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Slideshop: Blow Any Presentation Out of the Water @slide_shop

Slideshop can has just the right templates for you! School, work, home and more: you’re covered!

Slideshop: Blow Any Presentation Out of the Water!

Not gonna lie, the first time I saw Slideshop I got crazy excited. When working on presentations I’m not a fan of the creative aspects for some reason. I cannot express enough how I wish I’d had it in college!

Slideshop has so many different presentation templates that will take lesson planning, reports, pitches and business meetings to the next level! I love that they even have personal templates, like the family tree (which I’m looking forward to doing soon!). With over 15k to choose from, they’ve got you covered!


For Teachers

Make Life Easy with Slideshop!

Teachers, there are so many useful resources on Slideshop that are perfect for you! Templates of charts, diagrams, maps, and even planning are just the beginning of the vast collection! My favorite planning templates are the itineraries! Perfect for school trips or even just to help keep substitutes on track! They’ve even got a ton of calendars that makes life so much easier!

For Students

Presentations for Every Class Projects!Whether you are doing a presentation for class or your favorite club/organization Slideshop has you covered. You’ll spend less time making the slideshow so that you can spend more time making sure you have the best information to present! Definitely A+ presentations that your fellow students will admire and your professors will enjoy!

For Businesses: Corporations, Small Businesses & Wherever

Build Your Career with Slideshop Business Templates!

Easily create strategies, projects, agendas, business plans and so much more in minutes. You’ll work harder on collecting your information than putting together the slideshow! Not to mention how beneficial the professional and innovative slides will be to your company and your career!

For My Fellow Bloggers:

Build Your Blog with Slideshop Templates!This one has me, as you can imagine. I have so many plans to put Slideshop to work for My Crafty Zoo! I love that they have templates for infographics (no more hours on PicMonkey!)! My infographics will take so much less time! I’ll also be doing my own calendars with some of their templates (officially done buying $25+ planners, I can customize one that is perfect for my needs! They’ve even got some fantastic marketing templates!

If you read the section that applies to you above, you can definitely see how fantastic Slideshop is! I’ve got so many projects on my to-do list now that I have this site! So many companies rave about them and I’m certainly getting why!

I highly suggest checking them out, they even have Free Powerpoint Slide Templates! I’m loving the one they have this week! I’m not sure how often they put new ones out, but I do know that just in case I’m downloading the now!

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#Watchitude: 10 Ways Time Management Can Lead Children to Success

10 Ways Time Management Can Lead Children to Success & a Review by My Crafty Zoo

Time management is a very important skill to have.  Being successful in life is quite difficult for those who are always late or miss appointments.  I’m pleased to introduce you to Watchitude so we can get those Monkeys on the road to success!

Watchitude is a company that sells slap watches with a twist.  They are designed by, well, anyone!  Since the designs can be submitted by anyone, there are some really special one of a kind bands!  They have a huge variety of different designs that I honestly haven’t seen anywhere else.  You can get watches with some really cool designs such as animals, sports, foods (I have a love hate feeling for the pepperoni pizza watch), nature, and so much more.  I had the privilege of getting the #145 Lightening watch, which was designed by Chris S from Texas!   The slap watch band is plastic and, of course, slaps right in place.  For those of us (especially the kiddos) who hate getting ready in the morning, that certainly helps with the getting ready time!  The watch face is printed rather large, making it easy for kids to learn to tell time and for everyone to tell the time with a quick glance!  They are the perfect gift for any kid!

Want Your Design on Watchitude?WatchitudeArm

Yes, you read that right!  You can get your design made by going to Watchitude and uploading your photos.  You can upload one for the watch band and another for the watch face.  Then you share your design and get votes via your special link.  Designs with the most votes will be put into production and if yours is one of them, you’ll get your design for free with your name on the back for design credit!  How cool is that!?!10 Ways Time Management Can Lead Children to Success Featuring Watchitude

