Adulting is my page for all things grown-up. Some we love to prepare for and deal with, others we don’t but since it’s all a part of a healthy life, here we go! If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know, I’ll do the research and post about it just for you! I’m all about helping my friends (both real and virtual!).

After years of NOT doing one of these pages, this is a work in progress.  Please have some confidence in me and check back on these pages!

Whatever Will Be, Will Be!

A taste of life, lessons or whatever might fit!

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Pets & Critters

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Vacations & Planning

What fun, what fun! So much planning to get done!

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Marriage & Dating

Putting Spice Into Your Marriage *even w kids!*Dating Safety: 5 Tips to Protect Yourself on Every Date

Wedding Stuff

Hearing wedding bells? We’ve got tons to help!  Lots of free resources!

13 Tips for a Fabulous Wedding DayA Complete Guide to Choosing Wedding Favors

For the Ladies

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Health & Beauty

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Travelling Through Infertility: Sponsored by The Stork OTCInfertility to Pregnancy Journey

Depression, Loss & Such:

The Dark Parts of Life

Depression, Loss, and So On are terrible parts of life. But they are just that: a part of life.  I pour my heart out in some of these posts, I hope that help you or someone you care about.

Depression & Coping: One Day at a Time. You can do this.How I Helped My Anxiety and DepressionPart 1: What NOT to Say to a Parent Who Has Lost A ChildPare 2 in the Series: How you can help a grieving parent



Coping with the loss of a child is debilitating. These are some things that helped me and my hope is they help you if you or someone you know is on this journey