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Newmans Own Product Review


Newman’s Own are all organic and profits after taxes from the company go to various charities, dispensed by Newman’s Own Foundation.  Halloween is all about treats, so here are some great treats that we’ve really enjoyed for you!  They may not be products you can hand out the door, but you can definitely make some fabulous treats with them! We were able to try out many products, as you can see in the pic but there are four in particular that we really raved about! Organic Mints Really good!  Newman’s mints will astound you!  I let Monkey take some to school and the package came back empty a few days later!  Apparently they were a hit with the kids!  😀 Organic Licorice *Tip: Use black licorice to make spider legs!  ‘Glue’ them together with icing or chocolate and stick some on the top for a back.  😀  Or, you could use a round chocolate candy for the back! I have to say, we had a time saying ‘licorice’ after about 10 hours of driving…  I’m thinking road trip exhaustion was to blame…. Though I’m not a fan of licorice, it was apparently really good, as my girls ate two packages on our trip!  The licorice is in the straw shape so Monkey drank her soda with it.  She said it made her soda even better! Organic Cookies Oh man, oh man.  we seriously loved the heck out of the cookies!!!  The chocolate creme and creme filled Mint Chocolate Cookies were all amazing and Chief stole the entire package of Ginger ‘N Creme!  He refused to share, so I can only assume that they were amazing also!!! Expresso Dark Chocolate Alright, normally I can’t stand dark chocolate, but the Expresso Dark Chocolate was awesome!  It had a slightly different flavor than anything I’d tried in the past.  The expresso was represented subtly and gave it just the right flavor!!!  Trust me, you’ll want to check this one out!

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