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Hey Everyone!  I’m always seeing fancy slightly labor intensive recipes.  They look yummy and are awesome.  However, this is not a fancy labor intensive recipe.  It is a throwback to back in the day when we couldn’t afford many things.  This is fast.  Easy.  Yummy.  Done!  Great for Mommy on those days where we’re just too exhausted to cook!  It’s also super easy to clean up!

Macoroni.  (could use Mac and Cheese if you want)
Ground Meat (Turkey or hamburger)
Any additional veggies you’d like to throw in.  Canned or frozen.
Seasonings of choice (I love love love Emeril’s seasoning and you can find the recipe for that on food network.  I also like using Tony C’s or any seasoning mix the fam likes!)
Onions, if you want
Garlic, if you please

Okay, ready for this easy one dish meal???

1.  Boil the macaroni.  Drain, toss with some olive oil (keeps the pasta from sticking), set aside.
2.  Cook ground meat, along with onions and garlic if you please. Also, add your seasonings now so that they are cooked into the meat.  Drain any grease.
3.  Add in canned or frozen veggies.  Heat.
4.  Mix in mac, or mac and cheese.  Eat.  Enjoy!

Originally posted 2012-08-11 05:00:00.

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