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Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

Milestones are a challenge and growing a business is even more challenging, whether it’s a brick & mortar, online store, or even a blog. It takes a lot of effort, work and dedication.

Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

Reaching Milestones & Growth

Reaching milestones is such an exciting part of business growth. Nothing aside from opening day is exciting as reaching various milestones, of course each seems better than the last. The only bad part is once a milestone is accomplished, it can make reaching the next level seem like miles away.

I have learned in both a brick & mortar business as well as on this website, new clients and higher ratings can seem like they’ll never come. Fortunately, I’ve also learned if we don’t focus too much on growth, it will come easier!

Customer Churn may be the most challenging aspect. This refers how many customers and/or followers have unsubscribed to your service or mailing in a period of time. Knowing customer churn info gives you the benefit of breaking it into periods helps us to know what changes made what an effect.

As a blogger, shifting what I post about makes a difference. Unfortunately for me, I prefer not to get trapped into a particular niche and therefore fall into the change of followers quite often. I also refuse to use click bait, which doesn’t help. My hope is that my readers appreciate a host that is genuine.

Reaching Milestones & Growth In Business, Websites & Life!

As a small business owner, we strive to provide above average customer service before anything, even profit. This can make growth a challenge for the first few years. Eventually though, word of mouth has done us well and we have the most loyal clients ever. We are grateful for them.

In order to defeat any losses without losing one’s business, one must keep going no matter what. Keep trying to build and you’ll reach the next milestone. Sometimes growth staggers and wanes, but it doesn’t have to stop. If you are a blogger, keep doing your thing. You’ll get there, or not, just enjoy the ride!

If you are looking for amazing presentation templates, check out this post.  They are fantastic and make the creative side of presentations super easy and highly professional!  They’ve really opened up my world on getting promotional stuff made!

Partnering with other business and organizations can help a lot as well. Especially if you are in a small town! There are always opportunities to work in areas to get your name out there, and that’s important for business! After all, the majority of us would utilize a company that helps in the community before we’d use one that was all about their own profit.

As a blogger, community is, obviously, other bloggers and websites. Get in touch with other sites, write guest posts and manage campaigns together. Then you’ll both reach a larger audience! It’s a great way to get ‘out there’ online!

Don’t ever think that rapid growth is better, rapid growth can disappear just as quickly as it appeared. Allow yourself to take time and grow. This way you won’t fall into despair when results aren’t immediate or constant. Along the way somewhere, I learned that one should not expect a decent profit in the first 2 years. That is the time for sacrifice. That understanding has helped me a lot.

It is my belief and opinion that learning equals growth. My Great Grandfather use to say that if you weren’t learning, you weren’t living. I hope today you’ve learned lots so far and will continue to learn a lot as this day goes by.

I’d love to hear all about what you have learned, business or otherwise!

*Note: Photos come from as well as an article I enjoyed about Customer Service for Small Business.  In addition, this post is sponsored.

This & That: Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam #WaistTrimmer!

This & That Getting Rid of Belly Fat with Fitglam WaistTrimmer

These last few months I’ve been on a fitness track.  I want to be thinner, healthier and, most of all, to feel better.  So, I’ve been doing some research.  If you have stomach fat like me, then your belly is probably your worst enemy.  Mine is.  I have back issues, so crunches aren’t an option.  I was pleased to find that crunches and sit-ups, while they will build ab muscle, they don’t actually get rid of fat!  For all those terrible exercises I just saved you (after, of course, you do your own research about it), you are welcome!  That’s just awesome.  The problem is, knowing what doesn’t get rid of it doesn’t help us to get rid of it!
So far, I’ve found that the best workouts to get rid of belly fat are walking briskly, jogging, swimming, aerobics and bicycling.  Also, any high-activity sports, so long as you keep your heart rate in the ‘training zone’ for at least 20 minutes four times per week.   Personally, I have cataplexy which means there are times where I am literally unable to maintain use of my muscles, causing them to all go weak at once and me to hit the floor.  If you have some sort of condition that prevents your ability to do vigorous high impact workouts, I’ve read that you can do yoga to help get rid of ‘visceral’ fat (that belly fat).

I’ll be starting yoga soon, as I want to continue my weight loss but I’ve been having issues with the muscle control (feel free to look up cataplexy on youtube, then you’ll have an idea) I have been unable to do any workouts.

