Make-Ahead Breakfast Biscuits!!!

So, it’s that time again!  The one you couldn’t wait for mid-summer and now are feeling sort of sad about!  That’s right, school is starting!!!  I am going to go ahead and admit that I don’t get up early enough to cook breakfast during the school year at the zoo!!!  I can’t help it!  I’m lazy and her bus runs at SEVEN in the morning!!!  Hopefully it will start running a little later as we are now a lot closer to the school!!!  SO, to compensate for my terrible sleeping habit, I try to make things that my Monkey can pop in the toaster oven or microwave so that she doesn’t have to eat cereal all of the time.  She loves the breakfast burritos, but I figured some variety would be nice!  I’ve worked at a lot of gas stations, and they always have the biscuits for sale so I decided to do those.  I prefer them on croissants, but I’m too cheap to buy the rolls and wasn’t quite ready to learn to make them.  Baking bread is not my talent!  So, here are the ones I did.  You can use any ingredients, then just roll them up in plastic and freeze!  I put mine in a large ziploc to keep them from getting freezer burnt.  Just set them out the night before, or thaw as you cook them!  When they cook, the cheese will melt into goodness!!!  If you microwave them, you can leave the plastic on but obviously don’t leave it on in the oven!!!

Some ingredients you can use to make your breakfast biscuits:
ham & cheese
bacon, egg & cheese
egg & cheese
bacon & cheese
sausage, egg, & cheese
I think you get the idea!!!


Originally posted 2011-08-07 15:25:00.

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One thought on “Make-Ahead Breakfast Biscuits!!!”

  1. oooh these look delicious! Want to know what else is looking good? Your blog! Loving the wide blog, I’m so glad you tried it! I know it was easy but the hardest part is daring to try to change anything in that jumbled mess of html, so glad you did!

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