Outside the Box Giveaway

Outside the Box Thinking seems like something many of us had to learn on our own, this giveaway is meant to get the family outside and moving! Enter to win today!

THiNK OUTSiDE Boxes are a monthly subscription service focused on outdoor exploration AND a year-long curriculum. The service provides quality, useful gear along with very thoughtful activities and educational information that encourage kids to get outside and play.THiNK OUTSiDE service follows a standard annual schedule that ensures learning is seasonally appropriate. Every month has a new theme covering everything from first aid and outdoor nutrition to nighttime discovery and building shelters. Your first box, the Intro box, sets the foundation for your year of learning #THiNKOUTSiDE

It is not just about the gear or the information, but using both in tandem to become more skilled in outdoor life, while encouraging family involvement.

The monthly themed boxes promote character building while instilling confidence, independence, and empathy.

FACT: Today’s children are spending an average of 4-7 MINUTES

of unstructured play outside, and 7.5 HOURS in front of devices!

THiNK OUTSiDE is a 2019 Parent’s Choice Silver Award recipient!

What’s Inside THiNK OUTSiDE Boxes? Throughout the year, each themed monthly box includes outdoor gear, water-resistant resource cards, a 20+ page educational & activity booklet, as well as an outdoor challenge to do as a family.

Your first box comes with a lightweight packable daypack. You choose your color (Orange, Blue, or Magenta)!


THiNK OUTSiDE boxes foster a learning experience that encourages critical and strategic thinking, creativity, and outdoor life skills.

The Hands-on lessons are everything a homeschool family could hope for when teaching/learning STEM. AND they even offer curriculum resources to accompany their boxes too! Visit THiNK OUTSiDE to preview the seasonally appropriate lesson plans.

Visit THiNK OUTSiDE to learn more and subscribe today!
Use the Code 10OFF to receive $10 Off Your Into Box!


a Quarterly Subscription to THiNK OUTSiDE!

The giveaway is open US Only, 18+

The giveaway ends 5/10 at 1159 pm est

Be sure to come back daily for more chances to win.

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Making Babies: A (Mostly) Humorous Look at Infertility

Making Babies is a humorous depiction of a serious topic. Having learned to laugh about things a long time ago, I laughed a lot at this film!

Making Babies: A(Mostly) Humorous Look at Infertility

Making Babies genuinely made me laugh quite a few times. I don’t want to put any spoilers in, but there is some pretty great humor there! Especially if you have been through any part of infertility.

As with any serious topic, it isn’t all laughs. There are parts where it brings up negative memories of our experience, but they are wrapped in funny moments for the most part. I laughed at some of the things the characters do that we went through. Laughed at them a lot!

Making Babies: A(Mostly) Humorous Look at Infertility

Making Babies

If you’ve been following my site for a while, you probably know we lost our baby. So when I read the film description, I felt a little odd when I read the infertility journey described as the ‘ultimate test.’

We spent 7 years unable to conceive, none of that pain touched the test that losing our child brought. That may not be the ultimate test, who knows, but thus far, it was the ultimate test for us.

Film Description

Katie and John Kelly (Eliza Coupe and Steve Howey) are ready to settle down and have kids but five years later, all they have to show for their efforts is a mountain of negative pregnancy tests and an increasingly elaborate home micro-brewing rig, which John hopes will launch his company.

As they run out of traditional options and their window closing, the couple explores the daunting world of medical, spiritual, and homeopathic methods to conceive a child.

Making Babies puts a couple through the ringer of modern infertility treatments and questions whether their marriage will withstand the ultimate test.

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Mission Belts: Belts with a Bigger Plan

Mission Belts: Belts with a Bigger Plan

A Guest Review By Rebecca

I received the Kid Storm Mission Kids Belt in L/XL  It fit both my 9 and 11-year old boys perfectly!  The stitching was straight and strong and both the leather belt and the metal buckle are incredibly well made and durable.  They will able to withstand the active lifestyles of my boys!

The look of this belt is great! The boys have had it for nearly a month and it still looks new!  Also, because of its particular style it is able to accentuate dressy, casual, and sporty looks.  My only regret is that I only got one; I guess my boys will have to practice sharing!

Mission Belts: Belts with a Bigger Plan

About the ProductMission Belts: Belts with a Bigger Plan

The belt is a metallic 35 mm buckle with acrylic finish made with synthetic coated 1.25″ genuine leather.  Mission Belts are made to be customized so if it is too big, you can easily fix it!

The kid’s belts cost $26.99 and can be shipped to any country (shipping and handling may be additional).

Helping Others

For those of you who know me or know the Zoo, you know I’m all about giving back.  While perusing Mission Belt’s Blog I found that the reason they are ‘Mission’ Belts is that they are on a mission to help with ending world hunger and poverty.  They donate $1 from each belt to the cause and have been able to expand their reach to help with over 1.300 micro loans to help people get started on their path to self-sufficiency!


Get Social with Mission Belts

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World Vision: Helping All Around the World

IMG_4771What if you truly could make a difference but the catch was you would never actually see the results?  Would you do it?  Would you step out in faith, obeying that call and overcoming your self doubt?

