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For the Home: Money, Cars, Gifts, Food, Health, Home Maintenance & More

For The Home

This page will be growing as I go, I just started it and I should have been doing it years ago! It will include everything for the home. Finances, maintenance, products for various rooms, car maintenance, kitchen stuff, food reviews and pretty much anything that relates.

The suggestions for everyone is that a blog should be focused on one area. I’m totally in agreement that that is a quite successful way of doing things. Then again, in my Zoo isn’t just one area of life and I can’t imagine a house where there is. So, I’ve chosen to post about all things related to life as they come. To have something for everyone in many stages of life.

My hope is, you’ll appreciate that and come back often. We’ll be adding things as we find them, write them, or get them updated. If there’s something you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll do the research to study up and post about anything life related. I enjoy it and would be glad to help!



Money matters, it can be the difference between buying a house or decorating or even, in the worst times, paying the bills. So, we definitely feel like finances are essential for the home.

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Maintenance & Cleaning

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Car Stuff

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Fantastic Products

We’ll be adding categories as we go, but for now some may just be mixed up a little bit. As long as you can find what you are looking for, we are happy! If you can’t find something, shoot us a message or use that handy little search bar!

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Kitchen and Cooking Stuff

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Essential Oils

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Food Reviews

We’re all some food junkies in some way or another, right? It’s always fun trying new things! Some of these have even become staples in our house after the reviews!

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Technology is fantastic, when it works for us and not against us! I set out to review everything with honesty and integrity, so I hope you’ll enjoy thes

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