Fitglam #WaistTrimmerWe all know that sweating helps us burn calories, which I will admit was a ton easier when it was 102 outside!  Now though, the temperature has started to cool and I have to work harder to get that sweat.  I tried out the FitGlam Waist Trimmer and really love it!  The only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come in plus sizes.  Fortunately, I’ve lost enough that I could squeeze into one!  The Waist Trimmer really does two things, it helps you maintain your posture similar to the way a back brace does and it helps you to sweat more, therefore burn more calories!  While it’s not a comfort device, it isn’t terribly uncomfortable.  Once you get use to having it on you begin to forget about it.  It also helps to keep the fat still during workouts.  I know that’s sounds gross, but don’t judge me when you know exactly what I’m talking about!  LOL

According to, these five poses will help us get rid of that fat!

  • Cobra Pose
  • Bow Pose
  • Boat Pose
  • Plank
  • Wind Relieving Pose

So, I’m on to get started on that…

Next up, gotta figure out how to build myself a butt!  Haha.

For real though, any tips on belly fat or butt building?

I’ll take all the help I can get!


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Work-Life Balance Guide: How to Have Fun While Remaining Productive

Work-Life Balance Guide: How to Have Fun While Remaining Productive

How to have fun while being Productive!

Work ~ Life Balance Guide

Having a job is stressful, everyone knows that. Long hours can tire a person down to the point of inability to even think about having fun. The only activity that some working people can do after a long day of work is sleeping. A person that has no fun can certainly live an unhappy life. Lack of fun can lead to depression, as well as to psychosomatic illnesses which take a toll on your body.

By changing your outlook on life and reinventing the time you spend at work and at home, you can improve your life by leaps and bounds. This article should give you an idea of what you can do to establish that work-life balance.

  1. Work-Life Balance Guide: How to Have Fun While Remaining Productive Get To Know Your Coworkers

Some people will find this piece of advice to be kind of banal and unnecessary.  However, this aspect of your work life is very important, and some people have not realized that yet.

Meeting your colleagues, chatting or having a cup of coffee with them can make your long working hours a bit less of a pain. Instead of spending your breaks alone, try starting a conversation with a coworker that you like. This minor diversion from work will boost your energy. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll feel better and readier to get back into your work.

After you’ve met your colleagues and clicked with them, all the later breaks spent together will be more enjoyable. The working environment will also become more positive. And if you need to work on something together, the time you spend working with them will feel less like work.

2. Play Games

Whenever you have time off, even if it’s just a short break, use it to relax a bit. If you’re not able to chat with people around you, there’s certainly something else you can do. Try playing games on your computer or phone that you enjoy. They will help your brain rest for a bit.

Recommended games for this situation are simple games that help you unwind rather than keep you stressed. However, you may play whatever keeps you entertained. Everything’s better than just sitting around worrying about the rest of your day.

Believe it or not, online casino games are also said to help people unwind. Besides being entertaining, casino games can get your juices flowing. It’s a bit risky and a lot of fun. These kinds of games can actually up your energy levels, making you more active and willing to work. Plus, you can earn a few bucks while just playing! Here’s a quick tip – check out gratis casino for some free slot spins. Also, Online Casino No Deposit has created a list of best online casino free spin bonus offers out there, so go check that out, too, if you want to test your luck a bit.

3.  Create a Fun Working Environment For Yourself

There are many ways to make your environment more work-positive. You can start by adding some minor and subtle decorations around your working space that make you happy. For example, add a picture of your loved one to your desk. Have your own favorite mug in the office that you drink coffee out of. Bring in some air fresheners or add some flowers or plants. The most common, and probably the most effective way to make your working environment a better place is playing music or sounds. Silence can sometimes be saddening or boring. Having subtle noise in the background will break the routine a bit and cheer you up. And not just that – it can help you concentrate while working. Music is said to even have healing powers. Whether you believe that or not, it’s certainly nice to hear a good song from time to time, isn’t it?

All these subtle things will contribute to a much nicer ambiance in your working space. You may not have even realized that this is what you needed all along. So, why not try it and see for yourself?

4.  Plan Your TimeWork-Life Balance Guide: How to Have Fun While Remaining Productive

This piece of advice may be the most important of them all.