  1. It prepares them for the future. When school starts, they’ll need to be up on time and in class on time.  When they get older, they’ll need to be on time for work and meetings for the rest of their lives.  Good habits start early.
  2. It can help with patience, which cuts down on whining and other bad behaviors. We’ve all experienced the ‘is it time for *insert whatever here* yet?’ times and those moments where we tell them that we’ll be doing something in ten minutes.  Problem is, until we teach them they have no concept of ten minutes so they keep asking.  So, as a great solution, we can get a clock and show them that when the minute hand hits here then it will be time.  Just make sure that when that time hits, you are on it so they’ll get it quickly!
  3. It helps them learn their numbers faster as they become familiar with the numbers in a functional way while learning to tell time.
  4. They are able to more easily able to learn skip counting when the time comes as they’ve already been doing it!
  5. According to, children start being taught problems with elapsed time by third grade. Why not help them have a strong grasp on the concept long before the challenge starts!
  6. Many of the self-help books and articles on how to be successful emphasize the importance of time, being on time, time management, etc. Perhaps learning to tell time and be good about being on time early will help our babies succeed!
  7. They’ll learn that everything has a place and a time. It ensures they know what is expected of them and they learn how to manage their time properly. A dear friend, who contributed this benefit, pointed out that her children have a schedule and they are able to make decisions regarding activities, responsibilities, etc that are reasonable to their schedule.  Having watched her children and their interactions, I have to give her props because even her 7 year old was reasonable with these types of things!
  8. Studies show that routine and schedules gives children a sense of security and structure. This leads to confidence which will reflect in all areas of their life.
  9. Children on set schedules tend to be less grumpy as they know what is expected of them and what they need to do so there is no attitude (most of the time, haha)
  10. Having a schedule helps make it known that no one person’s life is more important so they learn to be more selflessness by thinking and considering other’s schedules and commitments when they want to do something.


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Steam Lab for Kids: Hands On Learning!

Steam Lab for Kids: Looking for great ways to make science blast off in your child’s life?  Hands On Learning!

Steam Lab for Kids: Hands On Learning!

If so you need to check out STEAM Lab For kids! Its an amazing book filled with incredible at home experiments, activities, art projects and much more all geared toward making science and math so fun that your kids don’t even realize they are learning! With step by step guides, material lists, and side notes to help parents educate and become more involved, this book has everything you need to make a huge impact on how even parents view learning! We have all heard or have at least been told by someone that learning through play is the best way. There is a lot of, you guessed it, science backing up that old saying!

Steam Lab Learning!

Hands On Learning with Steam Lab for Kids!

Having a hands on experience is more meaningful and memorable which makes the lessons learned unforgettable.

Here are some expert opinions on why hands on learning is the most effective style, and why parents should get more involved with their childrens playful learning.


  • Busy Hands, Busy Brains
    As students put projects together, create crafts, or use familiar materials in new ways, they’re constructing meaning. “Kids learn through all their senses,” says Ben Mardell, PhD, a researcher with Project Zero at Harvard University, “and they like to touch and manipulate things.”


When you combine activities that require movement, talking, and listening, it activates multiple areas of the brain. “The more parts of your brain you use, the more likely you are to retain information,” says Judy Dodge, author of 25 Quick Formative Assessments for a Differentiated Classroom (Scholastic, 2009). “If you’re only listening, you’re only activating one part of the brain,” she says, “but if you’re drawing and explaining to a peer, then you’re making connections in the brain.”

You can check out more on this by visiting

Learning through Play is the BEST Way!

  • Students who physically experience scientific concepts understand them more deeply and score better on science tests, according to a new UChicago-led study.

This study went even deeper into what it means to have hands on learning by using brain scans to back up their theories. Check out these brainiacks have to say about it:

  • Experts believe that by involving students in a total learning experience (i.e. learning by doing), their ability to think critically is significantly enhanced. It teaches them to rely more on evidence (observed data), encourages them to think independently, and reduces their dependence on authority.

There is a lot of information available to back up this once “fad” I education styles. Read more about it here, and decide for yourself if hands on is beneficial for your little ones:

  • Research consistently shows that children who have opportunities to actively investigate natural settings and engage in problem-based learning greatly benefit from the experiences. They gain skills, interests, knowledge, aspirations and motivation to learn more.

Getting interested yet? I certainly am!  So, come on parents! Let’s jump in and get our hands dirty with our kids! We can all agree that their education holds precedence to most other values, and its equal is your involvement with your kids and the memories they will have to look back on. so if you are looking for fun ways to make lasting memories that build your child’s knowledge of the world around them, or if you are just looking for ways to have some fun all year long; check out this book for some amazingly fun and educational ideas!

STEAM LAB for Kids…get your learning fun on!

Steam lab for kids, make science fun, hands on activities for families, fun learning activities

Learning through Play is the BEST Way!

Dorm Essentials They Don’t Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor

Dorm Room Essentials & College Tips! Knowing what to get for your college dorm room can be overwhelming! We’ve checked with some recent college freshmen to find out just what the must haves are and even gotten some advice for you!

