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Hey everyone!  Hope all is well with each of you!  I recently had the chance to review some Udderly Smooth products and am super excited to share with you about them!   Of course, we all know you are excited too, since you benefit when I review!  😀  So, I was given each of the products above and can’t wait to share with you about them!

  We’ll start with the Udder Cream.  It is an amazing hand lotion!  I love it!  It fits perfectly in many small places so that you can take it with you and works amazingly well!  The cream leaves your hands feeling super soft, a must against the harsh winter wind!
We all know it’s super important to take care of our feet and Udderly Smooth Shea Butter Foot Cream makes your feet feel wonderful!  It goes on smooth as a think cream and slowly soaks into your skin to moisturize as deeply as possible.
Finally, the body cream.  It leaves your skin everywhere feeling super smooth.  My favorite time to put it on is right after a long hot shower.  I imagine it soaking into my pores and soon feel the benefits of using it as my skin becomes silky smooth!  What an amazing product!
As you have guessed, I am really enjoying the Udder Smooth products.  I love the softness it provides and the history is fascinating.  It was originally made by a pharmacist to soothe and soften cow’s udders during those harsh winter months.  Of course, as is typical, if it works for animals it works for us, so once they discovered how great it felt on our skin, they began making it for people too!  Now, we all know I am an animal fanatic so this story is especially awesome to me!
You can follow them on facebook here and check out their website here.  You’ll love all their awesome products and I am certain you’ll enjoy the feeling of your skin after using it a few times!  SUPER SOFT!!!
Now, we have an awesome giveaway of all of the above products for you!  How great is that!  But first, we shall have the speed talking technicalities:  I was given these products for free to review in hopes that I would mention them on my blog.  All opinions here are my own and always will be.  There is a more specific legally sounding mumbo jumbo on my PR tab, but the basics are: these are my opinions, I received product for free but am not being compensated for this post.  Now, on past that junk!  😀

Originally posted 2012-12-21 18:39:00.

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56 thoughts on “Udderly Smooth Review”

  1. I think I learned that everyone took all the answers! But I did learn that I would love to try it out…sounds like it will work great! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  2. Wow! There’s not much that hasn’t been said already. So, let me tell you something I know. Dairy farmers wives have been using Udderly’s products for years – because they really are good! My mother-in-law was a dairy farmer’s wife and she is the first one who told me about them.

  3. I didn’t know how Long I have been using this but I see that they have been in business for 30 years, so probably 29 and one half. it is the best.

  4. You can buy it at the following stores, and others

    Ace Hardware
    Bartell Drugs
    Brookshire Brothers
    Burlington Drug
    Cleveland Clinic Pharmacies
    Dakota Drug
    Discount Drug Mart
    Dollar General
    Dollar Tree Stores
    Do it Best Hardware
    Food City
    Fred Meyer
    Giant Eagle Grocery Stores
    Hancock Fabrics
    Harmon Stores
    HyVee, Inc.

  5. The Big Cow that is the mascot is one of three big cows who make up the Udderly Smooth team. None of them have names, but if you email and they can fit you in their schedule, you might be able to have one of the Big Cows at your event.
    PS- It was hard to type this comment with a straight face. 🙂

    gigicoan at yahoo dot com

  6. I read that Udderly SMOOth Shea Butter Foot Cream contains shea butter to make a more intensive moisturizer. That sounds wonderful for my terrible feet!

    Just a note to connect my comment to the Rafflecopter: The Rafflecopter calls me ‘Margot’ since it is accessing my facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’; the Rafflecopter connects to this email: annazed10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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