Desert Island Disc R&G US Ends 10/20


With a fun Island feel, this disc is sure to bring feelings of warmth and tropical adventure!  You can check them out at their site and learn a lot about them!  😀

Song List

Coconut Radio

Tallest Tree


Hide and Seek

Long Gone

The Hermit

Peals of Wisdom

The Cove

My Treasure

Getting a Sunburn

Round the Campfire

Dessert Island

Smooth Sailing

Going Home

About Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey is a group of three teachers who are combining indie-rock music with their knowledge of what kids love to make some great hits.  Their music is currently rated #3 in America for Kindie bands and their site boasts that they seek to balance real music with kid-centric ideas.  They seek to have their lyrics relate to both the kids and parents.  I feel that they have found a good balance, as many of their songs made me giggle a bit.  Of course, I’m a little silly myself!  😀

Finding Recess Monkey


US only, sorry to my other friends.  🙁

Ends 10/20

Originally posted 2013-09-10 10:26:06.

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