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Infertility to Pregnancy: a journey

UntitledInfertility is the hardest thing I’ve ever faced.  It hurts day after day.  You go through phases where you try to convince yourself you don’t want children, but you know it’s not ever true.  Seven years my husband and I tried to conceive.  Finally, in March 2014 we went to a fertility doctor.  I think part of us wanted to be clinical about it, after all seven years of negative tests will make one doubtful.  We  found out the reason we had never gotten pregnant was due to my not ovulating.  I’m thankful that I wasn’t.  God kept me from having any children with the wrong man.  As I’ve always heard and knew in my heart, it’s all in God’s perfect timing.  Hard to say those words when you are on your 800th negative pregnancy test, crying or angry.  Hurt in a way words will never truly capture.

The doctor we chose was at random and he was perfect.  Meeting him even felt good.  He did a pelvic exam to make sure there were not any physical problems then scheduled a blood test to find out if I was ovulating.  As it turns out, I wasn’t.  The doc put me on a medication called clomid to help force my body to release eggs.  I was to take them for five days then on the 21st day of my cycle go in and see if it had worked.

Waiting those days were killer.  Turned out my day 21 was on a Sunday so I was certain they wouldn’t be able to tell.  They were, thank God, and the even bigger blessing was that the medication had worked!  I was ovulating.

Suddenly the ability to get pregnant was in front of us, which is oddly scary.  Having wanted it for so long, we suddenly realized that we may not be ready.  LOL.  Funny how that works.  So, we decide to wait a few months.  “Get out some of the old eggs” my husband so eloquently joked.  I cried, I didn’t want to wait but I knew that it was best.  Again, God’s perfect timing.

So, the plan was in two months to start trying.  Here’s hoping nothing else is wrong!

As it turns out, God’s perfect timing is in all things.  I was saving this post so that I could do a few and do a weekly series.  Shockingly enough, God had another plan.  We are excited to announce that we are expecting in January.  For all those years of not being blessed with a baby, we are suddenly a little nervous.  LOL.  Mostly, though, incredibly thankful and overly excited!


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Travelling Through Infertility: Sponsored by The Stork OTC

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the-stork-otc-at-cvsYou may have read a little about my infertility journey before. Our previous journey took us through seven years of infertility. At the end of that journey, we had a beautiful baby girl who was on this earth for a short period of time.  She was amazing and now we are back on that journey. Funny, now that we know the exact feeling that we are missing, it is even harder (obviously for different reasons and for the same reason too). I am fairly certain that extra stress is making the infertility issues even more challenging. So, we’re having to try even more than we did before.

If you struggle with infertility, then you understand the ‘we will try anything’ point that we get to. So, this go round I’m adding in oils, herbs, and trying out The Stork OTC. The Stork OTC aids in conception by holding the sperm at the base of the cervix for up to six hours, therefore optimizing chances of conception. (If you want to buy it in store, CVS has them in the family planning section next to ovulation test kits and pregnancy tests. I keep thinking about how I’m not getting younger and how I want another baby so badly. There are mixed product reviews, but there are quite a few that report success, and since those just so happen to be the same ones that talk about how they watched the instructional video and seemed to have done their homework, I’m thinking that this will be quite successful for us as well!

the-stork-otc-aisleObviously, optimum utilization means you use it at the most fertile day of your cycle. If you are confused on how this works you aren’t alone! Your cycle starts the first day of your period. From there, with that first day being day one, after your period will come your ovulating days. The most effective way to detect ovulation is with an ovulation test that can be done at home. During your ovulation, this is when The Stork OTC can be most effective.


On September 28 th , there will be a #whyStorkOTC twitter party at 8 pm EST. During the Twitter party, you’ll learn tips on conceiving naturally and learn a bit more about Stork OTC. Plus there will be prizes given away as well!

“This is a sponsored conversation from Mums the Word Network and The Stork OTC. All opinions are my own.”