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Recipes: Our Favorite Go-To Dishes

We have quite the list of delicious recipes to make and it’s growing all the time, so I thought I’d make things easier for you and add some ways to jump to the section you are looking for! Enjoy!

Looking for something specific? Let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with! Always welcome a challenge!

Breakfast Chicken Main Dishes Desserts
Appetizers Ground Beef/Turkey Main Dishes Cookie Recipes
Side Dishes Pork Main Dishes Cake Recipes
Vegetarian Dishes Seafood Main Dishes Lagniappe
Sandwiches and Wraps Soups and Stews Holiday Recipes

~ Cooking Products We Love ~


We love drink recipes, though we don’t make new ones often!  We hope that you’ll love this collection as much as we loved making and drinking them!

Mock Sonic Limeade RecipeChocolate Syrup: Rich & Delicious Recipe



Every day should start with a delicious, nutritious breakfast.  If only we lived in that world! haha.  Check out this collection and enjoy!

Breakfast Burritos: Make Ahead & Freeze!!Orange Marmalade RecipeOld Fashion Doughnut RecipeDahlia's Breakfast CasseroleBlueberry Muffins: Simple Sweet Fabulous!Chocolate Chip PancakesChocolate Gravy RecipeWelsh Rice Pudding Recipe from Author Vickie HallCrispy Baked French Toast Recipe @CraftyZoo

5 Make Ahead Breakfasts



Everyone loves appetizers and finger foods!  They are great to try not to fill up on right before a wonderful meal!

Thai Crab Bites Wasabi Mayo RecipeBeer Braised Cocktail SausagesJulies Famous GuacamoleCrab Rangoon RecipeFried Mushrooms Recipe: Step By Step to Delicious, Savory Goodness

Side Dishes

Side Dishes

The biggest struggle for me is coming up with new side dishes to cook. I never know what to cook and often end up cooking very similar things (You’ll notice there are TWO potato salad recipes below).

Potato Salad: The Perfect Summer RecipeCountry Pasta Toss: Epic, Healthy Pasta Salad to Wow Everyone @Crafty_ZooPaleo Deviled EggsMediterranean Orzo SaladSweet & Healthy Coriander CarrotsBroccoli Salad Surprise: Everyone's New BBQ Potluck FavoriteSouthern Macaroni Salad: Simple Any Night Side DishCarrot Fries: My Simple New Healthy Frenemy

Main Course Recipes

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Vegetarian Main Dishes

So, yeah…  I’m a meat eater. Eating vegetarian dishes is a rare thing for me. Not that you would have ever guessed.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Sandwiches & Wrap Recipes

These are all absolutely fabulous for busy days! Just add your favorite chips and you are golden!

Chicken PitasTuna-melt: The Amazingly Delicious Tuna Melt Sandwich @Crafty_ZooThe Becker Decker Chicken Veggie Sandwich & Fresh Spinach Dressing




Chicken is so diverse! Since it’s a little healthier than some of the alternatives, we eat a lot of chicken. Hope you enjoy!

Cajun Chicken & Gumbo Rice #RecipeChicken Panini RecipeChicken Pot Pie: Easy Peasy & Super Yummy!Bourbon Chicken Recipe!Chicken Tortilla Casserole Recipe Simple and Tasty!Chicken & Broccoli Stir Fry: Quick, Easy & Yummy!Herb Roasted ChickenCrunchy Herb Chicken Breast RecipeHerb Roasted ChickenBroccoli Tomato Chicken Skillet: Quick, Easy & Healthy One Dish Weeknight MealGuy's General Tso's ChickenCheap and Easy Meals for the Busy FamilyOven ‘Fried’ Chicken for Crispy Baked Goodness @MyCraftyZooChicken Broccoli Stir Fry: Super Easy YummyOne Skillet Meal: Healthy Sizzling Chicken and Avocados @Crafty_Zoo


Beef and Turkey

This has got to be from my Oklahoma roots: a serious love for beef! Growing up it was a staple. However, all of our ground beef recipes can use ground turkey instead and be just as tasty, some actually do already.

If you would like your ground turkey to taste more like ground beef, we recommend adding Beef Better Than Bouillon. After cooking the ground turkey, add the bouillon and a small amount of water, cooking and stirring until the meat is covered.

Steak Tips with Gravy #RecipeBeef Pie RecipeKorean Beef: Quick & Easy Weeknight DinnerCrystal;s Super Simple Cheesy MacClassic Coney SauceItalian Roast Sandwich: Busy Night Recipe!Tina's Baked Spegetti #RecipeSouthern BBQ Bites #RecipeBaked Taquitos RecipePerfect Spaghetti Sauce Recipe Every Time @Crafty_ZooBeef Taco Pie: Sweet, Savory, Delicious-Quick One Dish DinnerCabbage Roll Casserole: How to Make an Easy, Absolutely Healthy, Dinner @Crafty_ZooMeat Sauce: How to Make Crave Worthy Healthy Pasta @Crafty_ZooPizza Sauce: How to Make Superb Sauce From Scratch Or Not @Crafty_Zoo




To be honest, when editing this page it kind of shocked me that there aren’t more pork recipes. Although I cook pork a lot, I suppose many of my recipes are so simple I don’t find them worthy of posting. Perhaps I need to change that soon!

