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Let HomeLab Make Yours a Healthy Home!

More and more these days we gain information about the harmful effects air quality can cause. Everyone has known for years that allergies can be aggravated by the pollen and such.  Now we have learned that so many other things can cause health issues and just drain us of our energy in general.  The problem seems to be at this point that there are SO many toxins out there.  If one doesn’t have an expert in the family, one might as well be ready to shell out thousands of dollars for tests, consultations, cleanings and service calls.  HomeLab may be the absolute best gift for anyone!  It honestly is a no fail, as everyone needs good, clean air!

With an ever growing world of air pollutants, knowing what is causing issue can be incredibly costly, both financially and to our health. According to mold report .com, mold inspections can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000.  That doesn’t include the cost it would take to get rid of it and it certainly doesn’t give you any way to help prevent it from occurring again in the future.  I recently learned that mold is not covered in home owner’s insurance, so unless yours actually covers it (and if it does, PLEASE tell me who you have insurance through!) then you are out of pocket that money.

I recently spoke with a representative from Home Lab who helped me to better understand the possible environmental toxins and how they are able to help improve your home’s air quality, prevent an environment where mold would be encouraged, as well as help ensure that the air pollutants are eliminated or at least kept at a minimal amount.  He walked me through how to use their app to find pollutants as well as how the air monitoring works.

They provide two services that are invaluable to our well-being. Through their service, we can have expert consultants available at no additional cost and even provide an air monitor to let you know when the air quality needs some adjustment, using the technology and consultations to find the source of the problem.  Should you ever suspect you have mold in the house, they will provide mold tests and walk you through any help you need with it as well as helping you to get rid of it without the insane cost of having someone else come and do it.

  • Prevent an environment for mold to grow
  • Improve air quality for breathing
  • Professional consultants at your ready to help you find and prevent air quality issues
  • Save thousands on testing!
  • Free ebook (Get it below!)

Their Mission Statement: Make Every Home a Healthy Home

Airborne particles, chemicals, and gases are all inside our homes, creating a poor environment for us and our families. The problem is pervasive and silently impacts our health, yet it doesn’t have to.

HomeLab is on a mission to remove pollutants from every family room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. We place an effective shield against unwanted, unseen toxins so everyone can breathe easier. Using data and our building science expertise we identify the type of indoor pollution and its source, taking care of the problem from beginning to end so you can go about your day while cleaning your air.

Find them On Facebook

To learn how to address the pervasiveness of indoor toxins in your own home. Get their Free eBook:

“How To Create a Healthy, Non-Toxic Home”

5 Ways to Sneak in Moments for Health & Happiness Sponsored by #NeoCell

Life is busy and taking care of myself almost always takes a backseat to everything else. Children, work, husband, house, pets, you name it, it probably will get taken care of before I remember that I haven’t eaten or exercised or taken a long, enjoyable shower as opposed to the ‘I’ve got ten minutes’ shower.  Even trying to write this post, I stopped a minute to go and dust without realizing it.  It wasn’t until I was dusting picture number 4 that it hit me I was supposed to be taking care of this article.  Perhaps I have a wee bit of an attention issue.  There’s just so much that I need to get done and only one of me, so I’m constantly going and seemingly my list grows and grows to the point of frustration, so I gave up on those.  The only thing I know for sure, is SOMETHING has got to give.  I have to find more ways of taking care of myself throughout the day aside from getting my teeth brushed and coffee made.

biotin-burstsNeoCell is part of how I’m adding to my self-care.  They have a great selection of vitamins, my favorites being helpful to my hair and nails (Lord knows I need something in that area!).  They’ve also got some that are made into chocolate, which has become one of my daily treats!  I was hesitant as they are chocolate and acai berry (which I am not a fan of the latter), but they taste wonderful.  As part of my new little moment to myself, I take one NeoCell Biotin Burst and just close my eyes, breathing in the air and indulging in the chocolate!  Biotin is a B vitamin that supports hair and skin health, they chews also support metabolism of proteins in the body to promote natural energy!  AND it’s in chocolate.  Win. Win. Win!  They have so many great vitamins but those are my favorite!  (Can’t imagine why!)