Sure, you get off work and feel good when you get home and just lay on your couch. Not having to go anywhere after a long day at work can feel great sometimes. On the other hand, it’s not the most effective way to relax and recover from work.

The best way to do so is by taking vacations, small out of town getaways, and doing fun weekend activities. If your working hours are a pain, you can probably do these only by thoroughly planning them first. So, take your time and do the planning. It will certainly pay off.   

  • Stock images retrieved from, check them out!

How to Hang Your Flat Screen Safely on Drywall with GripIt

Grip it Plasterboard TV Kit is perfect for mounting televisions safely on drywall.  No more worries about anything falling or not finding a stud!

How to Hang Your Flat Screen Safely on Drywall with GripIt

If you are like me and stink at finding studs or are just terrified you’ll be mistaken, this may be exactly what you are looking for!  The fear of a television falling is real, especially if you have small children (or just really love your super expensive TV)!  The Grip It is here to eliminate that problem!

A Funny Story & Grip-It Giveaway

A Funny Story

Funny story I’ll happily share with you.  I wanted to hand a towel rack over the toilet in our bathroom.  We wanted a giant shower, so we gave up everything else, including storage space.  Anyway, I hung the shelf up, it looked perfect just like I knew it would.

Then one day, as my husband is indisposed, it fell.  Yep.  Whatever you just imagined happened.  It was stacked with towels and he was not in a position to catch.

When I say I’m bad at finding studs, that’s real.  And for the record, even thoughI’m supposed to be sympathetic I’m laughing as I type the story.  Seriously, tears!

Let that be a lesson to those of you who are capable of these things but refuse to do them for your spouse or friend.  You could be the next one underneath…

Hang Your Flatscreen Safely on Drywall with GripIt

Grip It 1″ Flat Screen Anchor Kit

Get Yours Here 

  • Grip It is very easy and quick to install. Simply Drill, Tap and Turn on any drywall or hollow wall for ultra fast installations. Includes quick adjustment feature by turning the 2 small screws to the left.
  • Each screw come in universal sizes and with an added drill bit. It is also compatible with any standard size screwdriver. Made from heavy duty and durable metal materials to ensure that it lasts longer and to avoid chipping or loosing the thread.
  • The Grip It works great for hanging wall mounted / tilt and swivel brackets. Safe and secure, can support and hold heavy loads of up to 400 lbs of weight. It can safely hold any standard sized television, radiators, speaker, picture frames, kitchen cupboards, water heaters or any type of wall accessories.
  • Removable and reusable screws that are ideal for Dot and Dab wall installations. Suitable for all plasterboard types (1/2” to 5/8”) without the need for battening or additional anchor points. It also works on insulated plasterboard types.
  • Manufactured from high industrial grade, durable materials that can withstand heavy loads. Made in United Kingdom (UK).

Grip It 1" Flat Screen TV Fixing Anchor Kit

If you are looking for an excuse to buy a new TV, use this one.  haha.  I


‘ll use anything I can, working on using my Grip It to get a bigger television.  LOL.  I’m not having much luck…

Win the Gripit TV Kit #4

Photography Tips to Help You Take Shots Like a Pro Every Time!

The combination of families for a lifetime of love and happiness is the most important thing about a wedding.  The photography is second, distant but super important.

4 Tips that Simplify Wedding, Event & Life Photography

Photography is such an important part of preserving memories of any special occasion, especially weddings.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked through our wedding album in the last 11 years, but it always brings me joy to do so.  Seeing the love of a newly wedded couple flow through the photos, the laughter and happiness, is  like a warm blanket on a cold night or that perfect glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.

The only problem is that we don’t all have an unlimited supply of funds for our weddings and great photography is not cheap.  Fortunately, it’s totally plausible for us to learn to take great pictures or even just ensure that we get some of our most desired shots through a little research.  It’s difficult to ‘practice’ wedding photography, as one doesn’t typically go to weddings constantly and events such as these are not ones where we want to realize too late that we missed something great or used the wrong camera settings.

One thing I absolutely love is how easily accessible the internet has made sharing pictures and such.  I love that there are all these platforms that make a Wedding Photo Swap so easy.  The candid shots from guests can often be some of the best ones to see!  I’ve gathered some tips to help you make shooting great shots a little easier!

