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Today I’m bringing a new firefox add on to your attention.  It’s called Captcha Monster.  It’s job is to solve the captcha’s for us.  It’s designed for the average user so to save time’s in entering all of those lovely little devil CAPTCHAs!  Man, I really hate those things!  Half the time, I can’t read them.  Guess I need to get my eyes checked again!
A basic subscription to Monster CAPTCHA is $2.99 and you can test it out for free for 30 days.  Just click here to check it out!  It is said to work with any website and if it doesn’t there is a little button where you can easily report the site so they can fix it.  It works with blogs, which I love.  My biggest aggravation when visiting my fave blogs are those stupid CAPTCHA codes.  As a blogger, I get it.  The need for them is important.  Of course, with this software we may need to find a new way to avoid spammers!
Works with almost any site.
If it doesn’t work, it’s easy to report!
Doesn’t have a real set of instructions, so you have to figure out how to use it.  BTW, right click to solve any CAPTCHA!  😀  That would have been nice to know when I downloaded it!  I spent some time playing to figure it out!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Originally posted 2012-08-11 01:32:00.

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One thought on “Captcha Monster Review”

  1. sorry, but i enter a lot of giveaways to help stretch my disability check. i think this type of program along with auto-fill programs are cheating and stealing. i’m sorry if i’m not one to try and get something i’m not entitled to but it jerks my chain. i dislike captchas immensely but, i do feel they level the playing field. btw i also feel cheated when i try to print a coupon and they’re all gone then read where someone is bragging that although it was limit 2 per ip address they got 6 because they have 3 computers. i guess someone with 3 computers needs that savings more than some with only one 6 yr old laptop and a disability check. i know this is a rant but, cheating is cheating and stealing is stealing and i’m really surprised a blogger who seems to be as forthright as you do would even suggest this type of thing!

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