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DIY Christmas Shadow Lamp

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Hey everyone!  If you are looking for a last minute Cricut decor project, look no further!  I cut these and got them pasted up and I think you might like them.  I will admit I fell in love!!!

All ya gotta do is use your Cricut and cut the image you’d like (or use scissors and cut) then use sticky tack to adhere them to the inside of your lamp.  Of course, if you’d like you could do this with anything.  No need to rein in your creativity!!!  (so did ya at least giggle at my intended pun???)

Anyway, got any quick crafty stuff that you are loving???  Leave your pinterest URL and I’d love to follow to check out what you’ve been up to pinning!  Loving Pinterest!  😀

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Easy Luau/Beach Decoration

Hey everyone!  I was recently visiting Journey’s of the Zoo and guest posted one of my crafts I did for my daughter’s luau themed party.  It turned out really cute, I think.  Humorously enough I liked it when I made it then LOVED it when I looked at the pictures.  LOL.  Probably because I looked at them AFTER I took it down and apart.  LOL.  Anyway, check out their Zoo here and you can check out my guest post!  Be sure and give them some Zoo Comment love! 

Let me know your thoughts, by all means!  Got any good beach decor?  I’m dying for more!

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Red Glitter Floor


As part of our remodel, we decided to do the hallway floor in red glitter.  We wanted to have a red carpet look, as we decorate the hall with music posters.  It came out more like Dorothy’s red glitter shoes.  Pretty, but not very manageable…  We’ll discuss that later…  First, here is the how to!

Step 1
Completely, and I mean completely, clean the concrete floor of anything that may be on it.  You want the concrete to be spotless and dry.  Lots of sweeping.  Be prepared.  😀


 Step 2
Using a garage floor coating kit, go around the edges first.  After you do the edges, you can go back and do the middle.  Make sure you do a thick coat.
 Waiting and advertising for the glitter company: My Monkey


 Step 3
Throw the glitter up in the air, allowing it to land as it may.  Don’t spread it like chicken feed, it needs to spread out.  It will clump if you aren’t careful.
 Here is a close up of the finished product.  Be patient, you’ll get there!
 Step 4
Wait for the glitter to dry.  Give it at least 24 hours.  Sweep off the excess glitter.  There will be a LOT..
Step 5
 Go over the glitter with poly.  It will need lots of thick coats.  Each coat needs a minimum of 4-6 hours to dry before the next coat.


The Finished Product:
 The finished product is very pretty, unfortunately after 5 coats of poly it is still rough.  It feels like sandpaper.  I have no idea how to fix it, or how to clean it.  We can sweep it but that doesn’t do much good.  Especially since Chief Zoo Keeper decided he’d try to use a regular mop on it and the floor tore the mop to shreds!  Another warning you may like to heed, if you have a crack in your cement, it WILL show through the glitter…
So, if anyone of you have tried this or decide to do it and have some sort of tip I’ve missed, please let me know!  Until then, I shall enjoy my pretty yet rough floor!  I’m also working on figuring out how to clean it…..

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Super Simple Boy’s Room Decor Craft Inspirations

Hey guys!  So, being an Okie, we love our Sooners!  Funny, I love them and care nothing for sports!  LOL.  Anyway, my dear friends have a son that just loves them so I decided to make him some room decor.  I haven’t gotten to see him, but I hear he loved them!  I thought I would share the decor with ya!I used my Cricut to make the ones above, then took a sharpie and outlined them.  I cut them at 6 inches.The great thing about so many team mascots is just how basic they are.  It would have been just as easy to do just about any team, simply by making accents.  Here are some decor ideas that you might want to try.

  • Make Paper footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, etc.
  • Collegiate letters, in team colors of course!  If you can’t get the logo to look good, use them to spell out a name
  • Pendant flags are super easy, then simply use team colors and put Go —–!!!  Super easy and fast!
  • If you have any worn out ball caps, old jerseys, tees, etc can easily be modified to be a 3D art wall hanging!
  • Order information from the universities and use the logos that are in those to make collages, etc or print them off.  This is also a really great way to inspire your Monkey to go to college!
  • If it’s a sport rather than a certain team you love, life gets way easier!  Simply use anything you can get your hands on for that sport, clean it up and make something! Yard sales are a great place to find these!
  • Baseballs, basketballs, any sports stuff can be used to line a border or shelf to bring the sports indoors!

 Hope this gave you some ideas!  I’d love to hear what your inspiration brings you!

What’s your favorite mascot or DIY sports decor idea!?!

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Teen Room Decor: Magnet Strip

Hey Everyone!  I made this for Monkey for Christmas and thought I would share it with ya!  It was quick and easy and she really likes it!  😀  Also, for those of you turning green–> all re-purposed!  😀

I had taken apart two boards that were bound by this strip of metal.  A lovely gentleman helped me get all of the tacks out!  Anyway, I sort of somewhat flattened it out and covered it with some material I had laying around.  I used hot glue to secure the material and add on a bit of ribbon to hang it!  It’s pretty sturdy, I was honestly a bit surprised!  She uses it to put her favorite comics on right now, but I’m sure that will change!  😀

This could be made a bit sporty for a boys room as well!  I made the magnets out of some magnet rounds from some store or another!  They have to be heavier magnets than, say, advertising magnets!  They are embellished with some scrapbook tabs!  😀

Anyway, I hope you like!  Any suggestions about where to find  more around house metal items to re-purpose?  You could always flatten out cans, that would make an interesting piece of decor!  