Often donating to charities are this way, you know what their cause is but you don’t ever see result in person.  I feel like that is exactly what we are called to do.  We are to step up and do the right thing, whether we can see a great difference or we will never truly know.

Sometimes, it’s not about anything we thought.

World Vision

World Vision is a not for profit group that helps children and families to step closer to overcoming poverty in 100 countries, including the US.  There is a saying about teaching a man to fish so that he might be able to provide himself food forever.

I’m sure that you’ve all heard it, it seems to be everywhere!   Through World Vision, you can buy families farm animals, help them with wells, help pay for basic education, or even go literal with it and pay for a fishing kit for someone.

The skills they learn don’t just help them for a year or two, they help the local economies and help families turn desperate situations to journeys of hope.

You can donate any amount, no one will be upset if you can only donate a small amount, as every donation counts.

An amazing gift you can give someone who has everything is a donation in their honor.  You’ll get a little card about what you donated telling the story of how it will help.

You can also order from their gift catalog and get a free gift by donating to the maximum impact fund.

The gifts that are available are amazing and all are hand made!

We hope that you’ll take a moment this holiday season and donate to something a little more important than lining the pockets of corporations.

Make a purchase that will effect a lifetime, not be put in the back of the closet, lost, or broken.  A purchase that will change lives, perhaps even yours.

Ornament Set

Find ‘Em Here

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Quinoa Squash Soup: Hearty, Healthy and Yummy!

Check out this Quinoa Squash Soup!  Healthy, hearty and delicious!  It will definitely become one of your new go-to favorites!Quinoa Squash Soup: This hearty soup will warm you up and knock you out! All without unhealthy junk!

We all know authors can write, otherwise they wouldn’t be authors, right?  (See what I did there, haha)  Since we already have that bit of information, I like seeing what authors can cook!  Patricia Fry, author of the Klepto Cat Mysteries has brought us a fantabulous Quinoa Squash Soup recipe, which seems perfect since here in Arkansas and Oklahoma, Spring seems to be a little confused.

Quinoa Squash Soup

Patricia Fry just released two more books in her Klepto Cat Mystery series and we’ll share a little more about that below the recipe!  While I haven’t read them yet (my reading has been seriously neglected for a while), the books sound wonderful!  I was initially not interested as I’m not a cat person and I honestly thought they were cat detectives.  After reading a little more about them, I’m pleased to realize I was wrong and will probably be picking up a book or two to read soon!

In the meantime, I’ll be trying out this wonderful recipe that is absolutely perfect comfort food for curling up with a good mystery novel!  Soup first, then off to my kindle to unravel the Klepto Cat Mysteries!

Quinoa Squash Soup

  • 1 cup cooked quinoa
  • 1 can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup or more of fresh spinach
  • 1 cup or so of sliced yellow squash
  • 1 cup or so of coarsely shredded cabbage
  • cubed cooked chicken (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cook the quinoa according to package directions. Set aside. (Or you can add the uncooked quinoa to the soup and simmer a little longer.)
  2. Combine crushed tomatoes, water and vegetables and simmer until the veggies are done to your pleasure.
  3. Add the cooked quinoa and chicken (optional), salt and pepper.

Enjoy and be healthy,

                       Patricia Fry

The Klepto Cat Mystery series continues to grow. Book 27, Secrets, Trickery, and Meows, debuted in February and left readers hanging from a cliff. The ImPAWssible Mission(published March 19) provides the startling conclusion to the current mystery.

In Secrets, Trickery, and Meows, Rags discovers clues to a long-forgotten 70-year-old crime. The Ivey family is still in Colorado when strange threats appear out of nowhere. The family is baffled by the appearance of exquisite vintage jewelry and they become tangled in a web of mystery and suspense. But there are more questions than answers as the case and the clues and the danger seem to follow the Iveys back to California.

In The ImPAWssible Mission, the focus is still on the jewelry from the 70-year-old robbery. Who took it, who has it, who does it belong to? Follow Rags and his humans as they uncover long-held secrets in some of the most unexpected places and meet the people who harbor them. As the mystery unfolds, Rags continues to lead the charge to some startling discoveries and toward a most shocking conclusion.

Other Author Recipes:

Rice Pudding from Author Vickie Hall

Chocolate Torte from Author Julie Coulter Bellon

 Biscoff Nutella Cheesecake by Author Jennings Wright

Maryland Party Cheesecake from Author Helen Smith

Raspberry Almond Delight from Author Charlotte Young

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Choose happiness in your marriage.

Choose Happiness In Your #MarriageChoose Happiness In Your Marriage

To choose happiness in your marriage, one must work at it.  Sharing a few thoughts that have been on my mind.  Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Never Been In Love

I have been pondering. Recently someone dear to me told me that they have never really been in love. It struck me as odd.

First this person is loyal to their relationships, has been married, has children the whole deal. Yet feels as though they’ve never been in love. Not to say they don’t love. They have not experienced a real grab a hold of you, irrational kind of love.