Get some vitamins! Obviously, I highly recommend the chocolate ones, but some total body is essential too and NeoCell has a great lineup of them! It only takes a minute to take them as part of your routine but the benefits last much longer!

Give yourself a timeout. Take 5-10 minutes each day to just be.  No phone, no kids, no work.  Just YOU.  Having this little bit of time will go a long way to aide in your mental health and happiness.

When you have a thought that gives you a little joy, write it down. This will help you learn to notice positives more often, ultimately leading to an increase in happy thoughts.

Turn your music on! Whatever chore you must complete or task you must do, find some music to play in the background that gets you moving and lifts spirits!  I suggest some Latin beats or Hindi music, both make you want to bob your head and move your hips, giving you a little bit of extra pep in whatever you are doing!

Go for a quick walk.  Don’t have time?  Park further away from the entrance and take that time walking in as an extra bit to breathe, train yourself to slow down and enjoy every piece of your day.

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions Sponsored by Let the Little Children Come

Let the Little Children Come

We all know how much children love candy! Wouldn’t it be amazing if parents could propel their children’s love for God to be even greater than their love for candy?! Let the Little Children Come has very similar ideas in the matter. Today I received an adorable little package that got me thinking more than I would have on my own. It was a paper pumpkin that you punch out and fold up to create the free standing pumpkin, each side of the pumpkin has a child friendly lesson inside of it. So that each one has to be read before it gets folded to create the pumpkin; little sayings such as “God loves you very much and he wants to be with you not just here on earth, but forever in heaven as well!”

The package also included a really neat optical illusion booklet complete with a view finder, you slide the view finder across the image and the images move and/or change. It was centered on the verse John 3:16, each image portraying something relative to the verse.

How fun! Not only are the kids learning a verse and learning wonderful messages about the love that God has for each of us but they are also learning how to look at things from different perspective and that some things aren’t always as they appear to be, which is in itself a very valuable lesson for children to learn early on.

Living in a world where optical illusions are everywhere, 6 our brains are practically hardwired to misinterpret them as reality. Optical illusions use color, images, and lights to deceive or mislead our brains. It occurs so often in the world that we hardly notice it happening at all. The information that is gathered by our eyes and then relayed to our brain creates a perception that in reality does not match the true image.  This fun piece of science can be used to teach some very valuable lessons!

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions

  1. Teaching children early on how to decipher their own perceptions into what is true reality will help them also learn how to build stronger problem solving and judgment skills.
  2. Learning how to differentiate between reality and misconceptions will create a stronger defense against temptations that so often pull people from the path God has created for them.
  3. Teaching kids not to take things at face value and that “things aren’t always what they seem” will teach them that temptation comes in many forms.
  4. Optical Illusions can be utilized to practice more conscious caution.
  5. Since their mind is automatically forming a perception based on the information that it is receiving when viewing the illusions, we can use that to teach how Satan fools and deceives us.

Check them out!

Website ~  Facebook

Create a Picture Perfect Memory with Crayola Color SpinOut

Art is the best way for children to express themselves, opening new venues to their creativity and imagination the Color Spin Out from Crayola is a fun way for children to explore art! The spin out set comes with markers, 40 paper discs, and drawing arms that let you use up to three colors at a time! The kids get to control the speed the markers and discs and the angles of the drawing arms to create as many master pieces as their little hearts can dream up! It is designed for kids ages six and older but really younger children could play with it too with adult or older sibling assistance! Create masterful designs then remove the colored disc to go further detail and color the masterpiece by hand! Add stickers, glitter, Crayola colors even water paint and the fun could be unstoppable!! Great Christmas or anytime gift for the kids and even for those adults who still enjoy their coloring time too (lol)!