4 Tips that Simplify Wedding, Event & Life Photography

Simple Photography Tips

  1. ISO Settings

If you are using a manual camera, ISO settings are  a lot to remember! Here’s a quick and easy list that totally simplifies the setting requirements:

Daytime: 100-200

Darker settings: 800-1600

For Movement Shots: use a higher shutter speed and higher ISO

  1. Angles

Different angles bring different feelings within shots.  To make your subject even more compelling, shoot from a lower angle by lying on the ground or crouching when you take the shot.

  1. Scan the Full View!

Often after we’ve developed a photo, we realize that there was something unsightly in the background that we didn’t notice. Getting yourself in the habit of looking completely around the view before you take a shot will save you a ton of frustration later!

After you’ve scanned the surroundings, now is the time to make sure the subjects are in good order.  Double check that hair is in place, no double chin is appearing, or a top doesn’t need to be adjusted to keep things in or hidden.  When we look at a photo of ourselves, we naturally look first at our own perceived flaws.  Catch them and modify your shot (or politely help them to do so) before they become a permanent frustration in the photo album!

  1. Make Your Subject Comfortable

I find that the best shots have natural, real facial expressions in them.  Everyone has a fake smile that they use, but a genuine smile or shot of laughter jumps out of a photo.  I often pretend that I’m adjusting things and make conversation, this helps my subjects relax and I end up getting genuine smiles as I ‘accidentally’ click at the right times.  It’s an art, but you can do it.  LOL

If you are interested in free wedding and event resources, check out this post!  It’s an ever-growing list so be sure and check back from time to time!

If you practice and incorporate these tips into your photography, they may help you spend less time when processing your photos.  I absolutely hate that part, so I’ve done my best over the years to eliminate the need for it!  I would love for you share your own tips for making photography simple!



6 Tips to Defeat Sadness

tipsLet me start by being totally honest. While I hope this post helps you to feel better should you ever need the extra reminder, I’m writing this post because I am in a funk. I can think of a dozen things I need to do that I normally enjoy doing (like posting the reviews and giveaways sitting on my desk, making cookies  and Christmas gifts, or simply enjoying life) but instead I am sitting on this chair, having to force myself to do anything I enjoy. The odd thing is that I WANT to do the things I love, I just seem to be missing that umph that takes things from want to action. It’s not that my life is bad, I am very blessed, it’s just  those few things that nag and worry my thoughts until I can think of nothing else. I really hate those!  They drive me absolutely insane. Taking a normally happy person to dark depths of sadness, a constant malaise that holds so tightly it becomes hard to breathe or do anything enjoyable.
It just so happens that Christmas is a little over a week away as I’m writing this. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year. I love decorating, making cookies, watching holiday movies, doing gift projects and so many other activities that accompany the holiday season. This year, however, my decorations haven’t made it all the way out of the box, no cookies have seen the inside of my oven and the gifts I’ve bought for my family remain unwrapped and disillusioned. I thought that if I forced myself, my holiday spirit would come back after I wrapped a gift or two, so I wrapped three and was reminded that this year I don’t particularly care. Not exactly my typical holiday spirit. Not at all, really.
So, here are some thoughts I found from around the web to help myself and any of you who may need it lay down the Christmas blues and pick up that holiday spirit. Hope they help us all!

  1. Read- Find an escape in something: a book, magazine, anything to get your mind on something else.
  2. Listen to Music- Find some feel good music and blare it!  Leave it playing while you go throughout your day, eventually it will get in there and you’ll find yourself moving!
  3. Socialize- I know, you have no desire to be social.  That’s okay, it’s understandable.  Thing is, it will help.  So force yourself to call that friend who always has something to say and let them do the talking for a while.  Go out to dinner, hang out somewhere, doesn’t matter what you do, just do something!
  4. Journal- just write whatever comes to mind, often we end up letting out that suppressed sadness and either find a solution or simply feel the relief of no longer holding on to it.
  5. Exercise- I don’t know what to say about this one, it’s not one I’m real excited about trying but I suppose it will be worth it if it helps, right….  If all else fails, I’ll try this one!  LOL
  6. Restrict Your Thoughts- whatever it is that plagues your brain with negativity- avoid it!  When your mind starts to go to it, redirect yourself to a more positive set of thoughts.  With time, it will become much easier and maybe even your new habit!

