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2020 Back To School Gift Guide

2020 Back To School Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2020 Back to School Gift Guide! We’re scouring the internet, stores and everywhere in between to help you find the best school supplies around! We’ll also be doing lots of giveaways! If you were here for our 2019 Back to School Gift Guide or our 2018 Back to School Gift Guide, then you already know what’s in store!

If you missed out on them, don’t worry, You are in for a treat! We’ll be hosting giveaways and bringing you all kinds of fantastic new products that you do not want to miss!

Full disclosure: the 2020 Back to School Gift Guide below links may include sponsored and affiliate links on the posts. This is displayed on the various posts for further information. Please consider purchasing through our links, as it helps us be able to bring you these fantastic guides and content!


Who doesn’t love fabulous giveaways? We’ll have a ton being added all the time so be sure and check back often! You can also check out our Giveaway Page for all of the giveaways on this website! Including giveaways that aren’t part of the group. We’re planning on doing as many giveaway hops as we can!

Since I’ve had so many people ask me, I want to let you know that entering our giveaways will not get you on spam lists. We do not sell your email. If an entry or requirement is to sign up for an email list, it will say so! After our giveaways, we get rid of the data, as most ethical bloggers do.  If you have any questions or concerns at all, feel free to contact any one of us!


Ahh, the little ones! We love our little ones so much! Young children bring a ton of joy into the lives of everyone they encounter! If you are looking for other fantastic gifts for young children, check out our Parent’s Corner. There is also a ton of great advice and even some activities that they’ll love!




College is a fun and exciting time in life! I’ve got a couple of nieces going off to college for the first time and it’s absolutely fabulous watching them prepare for their future! If you’ve got someone you love, or if you are the lucky one, on the way to the next chapter in life, be sure and check out our post on dorm room essentials! My oldest niece helped write that after her first semester living the dorm life, she let us know what you can’t live without as well as gave some fabulous tips.


The world just wouldn’t spin without our fantastic teachers, whether you are a teacher by trade, a parent, or will now be a home school teacher, you deserve awesome products













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