Pork Brine #Recipe! Try it today and take your dinner to the next level!Italian BBQ Pork Chops #RecipesSpiced Pork LoinPork Carnitas: How to Make This Traditional, Delightful Homemade RecipeSouthwest Pork Tacos RecipeSpinach Stuffed Pork Loin Recipe: Super Moist & Full of Flavor



As you can probably guess, seafood is not my favorite type of food. It is growing on me though, I have developed a love for shrimp but hubby is allergic so that’s out. I don’t know when I’ll come up with more seafood dishes to share, but right now this is what I’ve got! Admittedly, my main seafood is tuna. I love sushi, but haven’t yet attempted to make it. Mainly because of the availability of good, fresh sea food in my landlocked state.

Fish Tacos Super Healthy Spin for Your Favorite Taco Night @Crafty_ZooFabulous Tuna! No fat! Just goodness! Auto Immune Diet and Paleo friendly! With amazing flavor!Tuna-melt: The Amazingly Delicious Tuna Melt Sandwich

Soups and Stews

Soups & Stews

Best thing about almost all of these stews: making extra and sticking it in the freezer! Then again, I also love that I typically don’t have to stand over the stove in order to have a homemade dinner on the table for our little family.

Quinoa Squash Soup: This hearty soup will warm you up and knock you out! All without unhealthy junk!Potato Soup: Quick & Easy Recipe!Yummy Italian SoupWild Mushroom Beef StewHealthy Barley Stew Recipe: Simple and DeliciousStewed Pumpkin SoupCoconut Lime Chicken Soup RecipeChicken Bok Choy Soup RecipeDown Home Potato Soup Recipe: Dairy & Non-Dairy!Best Homemade Chicken Soup #RecipeOrange Teriyaki Pork Stew: Easy, Healthy & NutritiousPilchards Tomato Curry and Stewed Pumpkin Soup Recipes @Crafty_ZooPotato Soup with Tomatoes: An Old Simple Recipe to Warm the Heart



Does anyone really have to say anything about desserts? Aside from: yes, please! We don’t make a ton of dessert recipes, so every one we do make has to be amazing!

The Sweet Treat You've Been Missing: Peanut Butter PiePeach Mango SorbetCranberry Nut Bread: Great Use for Leftover Cranberry Sauce!Strawberry Ice Pop Recipe: An Incredibly Close Mock Welch'sSummer Fruit Cups: Healthy, Delicious Frozen Treat @Crafty_Zoo



Ahh, cookies, the diet killer in this house! We love them! It is literally impossible for us to not eat any cookies that exist in this house. Perhaps not all at once, but definitely one at a time throughout the days! So many great cookie recipes, it’s just too much!

Many Types of Cookis. 1 RecipeSnowball Cookies: Yummy & Delicious Treat!Twinkle's Peruvian Mundito'sChocolate Peppermint Cookies #RecipeSouthern Tea Cakes



Love baking but don’t often get to do so, as there are only two of us left in the zoo these days so whenever I get the chance to take a dish somewhere, these are often the first thing I think of!

Chocolate Cake Extra Yummy, Super Moist No Fail RecipePeanut Butter Cake @Crafty_Zoo



Really love that word. It means, just a little extra. These recipes don’t really go anywhere on their own but they are all fantastic! Hope you enjoy!

Homemade Garden Salsa Recipe: How to Make Fresh Salsa @MyCraftyZooPickled Onions Recipe: Amazing on Almost Everything!

Holiday Favorites

Holiday Favorites

Kitty Litter Halloween Cake: Disgustingly Yummy!DIY Easy Halloween Cake PopsDIY Romantic Roses Cake Pops RecipePumpkin Bread Loaves: Perfect Fall GiftCranberry Nut Bread: Great Use for Leftover Cranberry Sauce!

Cooking Products We Love

Cooking Products We Love

Ozeri: An Amazing Induction Pan!!!

Instant Pot Recipes

Potato Soup with Tomatoes: An Old Simple Recipe to Warm the Heart

6 thoughts on “Recipes: Our Favorite Go-To Dishes

  • (Recipes) You really have some great appetizer recipes listed here for me to make sometime. I love to entertain on a regular basis so these will be all great to have for when we have company coming over. I like them all!

  • MikeSer

    Thanks for the great selection of recipes from beef and turkey. I prefer beef over pork and turkey over chiken. Yummy!

    • My pleasure! All of our ground meat recipes can be made with either beef or turkey! Hope you find lots that you love!

  • Christina Gould

    I need to collect some “go to” dishes. I’m always at a loss, trying to figure out what to make. Thanks for posting!

    • I have a recipe box that is only tried and true recipes. I’ve also started adding notes on the backs with sides and modifications to help when I just can’t think of anything.


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