Dorm Essentials They Don't Tell You About & Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor

With school coming up so quickly, no doubt any of you preparing to embrace Dorm Essentials has already began shopping! I’ve got some tips and a good list of stuff often forgotten to help you begin your year totally prepared!

Dorm Essentials Checklist

  1. Extension Chords: No doubt that perfect room set up that you start off with will get changed around and when it does, you are gonna need a quality extension chord. Don’t fall into thinking you won’t want one, have one from day one!  I highly recommend the ones with surge protectors!
  2. Headphones: I suggest having at least two pair. One for backup. If you have bluetooth headphones, then make sure you have a back-up wired pair. You may not need them for phone calls, but you’ll want them when the others have to charge and you still need music to hit the books!

  3. Command Strips! Those things can hold a LOT and the hooks can be super handy. Don’t go cheap, buy the heavy duty ones! You can even take them down and just buy a new sticky back to re-use them.

  4. Shoe Rack: Everyone needs a shoe rack. They are super handy and help you maximize your limited space.  Check out the ones that will hang over your closet door!

  5. Storage Bins: Anything that you can get that is multi functional is a plus. You’ll want to have storage, and bins are the only way to get it in a dorm room (aside from desk and dresser). Under the bed storage units are super handy!

  6. Shower Essentials! No, I’m not recommending shampoo. You are going to need a caddy and shower shoes. I have it on good authority that “communal showers are gross.” That one made me laugh. But year, shower shoes!  The one pictured even holds your towel/dirty clothes!

  7. Umbrella & Rain Boots: Showers & thunderstorms are going to happen. Be prepared. No doubt it will happen at least once when you absolutely can’t miss class but you must go through the torrential downpour!

  8. Over the Door Storage Hanger: Space is essential. Use it wisely!

  9. Book Light: Okay, I know that sounds silly but I assure you at some point you are going to need to read much later than your roomie. Don’t be that person, have a small light that won’t bother anyone else but will allow you to keep at your work!

  10. Curtains/Rugs: Curtains for obvious reasons. Rugs, especially fuzzy ones, are great so that if you want to stretch out you have a soft carpet area to stretch out on!


College Tips from a Freshman Year Survivor!

Now for some advice from a recent dorm room dweller!

“Don’t room with a best friend.”

“Try everything at least once.” I’m gonna go ahead and take a little license to add to that: no everything. Stay away from the things that your brain screams danger at!

“Eat in the caf because the food is better for you.”

“Everything is included in your tuition so go to the gym an hit the library because you are already paying for it!” Adding here again: I’m so proud of this smart little girl. Well, she isn’t little anymore but I remember when she was very clearly!

Be confident.  Everyone on campus is just as nervous as you are, just at various degrees.  If you have to,  fake confidence.  It will eventually become legit confidence and you’ll forget to worry!

Go to all the first week back stuff!  You’ll learn a ton and get a ton of freebies!

I’d like to give a huge shout out and thank you to my beautiful, talented and intelligent niece for helping me out! It was still fresh enough in her head to know what was totally necessary and what got forgotten too often! She also provided some great advice!

Fall Lesson Planning with Let the Little Children Come @SMGurusNetwork #BTS18

The Halloween Tracts are perfect for the holidays this fall! Definitely want to order them for your classroom now!

Fall Lesson Planning with Let the Little Children Come @SMGurusNetwork #BTS18Let the Little Children Come has some great products for every classroom! They have a ton of relevant tracts that make learning lessons fun and easy! I highly recommend their selection and they have some great free resources as well!!!

In the interest of preparation, we have brought you the perfect lesson for this fall! I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have my lessons ready to go as early as I can. No stress when the time comes! Lesson planning is always best in advance!

The Halloween Tract is absolutely perfect for this fall! On the outside it asks ‘Is there anything better than candy?’ and comes on a flat sheet, with the inside of each pumpkin having a part of the lesson written on it.

Each pack comes with 20 fold-able pumpkins and comes ready to assemble with a hard piece of cardboard on the back to keep them from getting before they arrive. They were very well received and the kids absolute loved them!  We also did a Friendship Lesson with them!

Halloween Tract from Let the Little Children Come

There are two ways one could utilize the pumpkins to teach:

1.  Allow the Children to Assemble the pumpkins as a group. The students could take turns reading each of the lessons, then fold them together to form a pumpkin! Not only is it a fun way to learn, it’s something the kids can take with them for years to come!

2.  If you prefer to hand the out rather than do them as a classroom project, you can form them and place inside some of the kids’ favorite candies and treats. Either way, it’s a great product to help teach and reinforce the gospel message!