I have seen those who claim they love the one they are with and I have actually laughed and told then they were not.

I’m Nice, Really!

Now first, let me just say I am not a mean, unkind person, the opposite really. But I know love when I see it.

I have a friend who has loved only one man her whole life and  married to another. Yet her husband was the one that could call her back any time, not the man she loved.

I see lots of people in my life that I know are not in love with the ones they are with.

What is my point you ask?

Well, after 17 years with my husband, I can tell you if we weren’t truly madly head-over-heels, to begin with, we never would have made it this far.

The ups and downs of being a partner are massive. You must love that person who drives you insane. Who makes you crazy.

You must choose happiness.

Deep Connections

If there’s not a deep-rooted connection that goes beyond anything you have with anyone else then tell me, how can you begin to be happy?

Even with the ups and downs of my marriage, I cannot understand; Why would you waste time being unhappy or just numb, stagnant?
Life is so short guys. It’s fleeting and precious.

It’s okay to strive for that happiness that joy. We need it.
Seek out your joy and hold on to it tight.  Whatever you do, choose happiness.  It truly is a choice and makes a world of difference.

Written By Crystal Sellers
Wife, Mother, Author

How Do You Choose Happiness?

Wordless Wednesday Random Carnival Pics

IMG_4716 IMG_4683 IMG_4626 IMG_4617

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Begin Again Artist Kit


For Your Bug a Boo has some awesome products!  With so many to choose from, it took me a while to come to a decision!  There are so many things that will hit the spot on my gift list!  One such product is the Begin Again Artist Kit.

The Artist on the Go Kit is a great kit to keep the kids busy while in waiting for appointments, travelling or even in restaurants. Made for ages 3 and up, the Artist on the Go kit comes with a notepad, crayons, a 6 inch ruler, 4 stencils and 2 pencils all neatly packed in a convenient carrying case they won’t need Mommy to carry!

Of course, when they do decide it’s just too heavy, it will fit easily in a diaper bag or medium/large purse. The stencils are made of a thick, hard cardboard so they are durable enough to stand up to the kids developing artistic talent!

There are convenient little pockets to hold the crayons and pencils as well as an extra pocket on each side of the exterior. The carrying case is made of 100% cotton and is surface washable.

The case is well made and seems like it will stand up to some abuse. It’s very cute and perfect for on the go travel. I love that it is so light weight and can’t get over how convenient it is!

The material is a little thicker than a tee, more similar to canvas. There isn’t much more I can possibly say about it, I honestly have no complaints to report about it. I think it would be a perfect gift for any boy or girl and it’s always good to encourage their creativity!

While it is maroon and off-white, one could easily personalize it by adding an iron on of their initial or something they love. Of course, without it they are sure to love it just as much!!!


About the Product

(From the Company)

Ages: 3 years and older

A complete art kit for families on the go. This natural cotton carry case with built in crayon holster, pencil holders and pockets is fully equipped with a 6″x9″ recycled paper notepad, 10 soy crayons, 5 drawing stencils including a 6″ ruler (metric and inches), 2 wood pencils, and plenty of storage!

Perfect  for restaurants when waiting for your food, airports, and road trips. This 8″x10″ carry case fits in a baby bag and has built in handles for the little ones to carry proudly.

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Wonderful Wednesday Linky 4/15 – 4/22 #OMHGWW

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!! Where we start early in week 154. This week our Co-Hosts have chosen from the previous week’s links and I’m sure that you will find it both fun and interesting to meet and make friends with bloggers from around the world through our party and we appreciate your visit today!Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party 4/9-4/15 #BloggersWanted #BlogginMamas❢❢
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I love the inspiration I get from all you super crafty people out there!  Thanks for sharing with us in this fantastic party!

We look forward to your recipes, reviews, DIY crafts, gardening hints, travel, beauty ideas, jewelry you make, paper crafts, your home, home ideas, and decor plus Linky Parties & Giveaways are Ok!

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Kyvan BBQ Review

Kyvan BBQ ReviewThe other day I was looking up what foods were well known around the country and realized that it wasn’t just in my head- the South really is famous for BBQ!

That being said, I will happily admit that I am a BBQ fanatic!  I love it way too much not to keep trying new brands when I come across them!

I swear there are at least 4 different types of BBQ sauce in my fridge!  Different sauces for different uses.  😀  Or perhaps my flavor of the day whenever I break them out!

We tried out Kyvan and have found a new perfect marinating BBQ sauce!  I made the traditional BBQ for our house- BBQ Chicken.

One of my favorite foods forever, so I know a good one when I see taste it!  Kyvan was delicious!  Soaked into the chicken and made the chicken amazingly good!

The sauce has a solid flavor and it was just amazing, until I cooked it on the chicken.  Then, it was unbelievable!  If you haven’t already, check it out, you won’t regret it!

I’m dying to try their other products!!!  I can’t wait to try it in some other dishes!  I think it would be amazing in baked beans!

Where to Find ‘Em

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Welcome to the Zoo!

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