All that being said, I’m off to put it into practice.  Hopefully it will work and I’ll be feeling much better soon.  I hope that it helps you too!!!  In the meantime, leave some tips of what makes you feel better!  We could all use them!!!

Sending love and happy thoughts to all of you!

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15 Ways To Help Heal a Sore Throat

SoreAs I lay in bed sleeping peacefully, something inside of me must of thought I didn’t have enough crap to deal with.  In dreamless slumber, my body devised a plan to put more on my schedule, help add a little stress before Thanksgiving, where who knows how many people will be visiting.  So, as I woke up, it began it’s plan. My body jumped into action, as it is good at conniving evil plans, the left side of my throat began to swell as I swallowed and my left nostril, not to be outdid, filled itself with mucus so that only half of my nose could be deemed useful.  Aaah, teamwork.  An essential function of any successful team.  And here I was worried that I might actually get my house ready, grocery shopping done and the laundry caught up a few days in advance.  What a fool I must be!  So, in my brilliance I am launching a defense.  At terrible risk of an uprising, of getting caught and having it turned against me in an attempt to sabotage my healing attempt, but I shall stand brave.  It has been 17 minutes since I began writing this and the medicine has started clearing up one nostril, though the other has begun it’s betrayal.  My throat is still killing me on one side and my head has begun to pound.  Oh, how I love the flu.  Such fun this is!


Gargle with one of the following:

*Cayenne Pepper: Mix 1/8th of a tsp of cayenne pepper with 1/2 cup warm water.

*Salt: Add 1 tsp of table salt to a cupful of warm water.

*Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with a cup of warm water.

*Ginger: Make a strong brew with freshly grated ginger (about 3 tsp per cup of boiling water), steep for about 5 minutes then stir in a spoonful of honey and sip.

*Thyme: Brew 1 tablespoon dried thyme in 1 cup boiling water. Strain before using.

*Hydrogen Peroxide: Gargle 3% hydrogen peroxide to fight the infection. If the taste is too much for you, dilute with some water first (about 50/50).

*Raspberry leaf tea: Pour 1 cup boiling water over 2 teaspoons dried leaves. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain. Allow to cool. If you also have a fever, the gargle can be used as a fever-reducing drink, too. Do not drink any liquid you have used as a gargle.

*Sage: Mix 1 teaspoon in 1 cup boiling water. Steep for 10 minutes, then strain. Add 1 teaspoon each cider vinegar and honey, then gargle four times a day.

*Turmeric: Mix together 1 cup hot water, 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Gargle with the mixture twice a day. If you’re not good with the gargle, mix 1/2 teaspoon turmeric in 1 cup hot milk and drink. Turmeric stains clothing, so be careful when mixing and gargling.

*Homemade Tea: Mix 8 oz water, 1 Tbsp honey and 1 Tbsp cider vinegar.  Heat and drink while warm.  (Not good for the little ones!)

*Lemon Juice: Mix 1 tablespoon each of honey and lemon juice in 1 cup warm water and sip away.

*Lime Juice: Combine 1 spoonful with a spoonful of honey and take as often as needed for a sore throat.

*Steam Tent — sitting with your face over a bowl of steaming hot water and your head covered with a towel to keep the steam in. Adding 1 to 2 drops eucalyptus oil can be a soothing addition.

*Stay Hydrated: It is recommended that you drink 10 8 oz glasses of water per day.  Drink as much as you can!  You’ll need hydration to fight bacteria!

*Garlic: Peel a fresh clove, slice it in half, and place 1 piece in each cheek. Suck on the garlic like a cough drop. Occasionally, crush your teeth against the garlic, not to bite it in half, but to release its allicin, a chemical that can kill the bacteria that causes strep.





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Are You Exposing Your Children to Predators?

Protecting Your Privacy

The gist of the video is this: if you aren’t careful ANYONE can find you via the geo tagging that is automatically done on the majority of phones!  That means your kid could be found, wherever they are from a snap of a pic!  I love social media, but people being able to hunt down my kids and loved ones is not okay!  There are any number of predators within miles of pretty much any location, not to mention everywhere we go.  This little piece of knowledge could be enough to keep a predator from getting to your child, or to someone else’s.

