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Doteable provides the perfect gift for any college/high school student or even a little monthly treat for yourself!  I love their packages!  The one above is a mini package I received and the products are fabulous.  It included a cute little pair of panties, a tank top, and the most adorable keychain I have ever seen!  The quality of the items was great, and I can’t say enough how in love with that keychain I am!  LOL.

Doteable has dorm duffel and dorm duffel mini subscription boxes with essentials for living perfect for anyone new to being on their own (or just any young person, really).  They have them for guys and girls, so you have found a gift perfect for any new college student!  The value of the items will exceed the cost and shipping is free.  Each month a new box is shipped.  You can, of course, cancel at any time but you are gonna want to keep receiving them!

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Originally posted 2013-08-20 10:55:36.

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7 thoughts on “Doteable Subscriptions Review & Discount”

    1. No problem! It really was awesome! Plus, you get a different set of products each month which is super fun! Hope you’ll check them out!

  1. That looks like an adorable little box, any girl would love opening that up. I like that shipping is included in the price. thank you for the great little peek into this subscription!

  2. This sounds like the perfect gift for a college bound student–or even for a personal gift from you to someone you are really friendly with but do not know what to get them!

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