plus, those months where I’m going to be too busy to watch TV, going on vacation, ball games, holidays and whatever else life throws at me, I can temporarily cancel and I won’t have to pay for something I’m not using!

Honestly, I’m most excited about streaming it during the holiday season.  I whine every year when I can’t watch all the Christmas movies!  There is something about all those mushy, sweet stories that inspire me to be in the holiday spirit.  They always succeed in getting me started on decorating, baking and finding ways to help others!  How can that be bad?
Currently, LMN can be streamed via Roku players, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, If you are an Android user, they are in the process of making it available on both Android and online so don’t worry, they will love us eventually!