There are few things that we can do to keep our children safe, this is one of those things.  In an ideal world, no child would ever be in danger and predators would cease to exist.  Unfortunately, that’s not the reality.  Take a few moments and do this small thing to help keep the biggest, most priceless pieces of your life a little bit safer.  If you want and can’t find a how to on stopping your phone from geo-tagging, let me know and I will help ya look.  😀  In general, check the settings in the camera app first.  😀  Hopefully the ones below will help you!

Samsung SIII

Apple, Android, Blackberry

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Wedding Day: 13 Tips For The Perfect Day

Tips to Make Your Wedding Day a Success

We have gathered 13 fabulous wedding day tips to help make your day perfect!  When you are done here, be sure and check out Event Planning 911, stocked full of free resources, tips, custom invitations and more!

 13 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding Day

Weddings in one word: stressful. It’s the most amazing day of your life. You get to marry the person of your dreams, but surprises and roadblocks make it feel like the day will never happen. Everything will seem to be going against you on the days leading up to your wedding day. There will surely be a problem with the cake or the dress or the venue. Just the thought will make you consider eloping.

You have nothing to really fear though. When you take the right steps and are prepared for anything, your perfect day will go off without a hitch. Here are ten tips that you can take to ensure that your walk down the aisle is super smooth.


  1. Start Getting Fit and Looking Sharp Months in Advance

It’s only natural that when people get married, they want to look their best. Whether that’s losing weight, getting a brighter smile, or starting a skin care regimen, there are all sorts of ways that you can start planning now so that you’ll be the most splendid version of yourself on the big day.


To get fit, and also to keep the stress to a minimum, exercising outdoors is ideal. No matter the season, you can find season-appropriate hiking gear. The exercise will not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but research has shown that being in nature helps to elevate your overall mood and reduce stress.


To ensure that you and your soon-to-be life partner have winning smiles in all your wedding photos, you will also want to pick up a set up waterpiks. Use these along with regular brushing to eliminate plaque and get a brighter, whiter smile.


  1. Discover Your Dream Dress ASAP

This is for the ladies. You want to make sure that you find the wedding dress of your dreams as soon as you’ve said yes. You would be amazed at how many women put off the dress buying stage for months, thinking they can lose just a few more pounds before getting fitted. But when you go to buy your dress, there will be so many options that it will be a very involved and difficult process to find one that really is perfect for your style and the ideal vision of how you want to look when walking down the aisle. And the fitting? Remember, you can be fitted for the dress right before the wedding, so there’s really no sense in putting it off.


  1. Make Sure You’re Organized

No matter how much cash daddy dished out to make your day special, it’ll be a mess without organization. The size of the wedding isn’t a factor in this either. Big or small, if a wedding hasn’t been properly organized there are going to be some nasty bumps along the way.


Have a notebook set aside where you jot down the ideas you have for the wedding. Write down the tasks that need to be done in here as well. Organize them into a logical order and determine when you need/want each task to be done. Checking these things off will show you the progress you’ve made as well as make everything feel more manageable. Plus, if you think of something new then you can just write it down.


  1. Make Sure You’re on The Same Page

Everyone is told that the wedding day is the bride’s day, but that isn’t true. A marriage is a promise between you and your partner. There shouldn’t be just one day dedicated to what one person wants. You want to incorporate things that you both enjoy so that this day is the most important day for you both.


While you both may love your friends, siblings, and parents, they aren’t apart of your marriage, Make sure the person you’re on the same page with is the one you’re marrying and no one else. They’ll have some good intended ideas but you shouldn’t change anything about your wedding just because they said you should. The only two opinions that matter on this issue are yours as a couple.


  1. Handle the Big Stuff First

The best way to tackle your “to do” list is tackling the biggest tasks first. These elements include the guest list, venue or venues, and the budget. But in addition to the wedding, the big stuff includes getting the other things that will change after the wedding day settled and out of the way. Many couples move into a new home after they get married, but if that’s something you’re planning, you want to think about those plans right now, not later. The planning for the wedding will be stressful enough, so be prepared ahead of time by looking into homeowner necessities like a home warranty lender months in advance of even purchasing a home.


If you don’t live together already, you will also want to think about what kind of mattress to share as a couple. That way, on the day of your wedding when you walk into your dream home, everything including your mattress will be perfect, just the way you planned it.


When you have all of these things in order, the more enjoyable part of planning begins.


