Holiday Bathroom Vanity: DIY Thanksgiving

This holiday decor came together quickly, easily and brought fall into our home! Super simple Thanksgiving decor! Holiday Bathroom Vanity: DIY Thanksgiving Decor So I thought I would leave you with my last minute holiday décor! My beautiful Mom-In-Law is on her way from Louisiana and we have friends and family over tomorrow for our … Continue reading Holiday Bathroom Vanity: DIY Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I decided to take a shot at making a centerpiece.  I had never made one before, but given that my Granny has a flower shop, located in Russellville, AR,  (quick plug and shout out to all the wonderful ladies and gentleman who do such great work at Cathy’s Flowers and Gifts) that I have worked … Continue reading DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece

7 Tips To Make Thanksgiving Easier

Thanksgiving is wonderful and can get a little chaotic.  These tips will help you make it a little easier and less stressful!  Hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!We love Thanksgiving around here!  We host every year and have a ton of people that have, over the years, become family.  It brings us great joy through … Continue reading 7 Tips To Make Thanksgiving Easier

Dysfunctional Thanksgiving Wishes

With all the fun and dysfunctional love I can muster, I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving.  May this be a day filled with loved ones and only a little insanity.  😀 God Bless You The Zoo Keeper

Santa Letter Review

Hey everyone!  I just love this letter!  They did a great job!  Of course, the little Monkey loved it too!  It came very quickly and will be made specifically to your little Monkey’s name and age.  Below are some pictures and the form for you to get entered!  If you’ve got more than one Monkey, … Continue reading Santa Letter Review

StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy

StarLink: Battle for Atlas is definitely a blast! Pun intended! Read our review and learn a little more about it. Have you gotten all of your holiday shopping done with the terrible Thanksgiving black Friday shopping? This girl is completely opposed to wasting a day meant for my family on making retailers rich. When Black … Continue reading StarLink: Explore & Conquer Atlas Star Galaxy

The Sweet Treat You’ve Been Missing: Peanut Butter Pie

Oh my goodness!  That’s about the best expression of this amazing peanut butter pie I can think of.  Until my husband, I had never even heard of it before and my first taste I loved it!  Of course, it took me another ten years before I got brave enough to try making it.  With a … Continue reading The Sweet Treat You’ve Been Missing: Peanut Butter Pie

Apothecary Jars: DIY It Today & Save Tons!

DIY Apothecary Jars Bathroom Decor! Having set out on a mission to make affordable jars, here’s a super cheap but expensive looking results! I wanted to revamp my master bathroom and honestly didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Walking through my favorite home décor stores I realized that some of the things … Continue reading Apothecary Jars: DIY It Today & Save Tons!

Chicken Pot Pie

 Chief Zoo Keeper has been wanting to have homemade chicken pot pie.  I don’t typically like making things that take forever, but the other day I woke up and decided to be a good wife.  Don’t worry, I probably won’t stick to it!  LOL.  I got up at 5:30 and started making these, (it wasn’t … Continue reading Chicken Pot Pie

Friendship Lesson for the Kiddos! #HalloweenTract

If you’ve never enjoyed the challenge of teaching children week after week, you may not quite get how big of a challenge it is.  However, if you have children you definitely get it.  Whether you are looking for non-scary ways to celebrate Halloween with your children or simply want an alternative to the traditional, I’ve … Continue reading Friendship Lesson for the Kiddos! #HalloweenTract