Santa-Busted! Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!  I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Catch a Character!  It’s super cute!  You can add Santa, the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, or even Cupid to your photo!  It’s super adorable!  Above is the one I did from our living room!  You should go and check it out!  In the meantime, here are my pointers:

  • take the picture from a distance.  Mine was taken from about 6 feet, but I’m thinking I should have done it further away!
  • If ‘catching’ Santa, I suggest you take the picture at night.  Santa NEVER comes during the day!
  • If your going to use it as proof for your little one, make sure the picture you take matches either before or after Santa has come!  That way it’s a little more convincing!  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are currently no gifts under our tree!
Send this to a one hour photo, frame it up, and you’ll have an awesome personal Christmas gift for your little one!  I am going to use mine to make an ornament and a hanging for use to use year after year!  I think this may be our next little family tradition!  It was super easy, and you can even get gift cards for loved ones to have for their little one!  One awesome way to be a reminder of a little one’s Christmas!

Good luck!  After mandatory entries, you can enter the others!  LOTS of ways to win!!!  Good luck!

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Originally posted 2011-12-21 18:06:00.

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