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Spring Health Check! + Women’s History Month Giveaway!!!

Spring Health Check! Slowly, Spring is making it’s appearance. We are super stoked about that around here! Of course, with that comes pollen and allergies and spring cleaning and all of those fun things!So, today we have a health check to help ya get yourself ready!

Common Spring Health Challenges

~Allergies: Everyone has allergies this time of year, seems like many more these days than when I was a kid. We did a post a while back about how to reduce harmful allergens in your home and you may find that helpful if you are suffering this season.

~Colds: My grandsons have had perpetual colds since December, probably long before that. Sadly, that also means that I, too, have had some sort of sickness constantly! While there isn’t much we can do about them, definitely increasing our Vitamin C can help. I recently received Kid’s Vitamin C & D3 Clean Melts, my 6 year old grandson was absolutely astonished when it ‘vanished’ beneath his tongue! Super glad that he enjoyed it! Of course, cleaning also helps. Getting those cold germs off of everything can help reduce the spread for sure, although I will admit I haven’t been doing great in that area.

~Mental Health: Did you know clutter can affect your mental health? By now, that seems to be common knowledge but it’s also something we don’t think about all of the time. For example, I’m aware but I let things pile up when I’m busy. Then, as I feel more and more chaotic I finally look around and realize what I’ve done. Though that’s not all of the chaos, it certainly makes me feel better when the clutter and mess is gone.

~Sports Injuries: This time of year people are getting back into sports (and I’m including power walking!) and injuries occur more frequently. Make sure you (or your loved ones) have all the advantages possible: the right braces or equipment and plenty of water. Coming from someone who has had more than my share of ankle injuries, take heed. I use to think ‘It will heal’ and indeed it did, mostly. Now those injuries are creeping back up in my middle age and, boy oh boy, do I regret that mindset!

~Lyme Disease: Be wary of ticks! Already, we have gotten a tick off of my 3 year old grandson and we haven’t even been outside much! Definitely get some tick repellent for yard work as they may get pretty bad! We weren’t even doing much, he was playing in the grass while I did some work on my koi pond. So, yeah, protect yourself! Lyme Disease can have permanent health affects!

Stay Healthy This Spring!

We hope that the Spring Health Check will help you stay safe and healthy this spring, and always. We would absolutely love to hear your tips and tricks for staying healthy as the new season begins. I love the new growth of Springs, signs of life and promises.

I also love being able to get back outside again! I’m all about playing in the yard and koi pond! It gives me peace and joy to toil away with my hands. Definitely a boon to my own personal Spring Health Check!

Women’s History Month Giveaway

Giveaway Time! Let me start this one by apologizing for being MIA. Life has thrown me some curve balls but I’m not out just yet! I thought a giveaway would be a great way to make a splash coming back! What better way than with a giveaway?

Women’s History Month Vitamin Pack:

Advanced Triple K


Biotin, Extra Strength D3

*Note from the Zoo: The Biotin super helped strengthen my nails! It is absolutely fantastic in my humble opinion and I recommend it to everyone!


Advanced Triple K (K1, K2{4}, K2{7})

Kid’s Vitamin C + D3 Clean Melts

Healthy New Year Giveaway 2022 and a 25% off Discount!

Giveaway ends March 30th!

This post is sponsored (but not influenced) by Superior Source Vitamins. They have graciously offered to give one lucky winner a set of their fantastic vitamins. These vitamins are different than any others I’ve ever tried.

They easily dissolve on your tongue and you don’t even have to have water. That means the vitamins are more easily absorbed into your body! Isn’t that fantastic? Take steps to be a healthier you every day and eventually you will see the stress melting away as well!



Hi all! My name is Kaycee. I am now learning to navigate life as a single woman. Turns out, it's not all about husband and children. Who knew? So, I'm on a journey of self discovery. I have 5 children, 3 of which are married, 5 2 are in Heaven (my beautiful baby Acadia Reign and my Diva Princess Tara Elizabeth), and 7 grandchildren! Plus, a ton of fabulous nieces and nephews! My educational background is in Psychology and Child Development but my heart is in ministry, crafts, fun, reviews and my website, My Crafty Zoo. Or at least it was, now I'm learning who I really am, beneath all of the busy family life. It's an adventure to be sure. I look forward to continuing to share my life through word and pictures with you and love hearing your feedback! Thank you for taking the time to read and allowing me to share! I look forward to reading your comments!

5 thoughts on “Spring Health Check! + Women’s History Month Giveaway!!!

  • Great article! I love the idea of a spring health check. Taking care of ourselves is important, especially after the long winter months. The tips provided are practical and easy to follow. I’ll be incorporating them into my routine. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have been taking vitamins and calcium. I am also trying to get more exercise.

  • I’m trying to eat right, take my vitamins daily and i’ll be starting my cancer treatment soon. It’s about all I can do.

  • Sandra Watts

    I am trying to be more active and eat healthier. Thanks for hosting.

  • Anne Perry

    I walk 6 miles per day. I am detoxing and building muscle.


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