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7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall

It is a small pleasure but one that is deeply felt and appreciated by everyone who experience it. That sensation of being almost awake, warm and snug in the cozy depths of a bed while a chilly grey day dawns outside and an icy wind whistles around the eaves.

We are drawing closer to the time of year when we excavate the warm winter sheets from under the heap of light summery bedding and start hunting for our dusty but trusty hot water bottle.

How can you add that essential coziness to your bedroom to get you through the dark, dreary winter months? Read on…

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This FallWarm Up Your Bedding

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
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Your bedding is arguably the most important part of your bedroom, after the bed. Your entire body is in touch with your bedding and it should feel even better than it looks! Choose patterns and styles that suit your bedrooms theme, while ensuring that you select fabrics that feel wonderful against your skin. Choosing Perfect Bedding is a challenge, but we walk you through it! Winter sheets add a luxurious and instant warmth to your bed, negating the need for to endure the chill of the first few minutes until plain cotton sheets absorb some of your body heat! For more creative ideas for bedding you can check these wonderful posts by from moon to moon Warm up Your Bedding

Thick Curtains

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
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Thick, heavy curtains are excellent at blocking out unwanted glimpses of the miserable weather outside! They are also very good at trapping heat inside the room so you are not exposed to any chill radiating off the window glass. Choose black-out type curtains in your favorite colors and shades to infuse your room with secretive snugness! For very nice curtains, my personal hot favorite is yorkshire linen


Throws and Cushions

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
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Your bedroom, as your living room, benefits from a scattering of comfortable soft cushions and handy throws. Choose heavy knitted throws that have an interesting texture to them, as this adds depth into your room. While looking decorative and attractive, these cosy features are also useful when you are reading in bed or when you need an extra layer to stave off the cold as you fall asleep. For decorative cushions I go for decorative cushion covers

Radiator Settings

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
Image Credit:  http://www.yorkshirelinen.com/bedspreads-throws/curly-fur-black-throw.htm l

Set your radiator to an optimum setting. This means to have your room just a little too cool, without being icy-cold. If you have your bedroom radiator set too high you will not sleep comfortably, throwing off the covers and getting sweaty. When the radiator switches off you will then become cold and clammy – not a pleasant way to spend a restful night! If, however, you set your radiator just below your optimal comfort level, you will actually sleep better and keep the covers over you all night – perfect for that waking-up-feeling-snug-and-warm feeling!

Lighten the Mood

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Seasonal Affective disorder or SAD affects many people at this time of year, and it has been found that insufficient light can be a trigger for the condition. Install several lamps or points of light in your room and aim to be able to create levels of light, from fairly dim (so you can get into bed without stubbing your toe) to cheerful and bright, to ease the trauma of getting out of bed!

Personal Touches

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
Image Credit: http://themodernbunch.blogspot.com/

Make your bedroom uniquely yours by adding small personal touches to the room. It can be a beloved childhood toy, a picture that speaks to your inner being or anything that brings a smile to your face. The essential coziness of any room is enhanced by how the room makes you, personally, feel so do not stint in adding the things that appeal to you!


Paint it Darker

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall
Image Credit: http://www.curbly.com/

If you are brave enough to repaint your room seasonally try a darker, but not gloomy shade! Vibrant crimson or warm chocolate walls bring the room closer, making it feel snug and enclosed – like a den almost!



These seven hints will hopefully give you an idea of how to infuse your bedroom with cosy comfort ahead of the colder months that are approaching. Implement as many as you like, mixing and matching ideas until you have made your room the perfect haven for you!

This post was written by Jessica Christian from 4 Interior Design  Go by and check them out when you have a sec!

7 Ways to Achieve a Cozy Bedroom This Fall


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