Let the Little Children Come


2018 Back to School Gift Guide

Here are some additional free resources for your enjoyment:

Salvation Bracelet Tutorial ~ Gospel Plane Printable

Free Gospel String Magic Lesson ~ Free Bracelet Tutorial

15 Lessons You Can Teach with Paracord

5 Great Lessons Using Optical Illusions

Ezpress Yourself With GelaSkins

baby-green-sea-turtleExpressing oneself can be about anything one wants.  Sometimes the things that tend to scream ‘me’ to us isn’t the same as people would think.  While I was looking at the many designs on GelaSkins, it struck me how some of the pictures reminded me of certain people and I wondered what exactly made others think of me? While I still don’t know the answer to that question, I found a skin that makes me smile everytime I see it.  I chose a skin with a sea turtle.  I could go on and on as to why I just love the little guys, but then this post isn’t about them.  🙁

fyd_home_iPodHeadphonesGelaSkins has skins for you to put on pretty much any electronic device: phones, tablets, computers, gaming devices, pcs, headphones, you name it they probably have it!  The designs range so far I can’t even begin to tell you!  I love that their products aren’t just stuck in one genre or another, rather they have designs for tastes across the board!  Fabulous!  Something else I love is that they have free wallpapers that match the skins!  If you do it right, you can make it look like the skin keeps going over your screen.  The skin was easy to apply to my tablet even though the first time I ended up with air bubbles.  I was able to easily peel it off and reapply with no issues at all.

 How do you express yourself???

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Blog Buddy Review

Blog Buddy If you are a blogger, you know the importance and headache of organization.  I use to have notes and reminders all over my house, purse, wherever.  Of course, this doesn’t do much to keep my chaos in line.  Not too long ago, I came across an aspiring company who seemed to have the answer to my problems: The Blog Buddy.  While my old habits of the 2 million notes everywhere hasn’t completely stopped, things have gotten better and I foresee an eventual *gulp* elimination of blog related sticky notes…  If you are a blogger, you will want this book.  It helps- trust me!  Plus, if you are super organized already, this will have your office streamlined!  Oh, how I dream of being that organized one day!





Blog  Buddy

Blog Buddy Specs

A FULL 24 Month Calendar! (January 2014-December 2015)

2 Page Spread Monthly Calendars (finally no tiny useless squares!) 

Guided To-Do Lists and Blank Notes pages 

Post Completion Checklists (track multiple posts completion at a glance) 

Reviews & Giveaway Tracker 

Guest Blogging Opportunity Tracker (track posts pitched, written, published, etc) 

Potential Advertiser Tracker (track contact and follow up dates easily) 

Current Advertiser Tracker (track rates and renewal dates) 

Blog Statistics (compare a year at a glance for all statistics you want to track) 

Monthly Expenses (keep track each and every receipt!)

Revenue & Expense overviews (compare a year at a glance for revenue & expenses) 

Quarterly Balance Sheet with Estimated Tax Payments (see your finances at a glance)

Buy Now

Use the code SHIPMEFREE to get $10 off the planner

Disclosure: I did not receive this product for free.  I purchased it.  The opinions contained in this post are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

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Litter Free Lunch Box


A Review By Monkey

The  ‘Litter Free Lunch Box Kit is an amazing lunch box for a high school student. I took it to school and i got a few comments on the bag. They either said it was ‘cute’ or ‘colorful’.  I was really excited when i got to take it to school and use it for my lunch.(except for the part where i had to write this review:)  It kept my lunch nice and cold (without an ice pack) till lunch time. The bag itself was very easy to
carry around, and on the inside was very neat.   The containers that came with the bag were very helpful with keeping my food separated.
The water bottle was a problem solver, because I didn’t have to carry a separate item to my lunch. I enjoyed carrying around the individual bag. I will love to use it again and get some more compliments. Over all today was a good day to use the ‘litter free lunch box’.
Using the Litter Free Lunch Box for a second time, we decided to change it up a bit.  I put an ice pack in it and it did even better in keeping my food cold.  I suggest to put one in the box itself so you would keep the food inside cold. The little containers helped with the smaller sides (obviously). But if you had a salad planned for lunch you could put some dressing in one and the other one you could put tomatoes in it. For the medium sized container i would put fruit and some walnuts in it too. But hey, that’s just me! I also want to say that the lunch box is big enough to put other things in it. I put a half of a bag of Doritos in it and it still zipped up! Oh my goodness, I just love this bag!  You just can’t tell what I will have next!   Altogether the ‘Litter Free Lunch Box’  was a great product and I love having it to take lunch in.


