My Memories Software Winner

Good Morning All!  Wanted to send a quick shout out to Kortney for winning our My Memories Software Giveaway!!! Congrats Kortney!!!   If you didn’t win, and you just HAVE to have the software, click the button below and save $10, plus you’ll get a $10 bonus discount in your package!!! Winner was chosen via … Continue reading My Memories Software Winner

Hand Lettering with @QuartoKnows #VDAY19 @SMGurusNetwork

Hand Lettering is made so much easier with this fantastic book! Check it out and enter to win your own! Hurry, giveaway ends January 31st!

Fire Safety: 6 Tips

Hey Everyone!  Fire safety is crazy important and this time of year it is important to make sure you and your family are safe from fires and have a plan in case of one!   When I was two, our house burned down.  We all got out safely, but it could have been so much worse!  … Continue reading Fire Safety: 6 Tips

Soda Stream

Guest Post Written and Provided by Tammie over at Freebies Galore and Giveaways Too!!!   Hey guys, the review done by Crafty Zoo can be found here if you’d like an additional bit of research after you’ve read this one!  😀 Let me start off by saying that when the opportunity came up for me to try the … Continue reading Soda Stream

Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review

I was recently able to get the Cook’n Recipe Organizer Version 10 software.  Might I say I love it?!?   About Cook’n Recipe Organizer Cook’n is just what it says: A Recipe Organizer.  If your like me, your first thought is: I have my recipes organized!  Personally, I have probably over 300 recipes I want … Continue reading Cook’n Recipe Organizer Review

Computer Consultants: Why Your Home Requires Them

Computer Consultants seem like something only businesses need, or could afford, but the reality is that every home electronic user should utilize them.  Not all the time, but definitely use their services.  Having a computer consultant in your phone book can save you tons!  I’ll give you some great reasons why! 7 Reasons To Contact Computer Consultants NOW! Consultants specialize.  They … Continue reading Computer Consultants: Why Your Home Requires Them

Video Watermarker Review #VIDEOWATERMARKER70OFF

Recently I had the opportunity to review some software meant to put a watermark on videos.  I downloaded Video Watermarker by PCWinSoft.  I was very excited as I really want to start doing reviews on youtube and such but was quickly disappointed.  Three efforts resulted in the same error message, which was always prompted by … Continue reading Video Watermarker Review #VIDEOWATERMARKER70OFF

Personal Data Management: Protect Yourself DIY Style

Personal data is crazy important, especially since data theft is a huge risk in today’s age.  No longer are criminals restricted to stealing wallets and purses to completely bankrupt or ruin their victim’s day.  Hackers and predators are everywhere and highly talented.  I did a post a while back about how to protect your children … Continue reading Personal Data Management: Protect Yourself DIY Style