Build a T-Rex! Paleontology Adventure for the Kids!

Build a T-Rex! Paleontology Adventure for the Kids!

Build a T-Rex should be all you need to hear, but in case it isn’t, check this out! Your child can build their very own!

Build a T-Rex! Paleontology Adventure for the Kids!


At some point, it seems like every kid loves T-Rex the most. My little brother and my cousin’s little brother, only a few months apart, both loved him the most around the same time even! If that’s not proof enough, 20+ years later my nephew (not related to my brother or influenced by the cousin) shares that same love for T-Rex! Wonder if there are some sort of studies on that one? Perhaps they just study T-Rex more? Any insight?

Build a T-Rex! Paleontology Adventure for Children!

Build A T-Rex

with a 3D Model

This book, illustrated by Kiki Ljung, is absolutely adorable! At first I worried that it was JUST going to be a cardboard model kit, but once I got the book and flipped through I was super excited to find that it’s way more educational that originally expected!

Build A T-Rex is a cardboard book that fills a young mind with pertinent facts about T-Rex taking them on their very own ‘dig’ throughout the book! One quote that really make me smile was “Have you built your T-rex? Will you put it back in the ground? Or display it with the rest of your collection?’ What a fantastic way to continue the imagination of digging up T-Rex, assembling the bones and doing it over and over again! There’s the bonus of it helping parents encourage the kids to put T-Rex back up as well!

Build a T-Rex! Paleontology Adventure for Kids!

Each page teaches about T-Rex, his body, how he used it, what he ate, where he lived, and even why he did things the way he did! To be honest, I read something in this book (so not giving it away) that I had literally never known, even with all the little boys talking incessantly about them! haha

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