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Free Games Online: Money, Work Frustration, Coding & Cooking

Free Games always seem to have strings attached, like watching ads or having to download (and therefore agreeing to a ton of things we didn’t realize). These, as far as I can tell, have no strings whatsoever!

Then there is also the benefit of not having to have games on your computer, but having some when the kids come over! I’m always getting asked about games on my devices and the kids are astounded that I have none.

If you are doing home school, we’ve also written about another site that has Exciting Free Math Games that are actually fun!

Now I’ve found yet another site, Mortgage Calculator: Money Games, that offers even more fantastic games! I’ve not had a chance to go through and play all of them, but here are some that I either loved the concept of or have actually played!

Work Frustration Games

Free Games Online: Office Frustration Games!We all have moments where we want to scream and yell and throw our hands up in frustration at work. There are a few free games that can momentarily help you get some frustrations out on this site! They call them ‘Office Politics’ at Mortgage Calculator, but we prefer work frustration.

Take a smoke break (even if you don’t smoke), set a 4 minute timer on your phone and play your frustrations away! Just remember to spray yourself down with perfume or cologne when ya go back to keep up the facade!

Money Counting Games

Any of you have the experience where the kid behind the register forgot to put the amount into the register and cannot count your change back to you? Or perhaps it was $3.12 cents and you’ve dug out the 12 cents and suddenly the kids brain is frozen? No one else? Just me? Can’t be!

I’m completely in favor of kids having to play these free games when they get to that age where they start talking constantly about getting a job! Or even for some sort of test before they are hired, like can they count money back to someone?

Coding Game

Free Games Online: Kids Coding GamesThere is a super cute coding game called Code Panda where kids can get the feel for coding directions. There is a map on one page, then the player chooses the paths for the Panda to get to the delicious bamboo!

There are also other games like 2 different Tycoons, Ben 10 Ominicode, Rubi’s Coding Class & others. A definite way to stimulate and entertain while learning a little!

Food & Cooking Games

There are a ton of food games (like a Food Mahjong version) and of course the old classic coffee shop and running a grocery store! This site has all of the free games that we didn’t know we love!


In summary, there are like a ton of fabulous free games that we don’t have to download! Plus, if you are like me and easily get addicted, playing these games means you can set a timer and leave it alone! Can’t take the computer game with me everywhere (like I can with the phone games). Believe it or not, I actually need this quality!

So, I’m off to relieve some more stress with these games! I’m super excited about the stimulation for my forgetfulness


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