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Yoga’nna Love This! Beginner’s Yoga & Products! @auroraeyoga @CraftyZoo

Yoga’nna Love This!Aurora Yoga

Love this new yoga mat carrying bag that I just received from Aurorae! I picked out the silver and grey patterned bag to better match my yoga outfits and I just love the convenient size and shape of it! Plus, the pattern is just so darn pretty!

I received a Yoga Bag, Mat, Towel and Yoga strap to try out for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  Let me tell you, the design on the yoga mat makes me happy everytime I see it!  I chose the Native Plum and it really does fit who I am, which is awesome!  The mat rolls up easily and fits perfectly into the bag, along with my towel, strap and my Rosin Bag.  It would probably hold my yoga clothes as well, only I’ve yet to go that far down my Yoga journey.  One day…

I am starting yoga for many reasons, the first is obvious: it is a great way to reduce stress. There are also many other unbelievably awesome benefits to throwing it all out on a yoga mat. Things like weight loss (without the strenuous exercise), cardio and circulatory health, flexibility, increasing muscle strength and tone as well as benefits to my long term health!

Ever wanted to try it out just didn’t know where to start? Below is a video for beginners from Aurorae’s YouTube Page.  After you watch, be sure and check out their other fabulous videos!  I can’t tell you how thankful I am for videos like this!  I’m also going to be using a game from my Wii to add to my workouts!  I’m excited to finally get to do the games’ Yoga workout on an actual mat, and even more excited to start fining the perfect regimen for me!

Check them Out!


Originally posted 2017-02-01 22:27:18.

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