The Zoo Keeper’s Thoughts

Let me just say that Monkey has officially made her writing debut!  *Proud Mom moment!*  Okay, now to the lunch box!  Each of the containers inside the lunch box are both microwave and dishwasher safe.  The container itself can be washed in the washing machine!  There is extra room inside even with all of the containers and the water bottle.  Plenty of space for other packaged goodies and such.  There is also a pocket on the inside to place things such as condiment packets or silverware so it won’t get banged around everywhere.

Monkey has been taking her lunch to school for the last 3 1/2 years and I have never seen her more excited to pack and take it!  She told me that the bus driver and her friends complimented it and she was quite proud to have it.  Preparing her lunch in the containers and taking it in the box seems to be something she loves to do now, which is always great!

I used the lunchbox when I went on a take out run to keep the food warm and it did well.  The food stayed hot and we didn’t have to eat lukewarm takeout.  I love that it is so roomy without taking up a lot of space!  No worries about it leaking or the food temperature changing too much.  Fabulous!  Plus, it’s great for the environment to use these types of products!  All in all, it’s a win!  Definitely a must have for anyone who takes their lunch anywhere!

Product Info From the Company

With great colors and fun designs, everyone in your family will want to carry their lunch in our Litter Free Lunch Kit! This kit has an insulated shell, four BpA-free airtight food containers (2 small, 1 medium and 1 large) and a 15oz BpA-free bottle – everything you need to pack a fresh, healthy lunch.

Bottles are dishwasher safe. Bag can be washed in a washing machine.

2 small containers: 3.75” x 2.25” x 1-3/8” deep

Medium container: 5.25” x 3.75” x 1-3/8” deep

Large container: 5.25” x 3.75” x 2.75” deep

Bottle: 2.25” x 2.25” x 6.5”

Find ‘Em Here





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Uglee Pens Review

To help get you or someone you love ready for school, we will be giving away a set of ergonomic UGLee Pens. Product Description: The UGLee Pen is a revolutionary ergonomic pen that is designed, created and used by a real physician. This Doctor-inspired grip pen is redefining the way people view pens and writing. The UGLee Pen is good for everyone who writes (even just a grocery list), and is especially helpful to people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, for example those with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.,. It’s also the best writing utensil for children who are learning to write and are developing fine motor skills, as well as helpful for special-needs children who find holding a pen or pencil properly difficult. And for high-school and college students who have to take copious notes, this pen helps keep hands and fingers from cramping.

Kids Need UGLee, Too!You already know that it takes years of practice learning how to write. Did you know that it also takes years to build up the correct muscles to do so efficiently? Kids are also at risk for repetitive stress injury, in fact that can be where it starts! Because of their underdeveloped muscles, it is easy for children to accumulate small injuries early. Get your children an UGLee Pen and help prevent future hand problems!

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Uglee Pen Review

My Thoughts:
The UGLee Pen truly lives up to it’s name.  It is ugly!!!  As I wrote out my rough draft for this post— yes, I do that on paper, don’t judge me!— I couldn’t help but think that the specks of silver glitter embedded in the grip of the pen just adds, in it’s own right, to making the pen live up to it’s name!  However, don’t judge a book by it’s cover and all that, UGLee pen is not designed to be pretty anyway!  It stands for Ultimate Grip Pen and it was invented by a man name Dr. Lee.
Why would someone want an UGLee pen???  Aside from the fact that it’s so ugly no one would dare steal it, there are actually some benefits.  UGLee Pen boasts that it was designed, created and is used by real physicians to help redefine the way people view pens and writing.  It is designed to help people who experience pain and discomfort when writing, like people who have arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.   It is also a great writing utensil for Monkeys learning to write and developing fine motor skills.  They also say that it is helpful for special needs learning for those who are having issues holding a pen or pencil properly.  Last but not least, it’s good for high school and college students who have to take a lot of notes, as it is said to keep hands and fingers from cramping!  Wow, that’s a lot for one pen!!!  You want one, don’t ya!?!  

  • Soft Grip
  • Ergonomic
  • Helpful for those learning to write, having issues writing, or just plain write a lot!
  • Smooth, smooth writing flow 
  • Designed by a doctor to fit your hand in the most comfortable and helpful way possible.


  • Plastic at top of pen feels cheaply made, though they do say that the pen is very versatile
  • A bit pricey, at $19.95 for a 3 pack, however these pens are designed to be kept and refilled.
  • Ink is a special kind that has to be bought from their company in order to refill them

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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