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Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package

Ideas for Putting Together an A+ College Care Package

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
Hero image courtesy of Pexels.

Midterms season is upon us—which means that your college student could probably use a little pick-me-up. Seeing your child stressed can make a parent feel pretty helpless. You might not be able to lighten their workload or take the tests for them, but you can brighten your college student’s day by surprising them with a midterms care package

Don’t know what to send? Here are our favorite ideas for what to put in a care package for your college student. 

Midterms Motivation and Encouragement 

Midterms mark the halfway point in the semester, so you’re college student still has a fair bit to go before they’re finished. Worried they might be running a little low on enthusiasm? It’s time to lift their spirits with a care package specially designed for midterms season! 

School Supplies 

Take Care of Some Much-Needed Restocking 

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package

The last thing your college student should be worried about is finding a pencil to take their exam with! Send them everything they need so that they can focus on the important stuff, not the lingering details. Image courtesy of Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium

Yeah, yeah, we know—you want to take your student’s mind off of school, so why would you send them more school supplies? Well, for starters, they’ve been in class for a few months, now, which means that they’re probably down to their last pen or pencil (no one can explain it: college campuses are notorious for eating up school supplies!). 

Sending over a pack of highlighters, some new pencils, post-its, and fresh notebooks will give your student all of the ammunition that they need to have some productive study sessions. Plus, it’ll refresh their supply of school necessities for the rest of the semester. 

Self-Care Products

Help Them Put Themselves First with These Small Luxuries 

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
Remind your college student that it’s okay to take a night off from studying with products that will help them relax. Image courtesy of Travel + Leisure.

There’s a lot of pressure on college students to dedicate 100 percent of their time to doing homework and studying. Encourage your student to take a break by sending them things like an adult color book, facemasks, a pair of comfy socks—really, anything that you think might tempt into treating themselves to a little break. 

A care package filled with self-care products isn’t just a thoughtful way to express some emotional support to your college student. It’s also a subtle way to communicate that you want them to focus on what’s really important during exams season: taking care of themselves. 

A Book of Positive Affirmations 

Promote Positivity with a Book of Uplifting Quotes and Inspirational Mantras

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
It’s not hard for negativity to creep in during midterms season. Help your college student stay positive by sending over a collection of written assurances. Image courtesy of Life Love & Positivity.

Do you feel like your college student gets too caught up in school for their own good? Give them a way to maintain a healthy mindset by sending a book of positive affirmations to read when they need a good dose of optimism. 

Seeing positive words on a page can do a lot for someone who’s feeling overwhelmed. A book of positive affirmations might be the reminder that your student needs to find the right balance between working hard and overdoing it. 

Homemade Treats

Provide Them with a Full Serving of Comfort Food 

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
If your college student has a favorite homemade goody, midterms season is the perfect time to send it to them! Image courtesy of Pexels.

There’s nothing like some baked goods from home to put your college student in a good mood. Whip up a batch of the cookies they love or the brownies they can’t get enough of, and send it over to them for some one-of-a-kind comfort food. 

As a parent, you know that the best way to your child’s heart is through their stomach! A homemade treat is sure to put a smile on your college student’s face, especially since they’re probably getting pretty sick of the campus dining hall. 

A Starbucks Gift Card

They’re Going to Need All of the Caffeine That They Can Get

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
Even if they don’t like coffee, your college student is bound to find something on the Starbucks menu to sip (or snack) on. Image courtesy of Thrillist.

If there’s a Starbucks on your college student’s campus, odds are they’ve stopped there once or twice (or dozens of times—but who’s counting?). A Starbucks gift card is a quick, easy way to let your college student know that you’re thinking of them during this rough time of the semester. 

From coffee and tea to muffins and cookies, Starbucks has enough on its menu that your college student will be able to find something to treat themselves to, no matter what. Plus, the free Wi-Fi and open seating makes it a great place to study if they’re tired of the library. 

Sickness Prevention

No Time to Lose Being Sick  

Surprise Your College Student with a Midterms Care Package
Help your student stock up on cough drops, supplements, and more this cold and flu season. Image courtesy of Intermountain Healthcare.

Fall and winter don’t just mean midterms—they also mean cold and flu season. Send your college student everything that they need to help prevent getting sick like Emergen-C packets, hand sanitizer, vitamins, and whatever else you think might be useful. 

No matter how hard your college student tries, they might still end up coming down with something. That’s why you should also send cold and flu remedies like ibuprofen, cough drops, soothing teas, and other comfort items that might speed up the process of getting over being sick. 

One Grateful College Student

Care packages are a great way to let your college student know that you’re cheering them on from home this midterms season. There’s no wrong way to make a care package, and your college student will appreciate you thinking of them, whatever you end up putting in it.  And remember—you still have the rest of the semester after midterms to send them anything that you forget or think of later! 




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    I remember in college always going through lots of highlighters! That would have been fun to get new ones sent to me!


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