  1. Be Flexible

While the perfect June wedding seems like something to aim for, it will make your search way easier if you have flexible dates. When you don’t have a date set in mind, it becomes easier for the venue you’re interested in to accommodate you. Popular venues are usually booked months in advance. When you don’t have a date in mind, it helps to stop disappointment before you can feel it.

Check out our Wedding Collection! Perfect gifts for the Bride & Groom only at!

In addition to scheduling, you also want to be flexible in other areas of your life, including your attitude. Many people hear the horror stories of the bridezilla who torments everyone trying to get things her way—don’t become that person, not toward your friends, family, or even your fiancé. Instead, be flexible. So your partner likes to come home and spend the evenings playing high-stakes live casino games. While you might prefer he spend that time with you, don’t try to control every aspect of his life to meet your expectations. Becoming a control freak in the months leading up to the wedding will show in the tension on your wedding day. To avoid all that, stay flexible.


  1. Narrow It Down to One Venue

A wedding is an extremely personal thing. It can be either a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. When it’s a civil ceremony, it makes it easier to combine venues to fit all of your functions. Doing this can save you money on transportation and time.


  1. Secure Your Suppliers Early

To avoid disappointments and last-minute cancellations, secure your videographer, photographer, hair stylist, and makeup artist as early as you possibly can. They have schedules to keep too, so you want to think about these things as soon as possible.


  1. Make Sure Your Suppliers Are Recommended and Reliable


Just like with buying any service, research is key. Spend your time perusing their portfolio to see if their aesthetic matches yours. Set up a meeting with them so that you can gauge your interactions with them. You want them to make you feel comfortable, happy, and confident.


  1. Show Your Suppliers What You Want

You got wedding inspiration from somewhere. Show that to those you’re working with. Whether it be pictures from a wedding magazine or photos off of Pinterest, show where you got your ideas, so they know what you expect of them.


  1. Pick Up a New Talent

You might feel like you don’t have time to pick up a new talent, but when the wedding day rolls around, you’ll wish you had. Your wedding is your day to shine, and what better time than to astound your friends and family by showing off your new singing skills that you honed through online professional singing lessons? Maybe you can sing your vows, or you and your loved one could partner up and sing a duet for the whole audience.


  1. On the Big Day, Delegate Tasks

You don’t want to be running everywhere on your wedding. Assign jobs to your wedding party so that the photographer knows where you want them, the suppliers are paid, and people are gathered where they’re supposed to be. You’re supposed to be carefree on this day so give everything to everyone else.


  1. Hire a Planner

If planning seems too much for you, there is one simple solution: a wedding planner. Planning is an underestimated art that is time-consuming. Wedding planners work to ensure you are not stressed. They do everything on the above list for you, so the day isn’t the only day that you’re relaxed.

Event Planning 911: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom Invitations

Event Planning 911: Free Resources for weddings, graduations, announcements & more

Planning an event is fun for me, but I’ve recently seen first hand how stressful it can be for some!  A dear friend is planning her wedding and it seems to be causing some serious anxiety for her.  Of course, I’ll help as much as I can.  There was a twinge of guilt when I had to admit that I didn’t plan my own wedding, My Uncle, whom I’ve worked with in helping other brides with their day, did all of the arranging and planning for our wedding.  I was and still am very grateful!  If you live in Arkansas, or want to have the best for your wedding, check out this wedding & event planner!  I assure you, you would not be disappointed!  What I did do, completely on my own, is our wedding invitations.  This just so happens to be what my friend is battling at the moment.  So, like any good

Event Planning Help: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom Invitationsmatron of honor, I thought I’d do some research for her.  What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share with you as well?

Event Planning Help: Free Printables, Resources, & Custom InvitationsBasic Invites has a selection worth looking into!  Not only do they have beautiful custom wedding invitations, they also have photo, graduation and party invitations, and for after: collage thank you cards that are out of this world perfect!  I love that they have both foil and non-foil cards as well as SO many different colors and a ton (over 40) of colored envelopes!  They are truly gorgeous and I wish I’d known of them when we got married!  Fortunately, I know of them now and will be using them in the future!  While there won’t be another wedding, there will be plenty of other events!  With graduation coming up, I think they’ll come in handy soon!  I have yet another niece who insists on growing up and graduating soon.  Plus the first will be getting married in the next couple of years.

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