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Hellow all!  I thought I’d bring you an updated list of where I earn my extra spending money.  They are all really great and I’d love to hear if you have any that you love!  I’m always looking for extra easy ways to earn!

Sendearnings is a pretty simple site.  I’ve made $47 from their site, and I honestly haven’t done much!  It takes time, you won’t get rich from it, but I can honestly say that the check came at a perfect time, as I was able to use it as birthday and Christmas money!  Although it wasn’t much, we all know every little bit helps!  So, how’s it work?  You can go to the site to get the details and specifics, so I’m just gonna give you a rundown.  I make a little at a time from the site through clicking through emails, occasionally signing up for promotions or taking surveys.  One can also watch videos and do tasks or even play games.  You also get a percentage of purchases made through them, it varies from store to store.  There is a $3 processing fee when you get your check, but they take it out of your balance and credit it right back to you, so no loss.  Plus, you start out at $5 anyway!

Inbox Dollars is pretty much the same as Sendearnings.  Make money through all the same ways.  Actually, I frequently end up with duplicate emails from both companies!  At any rate, I have received a $52 check from them.  Had no issues with it at all.  So, I didn’t pay anything, just clicked through the emails, which is pretty quick and got a check!  No worries!!!

Search & Win

Swagbucks is pretty simple as well.  Once you sign up, you get bonus points for signing then you win swag bucks for searches.  There is also a daily poll that gives you 1 buck a day and you get one a day if you install the toolbar.  You can use it on your smartphone as well to get points.  Points can be used for many different things, but my favorite are the gift cards!  I have ‘bought’ 4 Amazon gift cards with Swag Bucks.  They send gift card codes to you online and have other types of cards.  They also have actual things you can buy: stickers, cards, vacuum cleaners, gaming consoles and accessories.  I’ve gotten over $250 from this one!  If you have a smart phone, you can get their search and video apps and earn even faster!

This one will give you rebates on products via paypal the next day when you submit your receipts for certain products via their smart phone app! You can get started here!  No minimum cash out.

Instant Bucks is similar to the others, you get points for clicking on emails, doing offers, searches, etc.  You can get gift cards or paypal cash.

I’d love to hear some sites you’ve had success with!  I’m always up for a little extra income!!!  Thanks for coming to the Zoo!!!

Originally posted 2013-03-16 05:00:00.

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