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Let HomeLab Make Yours a Healthy Home!

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Homelab can help you make sure your home is a healthy home by identifying, getting rid of and protecting you from airborne pathogens.

More and more these days we gain information about the harmful effects air quality can cause. Everyone has known for years that allergies can be aggravated by the pollen and such.  Now we have learned that so many other things can cause health issues and just drain us of our energy in general.

The problem seems to be at this point that there are SO many toxins out there.  If one doesn’t have an expert in the family, one might as well be ready to shell out thousands of dollars for tests, consultations, cleanings and service calls.  HomeLab may be the absolute best gift for anyone!  It honestly is a no fail, as everyone needs good, clean air!

With an ever growing world of air pollutants, knowing what is causing issue can be incredibly costly, both financially and to our health. According to mold report .com, mold inspections can cost anywhere from $300 to $3000.  That doesn’t include the cost it would take to get rid of it and it certainly doesn’t give you any way to help prevent it from occurring again in the future.

I recently learned that mold is not covered in home owner’s insurance, so unless yours actually covers it (and if it does, PLEASE tell me who you have insurance through!) then you are out of pocket that money.

Let HomeLab Make Yours a Healthy Home!

How HomeLab Can Help You

I recently spoke with a representative from Home Lab who helped me to better understand the possible environmental toxins and how they are able to help improve your home’s air quality, prevent an environment where mold would be encouraged, as well as help ensure that the air pollutants are eliminated or at least kept at a minimal amount.  He walked me through how to use their app to find pollutants as well as how the air monitoring works.

They provide two services that are invaluable to our well-being. Through their service, we can have expert consultants available at no additional cost and even provide an air monitor to let you know when the air quality needs some adjustment, using the technology and consultations to find the source of the problem.  Should you ever suspect you have mold in the house, they will provide mold tests and walk you through any help you need with it as well as helping you to get rid of it without the insane cost of having someone else come and do it.

  • Prevent an environment for mold to grow
  • Improve air quality for breathing
  • Professional consultants at your ready to help you find and prevent air quality issues
  • Save thousands on testing!
  • Free ebook (Get it below!)

Their Mission Statement: Make Every Home a Healthy Home

Airborne particles, chemicals, and gases are all inside our homes, creating a poor environment for us and our families. The problem is pervasive and silently impacts our health, yet it doesn’t have to.

HomeLab is on a mission to remove pollutants from every family room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. We place an effective shield against unwanted, unseen toxins so everyone can breathe easier. Using data and our building science expertise we identify the type of indoor pollution and its source, taking care of the problem from beginning to end so you can go about your day while cleaning your air.


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To learn how to address the pervasiveness of indoor toxins in your own home. Get their Free eBook:

“How To Create a Healthy, Non-Toxic Home”

Let HomeLab Make Yours a Healthy Home!


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