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College Resources: Notes, Study Guides, Homework Help, Cash

College was something I truly enjoyed. Found this site where you can get notes, study guides and homework help from classes & textbooks at many schools. You can even get paid to submit your notes! Where was this when I was in college!

Humorously enough, my husband and I talked about this concept when we were in college. How great it would be if we could access more resources and study guides, particularly for those subjects that were both interesting and challenging. Guess we should have been smart like the people at One Class!

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What is One Class???

One Class is a website that provides notes for courses at education institutions around the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. that have been submitted by students such as yourself as well as study guides and homework help. It is a paid subscription however if it’s a resource that will help you in your path to higher education, it is well worth it. In my opinion, of course. It totals to less than $2 per month for an entire year subscription, which we all know is less than what we blow on random stuff we don’t really need quite frequently.

One Class Resources:

According to their site, they have 3,900,000 step-by-step solutions to help with homework. If you still are unable to find the help you need, you can submit a question to get personal help. All are by peer-reviewed by subject experts to ensure their accuracy. Will definitely come in handy on those late study nights! The following is a screenshot from their website so that you can see some of the popular course subjects and their solutions. Of course, these are only the popular ones, they have many more subjects available.

Get paid with One Class.

You can offset some of the cost by submitting and being paid for your own notes from your classes. Though I’ve not really been able to discern how much, how often or how you get paid. It may be a way to offset the cost (while still being able to write the education expense off on your taxes). It’s something you’ll have to look into further. If you figure it out, please come back and let us all know!

Check them Out Here

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