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Hanging Hearts Decor

Good  day all!  I wanted to show you some cute Valentine decor I made.  Actually, I made them for my daughter’s room but they work for both!  😀  They are super simple to make!  They take longer to dry than anything else!  I love that they add dimension and something a little different!  For a teenage girl, nothing ordinary ever works!  But, if you have one you know that!  

Here’s the How To:
1.  Cut out your hearts.  I used my Cricut, but if you don’t have one just make sure they are the same sizes.  You could use a stencil as well.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, they’ll cover each other a good bit.
2.  This part is optional, I do it because I don’t like to re-make things!  Take mod-podge, liquid laminate, or some other sealant and coat one side of the heart.  Make sure you coat the side that will be showing!  Let it dry…  ***Just play jeopardy music in your head while waiting!***
3.  Fold each heart in half so that the sides are equal. 
4.  Thoroughly, that’s our key word here, thoroughly glue two halves of the heart together.  Just do two at a time and let them thoroughly dry before going to step 5!
5.  Place whatever string you are using to hang it on the crease of the heart.  You can let the string end inside the heart or you can let it dangle.  I let mine dangle so that the weight would help the heart not fly all over the place.  I also thought about hanging a charm at the end to weight it, but I didn’t and it worked out fine!
6.  Glue the halves together to close in the string and form the heart.  Don’t worry about gluing the string, it won’t go anywhere with all the paper being glued!  
***Some Tips***
Remember to always do odd numbers!!!  3, 5, 7, 9  you get the drift!  You don’t want them to be perfectly even!  You could do any shape that is equal on both sides!  Don’t limit yourself to hearts!Get creative and use different colors!  You can hang with tacks, tape, etc.
 The View from below

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Girls Room Decor

I cut some images using my Cricut to help decorate my room. Thought I would post them for ya! The images were cut at 4 inches and we used glue dots to adhere them. You could also use sticky tack. The letters are wooden from Hobby Lobby and painted purple. Hope you enjoy!

Enjoy the Zoo!!! Please don’t feed the animals!

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Concert Poster

So, my awesome hubby got me tickets to see Reba McEntire for Christmas! I know it’s going to sound crazy, but I’ve loved Reba since I was old enough to attempt to sing along!!! We’ve started a tradition of making posters with the concert pictures, so I thought I would post my new wall hanging!   

I got this frame for $3 at a Christian Re-sale store. I was super excited because not only did the money go to a great cause (they help people in need with food, clothing, household items, furniture, etc) and it was super cheap!!! I paid $10 for the other frame on black Friday last year, so this was a bargain! I thought I was going to have to wait until it rolled around again to get another!!!
So, since the poster wasn’t a typical frame, it had thick brown paper glued on the back and was hung like an artist frame. I carefully peeled off the paper around the edges and unscrewed the hanging mechanism. Then, when I was finished, I used my lovely pink hot glue gun to adhere the paper back!
Here is the finished project. I used my Cricut to cut out the words and various scrap paper to add color. I love it!!! Although, I will admit it’s a bit large to be hanging in our hallway! LOL. You can see more pictures here.
Sorry they are sideways!!!

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Coupons for Good: 4 Ways to Decorate on a Budget This December

Coupons for Good: 4 Ways to Decorate on a Budget This December

Decorating for the holidays is a tradition many people look forward to all year long. The twinkling lights, brightly colored displays, and special pieces handed down through the generations are a signal that it’s time to reflect on the past year and spend time with the people you love most. However, holiday decorations can come with a hefty price tag. With so many other things to spend money on during the holidays, anything you can do to save money on decor helps. Here are four tips to help you get into the holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

Get Crafty

When you buy expensive holiday decorations, you’re partly paying for someone else’s creative labor. To keep costs down and have some fun, create your own festive touches at home. Give a plain, inexpensive ornament some sparkle with glitter and sequins from your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby. Pick up some construction paper at gift cards and have the kids create a one-of-a-kind wreath. Shopping at gift cards and other retailers you might not normally associate with the holidays is a great way to avoid seasonally inflated prices.

Make the Most of What You’ve Got

Before you run out and buy something new, take a look around and think about how you can re-purpose things you already have at home.  Having to buy more and more can quickly add up to a very hefty price tag! If you have a stash of buttons in case of a clothing repair, turn them into charming gift cards instead. Fill Mason jars with candles to light a snowy path to your door. You can even transform something as seemingly useless as an gift cards into an adorable smiling snowman.

Plan an Ornament Swap

You don’t have to buy something new. Now is the perfect time to gather friends and neighbors together for an ornament swap. It doesn’t have to be formal — just invite folks over for a potluck lunch and ask them to bring any ornaments they’d like to exchange. If hosting is one thing too many on your holiday prep list, suggest such a swap as an alternative to the traditional gift exchange at your office, school, or club.

Change Up Your Tree

For many, the Christmas tree is the cornerstone of holiday decor. However, trees also require a lot of time, money, and effort. If you’re willing to try something different, you can save a ton of money and start a new tradition with a fresh take on a tree.

Keep it simple by drawing a tree on a wall with a simple strand of lights. Give old wrapping paper new life by cutting it into shapes of leaves and branches to craft a colorful tree. (These are also great solutions if you have limited floor space.) For a show-stopping alternative, stack your book collection in a narrowing circular pattern to create a multidimensional book tree that will be the envy of the avid readers in your life.

These creative holiday decorating ideas do more than help you save money. They offer great ways to bring people together, start new traditions, and remind your friends and family of what the holiday season is really about.