Cookbook: 300 Sensational Soups

I was recently able to check out 300 Sensational Soups and let me tell ya, I was impressed!  I honestly never thought there were so many possible soups!  This book covers a huge variety!  The chapters include: soup stocks chilled soups fresh garden vegetable soups bean soups hearty meat lovers soups cheese soups fish and … Continue reading Cookbook: 300 Sensational Soups

Yummy Italian Soup

Hey Everyone!  With this lovely *speaking with sarcasm* cold weather, there is nothing like a good soup to warm you up!  I love the good old traditional stew, but Chief Zoo Keeper gets tired of it so I thought I’d do something new.  Try it out, you’ll love it!!! 1 pkg kielbasa sausage links 5 … Continue reading Yummy Italian Soup

Potato Soup Dairy/Nondairy Options!

Potato Soup is fantastic, especially on cold winter nights!  Coming out of the holidays, it was a good break from leftovers!Having something filling to warm up on cold nights is wonderful!  This recipe for Potato Soup can be made with or without dairy, you are sure to love it! This recipe is quick and easy … Continue reading Potato Soup Dairy/Nondairy Options!

Chicken Tortilla Soup: Warms You Up!

Chicken Tortilla Soup is absolutely delicious and perfect for a cold night! It warmed us up and was super filling! It’s been chilly lately and I decided to try out Chicken Tortilla Soup. Chief Zookeeper loves it, but I’d never made it so I was a little nervous! Turns out, it was unnecessary! This recipe … Continue reading Chicken Tortilla Soup: Warms You Up!

Quick & Easy Potato Soup

Whether it’s freezing outside or you just want some delicious comfort food you’ll love this Quick & Easy Potato Soup!  Unfortunately, not everyone has the time (or the desire) to spend hours and hours cooking a good homemade soup.  Fortunately, this one only takes an hour and is fabulous!  Also, it can be made completely … Continue reading Quick & Easy Potato Soup

Quinoa Squash Soup: Hearty, Healthy and Yummy!

Check out this Quinoa Squash Soup!  Healthy, hearty and delicious!  It will definitely become one of your new go-to favorites! We all know authors can write, otherwise they wouldn’t be authors, right?  (See what I did there, haha)  Since we already have that bit of information, I like seeing what authors can cook!  Patricia Fry, … Continue reading Quinoa Squash Soup: Hearty, Healthy and Yummy!

Coconut Lime Chicken Soup Recipe

  My Foodie Penpal outdid herself this month!  She sent me this recipe and almost everything to make it…  I’m not going to lie, normally this isn’t something I would make.   I’m not a coconut fan, I’d never had coconut milk, and honestly I would be intimidated by the name.  Sounds like something way … Continue reading Coconut Lime Chicken Soup Recipe


BISCOFF NUTELLA CHEESECAKE – I invented this recipe in 2012, and it’s dangerous! By Author Jennings Wright Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Ingredients: 1 package Biscoff cookies, processed in a food processor to crumbs 1 stick of butter, melted 3 blocks lite cream cheese, at room temperature 1 c sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1/4 c … Continue reading BISCOFF NUTELLA CHEESECAKE Guest Post

Maryland Party Cheesecake Recipe

Kaycee, thank you for inviting me to Crafty Zoo to post a favorite recipe. Readers of my mystery story, Three Sisters, will know that the main character, Emily Castles, is not a very good cook. Fortunately this is not one of her recipes and it works very well. It’s an easy baked cheesecake recipe taken … Continue reading Maryland Party Cheesecake Recipe

Romantic Roses Cake Pops Recipe

Cake pops can be a work of art and these beautiful Romantic Roses are no different!  Check out this awesome recipe and get started! Aren’t these beautiful!  The sky is the limit with what you could do with them and I just love them!  Flowers my husband would appreciate!  LOL.  These and other adorable recipes … Continue reading Romantic Roses Cake Pops Recipe