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Parents Corner: For all Your Child Related Needs!

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Parents Corner is for all things parent related, whether you are looking for childrens products, books, and gifts or for homeschool, Sunday school, college, traditional school, crafts and so on. We’ve got it all for you, right here! We add new stuff all the time so be sure and check back from time to time!

After years of NOT doing one of these pages, this is a work in progress.  Please have some confidence in me and check back on these pages!

Children’s Books

Due to the amount of children’s books we have reviewed, we’ve moved them to a page for all of our books!  Please check them out!

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Kid’s Music Movies Toys
College Life Other Gifts For Baby

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

How could a Parents Corner be complete without tips and tricks? I’m fairly certain being a parent literally requires both! If you have any great tips or tricks you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments! They will be left there for all to see! We all need a little help every now and then and I’d certainly love some good ole fashion parenting secrets!

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I just love a good party! Especially seeing the joy on the faces of little ones! We’d love to hear your awesome party stories, especially the funny ones! Feel free to share in the comments below!

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Crafts & Decor

Crafts & Decor

The section is definitely lacking right now, I’ll do my best to add some soon! In the meantime, check out our crafts page for other projects, most of which the kids can help with!

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Parenting Books

Parenting Books

There are more around the site, I’ve just got to find and add them. To be totally honest though, if you have a teenager or will have soon, don’t miss The 5 Foundations of Successful Teens!

Good Foundations = Successful Teens



Everyone loves a good toy, right? Plus, when the kids go to bed we get to play with them! Don’t deny it, in the Parents Corner we can be honest!

Baby toys are below in the ‘For Baby’ section, these are for kids a little bigger!

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Kid’s Music

Kids Music

Adult or not, anyone who hasn’t jammed out to a kids song or five just has not lived! I’m not talkin’ about the ear worm songs, I’m talkin’ about the good ones! The ones that have great rhythm and tell a good (and often funny) story! Absolutely love the song Grapes by Andrew & Polly! Had a great time singing it and annoying my hubby with it. It’s one of those songs that, especially when you are really hyper, you can seriously go nuts with.

I taught it to this amazing young girl we met at the Children’s Hospital (she was and is now again fighting cancer, please pray for Autumn!). After sharing it, she loved it too! So, one day, years later, she called and asked for my husband, as soon as he got on the phone she proclaims ‘GRAPES, GRAPES, GRAPES….’ and so on. He rolled his eyes, we both cracked up. It was fantastic! There is joy in innocent music!

Warning: Blame not the Parents Corner when that becomes your new favorite tune!

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Ahh, you brave souls: educators! I admire you yet do not envy the task you take on! Good luck, my friends! From time to time, we try and find ways to help you out. We’ll be coming up with more for you soon!

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Sunday School

Sunday School

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Other Gifts

Other Gifts For Kids

Safe Cooking Tips For Kids: Teaching Children Healthy Home Cooking


College Life

Dorm Essentials They Don't Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor

For Baby

For Baby!

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