Live Green. Save Green! 8 Ways to Save a Cash & the Planet!

Live Green. Save Green! 8 Ways to Save a Cash & the Planet!

Living green is not only great for the environment, it’s also an easy way to save a ton of money! Check out these ways living green can save you tons now!

Live Green. Save Green! 8 Ways to Save a Cash & the Planet!

Personally, I have a passion for environmental issues. I’m not particularly concerned about climate control, though it is an issue. If you are interested in climate control, I highly suggest you check out Adrian Rubin, she has done some great work and is very interesting! I’ll be honest and say her resume and life experience blows me away!

That being said, my concern is focused on the animals and nature preservation. In my house, I do everything I can to do my part in making things a little better. I have a particular love for animals, wildlife, and the woods (or forest, depending on where you are from).

Bird Entangled by Balloon Ribbon! Please don't release balloons with string!Have you ever seen the images of animals getting caught in our garbage? I think the most common may be the turtles caught in the plastic rings of soda cans. My aunt posted a picture of a bird that had been caught up then essentially hung by balloon strings that had been released. It was awful. If you let balloons go, please please please cut off the string at least! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it as well but now I’m more aware of what the strings can do to our world.

We’re all interested in saving money and fixing our credit, so I felt the most effective way I could contribute was to bring you a list of ways to save money by being green. If you are interested in fixing your credit, this will help you as will some free ways to repair your credit for free! (Yes, I said free!)

  1. Re-usable Containers: Water bottles and storage containers are a great way to save money. They are easily washable. If you purchase a bottle of water (or soda) per day, having a water bottle to take can save you a significant amount of money in just a week alone! If possible, use glass instead of plastic, it’s much better for the environment and you don’t have to worry about the containers cracking! I also re-use empty bottles/cans for storage and such!
  1. Glass Straws: Glass straws are fantastic! They are easy to wash out and re-use without increasing waste! Some even come with a little bag so that you can easily carry them with you!  
  2. Ziplock Bags: Instead of buying ziplock baggies to separate food into, invest in some reusable pouches. They are food safe and super easy to wipe out. With the price of those things, you’ll recoup your investment into the new pouches in no time. Depending on your usage, this could save you a ton! At $5+ per box, it adds up very quickly!
  3. Reusable Lunch Containers: Not only do I wash those from takeout that are usable, I also have a lunch box that keeps my food cool so that I can take lunch places. This keeps me from having to buy food at around $5-$10 per meal, this saves at minimum $25 per week! Hello savings account!
  4. Free Trash Bags: Yes, I said it! Not only do I recycle my shopping bags, I utilize those suitable as trash bags rather than having to purchase them! This saves me roughly $10 per box that I don’t buy! Of course, I do have to occasionally but the large bags for our outdoor trash can, but we use maybe 1 box every three months!
  5. Free Magazines: I have three magazine subscriptions that I do not have to pay for! Good Housekeeping, Cooking Light and Taste of Home. How did I get them? Join this Recycle website and earn them! Don’t forget to recycle or donate your old magazines! You can find them by check out my post compliments of Recycle Bank here.
  6. Old t-shirts: Rather than buying new cleaning rags, utilize an old t-shirt! I also love making burp rags our of them as well! I layer a towel in the middle of cotton t shirts and you have a super absorbent burp rag! If you want them to be prettier, use an old blanket for one side!
  7. Bubble Wrap & Plastic Air Bags (from shipped items): The windows on our house leak air, so I save my bubble wrap and line the inside of my windows! Even if your windows are better, it makes amazing insulation! You can also use it to add additional insulation to bags and such when transporting food! All you need is a waterproof bag and bubble wrap to have a makeshift ice chest! Lining your windows will save a ton on electricity!

There are many more ways to to save money and make a positive impact on the environment, climate change and the world around you! Using these tips you could save so much money! They don’t take much effort to accomplish and they keep your wallet and world happier!

I’d love to hear how you help the environment and save money! I’m always looking for more ways to up my game!

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