Intoducing: Friday Five – Time Savers

Hey Everyone!  As some of you know, I’ve started back to school (yay).  I am beginning work on my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.  (Appreciate all the support and prayers I can get!)  So, in the meantime to help with the load, I have decided to do a series called Friday Five.  It can be five of anything and will vary from week to week.  I’ll put the subject in the title.  So, if you are a blogger, I’d love to start a group of us!  We can all use the extra help to keep us busy and inspired!  If you aren’t a blogger, (and even if you are) I’d love to hear your ideas on what I should do the Friday Five about! 

So, here goes. 

Friday Five: Time Savers

1.  Get Organized! 
Sure, at first it will take up a LOT of time but that’s temporary!  Once you are well organized, you will no longer have to spend hours searching for thing or worry about what bills have been paid.  You’ll have it all together…  Well, it will look that way anyway!

2.  Rid yourself of distractions!
Yep, I said it.  Now, think about all the things that steal your attention while you are trying to think of something else.  I have a terrible time trying to stay on topic, so I’ve begun lists.  Of everything.  This enables me to write it down and move on.  I no longer worry about forgetting it!

3.  Discard Junk Immediately!
Okay, this is not simply limited to mail.  I will admit that I’ve placed the recycle bin on the way into my house (out of view, of course) and junk mail ends there.  Also, eliminate junk emails.  I love getting special deals, but sometimes I don’t need them or won’t be shopping.  On those times, I go through and delete all of the solicitations or things I don’t have time for, then go back and read the important stuff.  You can also create a folder of stuff you want to read later, that way you don’t have to worry about forgetting them.

4.  Plan ahead.
Get a planner.  It will become your best friend.  Keep your to do list there, your grocery list, and anything you need to remember in your schedule.  Taking a few minutes each evening to glance at what needs to be accomplished tomorrow will save, according to one website, 30 minutes of running around time!  Plus, you can plan your errands so that they are all completed in a shorter time and trip!

5.  Productively Use Wait Time
Going to the doctor?  Taking the kids to a check up?  Take along something that you can work on in the meantime.  These are perfect times to get your list in order, check your schedule, make a grocery list, budget, read Crafty Zoo with Monkeys on your mobile (had to throw that in) or schedule appointments.  Using your time wisely will help keep it in line for other times!  I don’t suggest using this time as your me time, it’s not going to let you truly relax and therefore so does not count as me time!

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