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School and Office

Slideshop: Blow Any Presentation Out of the Water @slide_shop

Slideshop can has just the right templates for you! School, work, home and more: you’re covered!

Slideshop: Blow Any Presentation Out of the Water!

Not gonna lie, the first time I saw Slideshop I got crazy excited. When working on presentations I’m not a fan of the creative aspects for some reason. I cannot express enough how I wish I’d had it in college!

Slideshop has so many different presentation templates that will take lesson planning, reports, pitches and business meetings to the next level! I love that they even have personal templates, like the family tree (which I’m looking forward to doing soon!). With over 15k to choose from, they’ve got you covered!


For Teachers

Make Life Easy with Slideshop!

Teachers, there are so many useful resources on Slideshop that are perfect for you! Templates of charts, diagrams, maps, and even planning are just the beginning of the vast collection! My favorite planning templates are the itineraries! Perfect for school trips or even just to help keep substitutes on track! They’ve even got a ton of calendars that makes life so much easier!

For Students

Presentations for Every Class Projects!Whether you are doing a presentation for class or your favorite club/organization Slideshop has you covered. You’ll spend less time making the slideshow so that you can spend more time making sure you have the best information to present! Definitely A+ presentations that your fellow students will admire and your professors will enjoy!

For Businesses: Corporations, Small Businesses & Wherever

Build Your Career with Slideshop Business Templates!

Easily create strategies, projects, agendas, business plans and so much more in minutes. You’ll work harder on collecting your information than putting together the slideshow! Not to mention how beneficial the professional and innovative slides will be to your company and your career!

For My Fellow Bloggers:

Build Your Blog with Slideshop Templates!This one has me, as you can imagine. I have so many plans to put Slideshop to work for My Crafty Zoo! I love that they have templates for infographics (no more hours on PicMonkey!)! My infographics will take so much less time! I’ll also be doing my own calendars with some of their templates (officially done buying $25+ planners, I can customize one that is perfect for my needs! They’ve even got some fantastic marketing templates!

If you read the section that applies to you above, you can definitely see how fantastic Slideshop is! I’ve got so many projects on my to-do list now that I have this site! So many companies rave about them and I’m certainly getting why!

I highly suggest checking them out, they even have Free Powerpoint Slide Templates! I’m loving the one they have this week! I’m not sure how often they put new ones out, but I do know that just in case I’m downloading the now!

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