Let your child’s imagination spin out of control with The Color Spin, and parents you’ll love how long the entertainment lasts!  We had so much fun testing it out, it was hard to hand over!  LOL.  We did learn that when you are done spinning, you have to remove the marker!  Otherwise, you’ll have a huge ink dot.  Kind of looked cool, but it still messed up the design!  I am super excited to make and use some of the designs in my scrapbooking too!Picture Perfect Memories with Crayola Spin Out

Let them Create!

Children grow so quickly, blink and you will miss some huge milestone, so spend some of your busy life with your child while you can. Art is super fun for kids, and lets just face it there are adult coloring books on the market now so we all can just accept that we never grow out of it.(lo)  here are some super fun art projects you and your children can do together that will create a lifetime memory and could even become a tradition. Enjoy!

#1 Splat!

On a nice day, fill some water balloons with water color paint! Use as many colors as you like then hang a large canvas or even butcher paper up against the wall of your house and let the fun begin! Throw the balloons at the canvas and watch as your masterpiece evolves! Tons of laughter and excitement to be expected!

*side note: you can also turn this one into a fun water balloon fight with white t shirts!

#2 Melt My Heart!

Show them you love them with this one! Paint the center of any size canvas any color you wish it to be. Then cut out a heart shape out of wax paper (it comes off easier than other products). Place tape rolled up to be double sided to press the heart onto the painted center of the canvas. Make sure the heart is pressed as good as it can get. Then put those broken crayons to good use by gluing them onto the top of the canvas with any color arrangement you and your babies see fit. Using a hair dryer on high heat, melt the crayons down the canvas by holding the dryer above the top of the canvas. The melting crayon runs down the canvas and over the wax paper causing an awesome finished product that you will cherish forever! (Also a great grandparents day or holiday gift) J

#3 Family Tree!

Let love grow! Get a stick form outside that has plenty of branches on it and paint it whatever color you choose. Then using a hot glue gun, glue the stick onto a canvas (we used an old picture frame and backing so we could decorate the frame as well) once you have the stick in place let the kiddos pain with water paints the sky and background they deem worthy! Once that is done get some acrylic paint and have each family use their thumb to place a “leaf” on the branch. After it is dry you can put their names or initials on the leaf. We loved doing this one because it got all of us into it and looked great on our family wall!

Spa Me By Warmables

warThe Spa-Me by Website is absolutely awesome!  It is perfect for anyone who needs to relax, feel a little better or even just treat themselves!  We have used ours for so many things!  Helping to relax a sick baby, soothing headaches, and even helping rid ourselves of muscle cramps!  You can also put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it before heating so that you can inhale those relaxing smells as you allow yourself to rejuvenate! Also, we have found use for it with our furbabies as well!  Since you can wash it, it’s great for everyone!  I had the privilege of reviewing the  Spa Me Hot or Cold pack in exchange for this review and have loved it! I will never sell out my opinions, so know that the thoughts on my site, here and otherwise, are always my own!

WarmablesWe all know that our four legged babies deserve only the best of pampering available and here enters the cutest of all contestants: “Warmable”! Perfect for cooling and warming your pet and the occasional sore muscles or belly ache that comes with being “man’s best friend”! Just pop  the “Warmables” pad into the microwave for a few seconds to provide a nice soothing warmth for your beloved pet on those heartbreaking hard days. Feeling the heat? (and wanting relief) Cool your baby down quick and easy! Simply use the “Warmables” after letting it chill in the freezer.  When your done, wash it and it’s yours again!  No need to have multiple products (though I do recommend having some extras!)warmable

We all have those days where a heating pad or cooling pack could do us some major benefits, and now our lovies can have the equal to human pleasure!  Not only is it beneficial but the sweet little puppy printed fabric melts my heart. Seriously “Warmables” are super H.O.T.  Hot!  I love that Warmables are made in the USA and that their price includes shipping!  I wish more companies would do it that way!

In addition to the Spa Me, Warmables has many other fabulous products! Like lunch kits, eye masks, foot warmers, and even hot/cold packs for expectant moms!  Whether for yourself or as a gift, Warmables has just the right products to help ourselves out without harming the environment!


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