Grown Up Stuff

After years of NOT doing one of these pages, this is a work in progress.  Please have some confidence in me and check back on these pages!

Whatever Will Be, Will Be!

A taste of life, lessons or whatever might fit!

10 Sure Fire Ways to Lower Stress. Anywhere.Work-Life Balance Guide: How to Have Fun While Remaining ProductiveThe New You: 5 Ways to Change Your LookGive Big 2019: Shriner's Hospitals for ChildrenInspired: How a Little Pearl Touched My HeartStorm Preparation 10 Tips to Prepare for Power Outages


Vacations & Planning

What fun, what fun! So much planning to get done!

Silver Dollar City Hacks Tips & Tricks10 Destinations for Homeschool and Learning in Charleston SCEvent Planning 911: Free Resources for weddings, graduations, announcements & morePlan For Success with Best Planner Ever @JenniferDawn8

Marriage & Dating

Putting Spice Into Your Marriage *even w kids!*Dating Safety: 5 Tips to Protect Yourself on Every Date

Wedding Stuff

Hearing wedding bells? We’ve got tons to help!  Lots of free resources!

13 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding DayA Complete Guide to Choosing Wedding Favors

For the Ladies

Apollo Surprise Box #AplloInfluencerCorset Chick Review & a Sizing Rant!Willamy Fresh Water Pearl Wrap Bracelet: From Blue Jeans to Formals!The Willamy Collection: From Casual to Formal Wear!


DotCom 2.0: Make Tracks From Day One!Lugz Theta Boots: Spring Gift GuideWhat Statement are you Making This Year?Lugz Mallard Boots


Travelling Through Infertility: Sponsored by The Stork OTCInfertility to Pregnancy Journey

Depression, Loss & Such:

The Dark Parts of Life

Depression, Loss, and So On are terrible parts of life. But they are just that: a part of life.  I pour my heart out in some of these posts, I hope that help you or someone you care about.

Depression & Coping: One Day at a Time. You can do this.How I Helped My Anxiety and Depression

Part 1: What NOT to Say to a Parent Who Has Lost A Child

Pare 2 in the Series: How you can help a grieving parent

Coping with the loss of a child is debilitating. These are some things that helped me and my hope is they help you if you or someone you know is on this journey


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